Brochure Delivery

Help Spread the Truth

Now is an excellent time to distribute brochures. The lifting of restrictions across Canada has lowered the fear level to a point where many who would not have listened in the past two years are now prepared to consider the truth. When restrictions return, these people will now be on the side of our rights and freedoms, and will listen critically to the fearmongering narrative.

On this page you can let us know how many brochures you can distribute, find your nearest distribution center where you can pick up brochures, and be automatically connected with other volunteers if they are distributing to the same community you are.

Current Distribution Centers

We are working to provide distribution centers across the country.

Needed Distribution Centers

Distribution centers are still needed, especially in the following cities:


  • Red Deer


  • Metro Vancouver


  • Toronto


  • Brandon


  • Saskatoon

We would be very appreciative of any distribution centers in Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces

Fund the Fight for Our Rights

Canada is under attack, both from within and without. Help us provide Canadians with tools to recover and defend their rights.

Recurring monthly donations only. Updated manually.

Order Brochures

Two Brochures

We have printed 100,000 copies of our brochure for delivery to mailboxes across Canada by our volunteers. We are working in cooperation with the JCCF to deliver their brochures as well.


Our Latest Brochure

The JCCF Brochure

We provide you with brochures free of charge. We ask you to fill in this form so we can keep track of inventory. After completing the form you will be directed to your nearest distribution center where you can pick up brochures.

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Volunteer as a Distribution Center

As a distribution center volunteer you will stock brochures for pickup by volunteers. Only delivery volunteers will be able to see your location, and you can choose not to display your address. The most brochures you might be asked to store would be 20,000 (10,000 of each). This would require about the space of a small closet.

There is no cost to you to act as a distribution center.