Distribution Centers

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Volunteer as a Distribution Center

As a distribution center volunteer you will stock brochures for pickup by volunteers. You can set the hours during which you will be 'open', although volunteers who cannot make it during those hours may contact you by phone or email to set another time. If you are in a larger city you may need substantial space for this as we may ask you to store as many as 45,000 brochures (15,000 of each). This would require a space about the size of a small bathroom. Many centers stock about 5,000 of each. This is 15 boxes. Each box measures approx. 12" x 9" x 9".

In order to protect your privacy and ensure your safety only site members can view the distribution center map (it is on a hidden page).

Do Not Display
If you check this box, volunteers will see your contact information, city and province but will need to contact you to get your address.