Covid and the Lockdowns

A Deadly Pandemic?

Media Fearmongering

mRNA Vaccines

The Cost of the Lockdowns

Our governments are subjecting unwilling Canadians to the greatest failed medical experiment in history. Lockdowns don't save lives but rather cost hundreds of times over what they have saved. The Covid virus has not been shown either by government statistics or by evidence submitted in court actions to be any more dangerous than seasonal flu, nor have governments responded to repeated requests for proof that the measures they are imposing in contravention of our constitutional rights and freedoms are effective.

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Covid-19: A Deadly Pandemic?

In March of 2020 we were told that a deadly virus, Covid-19, could kill up to 40 million people worldwide. Our governments forced schools, businesses and places of worship to close and forced Canadians into isolation. We were told this would be for two weeks, to 'prevent our hospitals from being overwhelmed'. 16 months later we are still in lockdown across Canada.

What They're Not Telling You

The death projections were made by Dr. Neil Ferguson of the Imperial College of London. What the media didn't tell you is that Neil Ferguson has a long history of extremely inaccurate predictions. The other thing the media never mentions is that the Imperial College of London is heavily funded by the same pharmaceutical companies that are making billions from vaccines. Could it be that Mr. Ferguson has ulterior motives for his history of fear-inducing predictions?

Neil Ferguson's Previous Predictions

  • 2002

    Mad Cow Disease

    Predicted Deaths: 150,000
    Actual Deaths: 2,704

  • 2005

    Bird Flu

    Predicted Deaths: 200 million
    Actual Deaths: 455

  • 2009

    Swine Flu

    Predicted Deaths: 65,000 (U.K. only)
    Actual Deaths: 457

  • 2020


    Predicted Deaths: 40 million
    Actual Deaths: 3.7 million*

*This figure can be shown to be grossly inflated due to deaths reported as being from Covid, rather than with Covid. Likely deaths from Covid-19 to date are 225,000 – about the same as a weak flu.

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Media Fearmongering

The media constantly reports 'record numbers of cases' and even a single death from Covid is deemed to be news-worthy. The media reported 15,000 deaths from Covid in Canada in 2020 but never mentioned the other 294,000 deaths, making it falsely appear that Covid is a major cause of death.

What They're Not Telling You

In August of 2020 the CDC reported that only 6% of U.S. Covid deaths could be attributed to Covid alone. The other 94% had serious underlying medical conditions (co-morbidities) that were in fact the real cause of their death.

Many brave doctors and nurses in the U.S., most notably Senator Scott Jensen (who is also a practicing physician) have reported that the CDC has ordered doctors to note Covid as the cause of death even in cases where it is only 'suspected'. It is likely that Canadian doctors have received similar instructions.

The PCR test has a false positive rate of 97%. What this means is that many deaths attributed to Covid were based upon a false positive PCR result, not symptoms, and most of these people were not sick with Covid.

Lockdowns were supposed to protect our hospitals from being overwhelmed, but here in Canada hospital and ICU occupancy is at a 5-year low. Nurses are being laid off. Why does our government persist when Covid clearly poses no greater threat than seasonal flu?

Measuring the Real Deaths

The only real measure of the danger presented by Covid is the All Causes Mortality Rate. That is, how many more people died in the past year than would normally have died? The answer, globally and certainly here in Canada, is zero. Covid is a flu, nothing more.

This is confirmed by the recent study conducted by Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford University, the world's foremost expert on infectious diseases. He and his team found the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for Covid to be 0.15% - the same as a weak seasonal flu. The only difference is that Covid appears to disproportionately kill the elderly and those with serious pre-existing co-morbidities. Globally, Covid victims are on average past life expectancy. Seasonal influenza is more likely to kill younger, healthier people.

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mRNA Vaccines

Governments across Canada are pushing for all citizens to get vaccinated against Covid, with promises that when we reach a certain threshold (it varies between provinces) they will end the lockdowns. But those same governments are telling us that the vaccines won't necessarily protect against infection, prevent transmission or work against new variants. What then, is the purpose of the vaccines?

What They're Not Telling You

Most of the Covid vaccines being used in Canada are not, in fact, vaccines. Vaccines are made from weakened or 'dead' virus, which stimulate our body to produce immunity to the live virus. But the mRNA vaccines for Covid do not contain any Covid strands whatsoever. They are properly termed 'mRNA gene therapies'.

Researchers have been experimenting with mRNA 'vaccines' for over 30 years. To date, not a single mRNA vaccine has been produced that has proven safe. But now billions of people worldwide are being injected with these 'gene therapies', despite the fact that none of these so-called vaccines have received full regulatory approval.

A Global Medical Experiment

For a vaccine to achieve approval from the FDA, for example, it must have a serious side effect (death or life-threatening event) rate of less than 1 in one million persons. In Canada, if everyone was vaccinated, no more than 37 people would die as a result. But here are the real numbers for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines:

Under age 18:
1 in 104,000  (10x higher than acceptable)

Over age 65:
1 in 55,000  (18x higher than acceptable)

If the Covid 'vaccines' had gone through the full regulatory process, they would never have been approved for use on humans. Billions of people worldwide are being subjected to the largest medical experiment in history – without being fully informed of the risks, and without signing a release acknowledging the risks. The Nuremberg Code that governs medical ethics prohibits participation in a medical or scientific experiment that is coerced or without fully informed, voluntary consent.  This prohibition is enforced, in Canada, under Section 4 of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act (2000).

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former vice-president of Pfizer and many other vaccine experts are warning that the vaccines may cause what's known as antibody-dependent-enhancement (ADE) or 'immune enhancement'. This is a condition where the vaccine leaves the subject more susceptible to infection, not less so. Animal experiments showed this before human use started. We must ask why our governments are pushing a vaccine they know to be unsafe?

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The Cost of the Lockdowns

We are constantly told that lockdowns (this includes all non-pharmaceutical interventions including masks, social distancing, business and school closures, etc.) are saving lives, and that we must comply or we are 'grandparent-killers' and ‘unhinged conspiracy theorists’.

What They're Not Telling You

Douglas Allen, Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University and highly-respected author of 85 academic articles, released a cost/benefit analysis of lockdowns in April of this year. He concluded that lockdowns in Canada have to-date saved 22,333 life-years*, but...

Professor Allen also calculated the cost of lockdowns. Measured in additional suicides, drug overdoses, delayed medical treatments, and early deaths that will occur in the future as a result of lockdown-induced poverty, anxiety and despair lockdowns in Canada have cost 6.3 million life-years!

Saving Lives

Professor Allen’s work shows that lockdowns in Canada have cost 282 times as much life as they have saved.

If our government truly wants to save lives the proper course is clear:

End Lockdowns Immediately!