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Join the Fight. Be the Virus.

The tyranny will end when enough Canadians simply refuse to comply. To get there we have to expose the lies. Many people don't search for the truth but will read it if they find it in their mailbox. Spread the truth. Be the virus.

On this page you can order brochures, track where you have delivered them, and find a buddy to deliver brochures with. When you order brochures you will receive instructions on where to find your nearest pickup location.

Distribution centers are now available in most major cities across Canada

Order Brochures

Two Brochures

We have printed 100,000 of each of the following for delivery to mailboxes across Canada by our volunteers. We are working in cooperation with the JCCF to deliver their brochures as well.


Our Latest Brochure

The JCCF Brochure

Brochure Order Form

Brochures are free of course but we do need to keep track of inventory. Please use this form to let us know how many brochures you would like. Once you fill in the form you will be redirected to the Distribution Center map to find your nearest pickup location. Our distribution coordinator will also contact you and provide assistance if needed.

  • Currently available in most major cities across Canada.
    please check all that apply
  • Stay Safe with the Delivery Buddy Program and deliver in teams.
    Fill in the Delivery Buddy Program 'Your Address' field in this box if you are looking for or willing to act as a delivery buddy. Your address will not be displayed! It is needed to display a marker on the Delivery Buddy map (shown on the Distribution Centers page). This program is optional but highly recommended.
  • Begin entering your address. Please select your address from the dropdown that will appear.
    Chrome Users! Please do not use Chrome autofill to complete the address field as it will not register on the map. Begin typing your address in the field and select the correct address from the dropdown.
  • You will be supplied with equal numbers of all 3 brochures and will deliver one of each to each mailbox. Canada Post tells us a realistic delivery rate is 90 homes per hour in most neighborhoods. Please take this in to account and don't order more brochures than you can commit to delivering as there is a cost associated with printing them.
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Volunteer as a Distribution Center

As a distribution center volunteer you will stock brochures for pickup by volunteers. You can set the hours during which you will be 'open', although volunteers who cannot make it during those hours may contact you by phone or email to set another time. If you are in a larger city you may need substantial space for this as we may ask you to store as many as 30,000 brochures (15,000 of each). This would require a space about the size of a large closet.

In order to protect your privacy and ensure your safety only site members can view the distribution center map.

  • Add Hours
  • We suggest that you determine set pickup times each week. This will avoid having to deal with a lot of emails to arrange for pickup of signs and flyers.

    You will be able to sign in to this page and update your hours at any time if your availability changes.