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Good day all. Im finding my emotional state to be a total rollercoaster during all of this. I live alone, with few friends to speak of.

Last year, just before all of this, my kid’s mom packed her up and moved her to Kamloops. I was just about to start college at the time, and couldnt afford to stop her. Since then, she has lost her job and is unable to afford to help me pay for visits, and I cant afford them on my own, so I’ve seen her 3 times since she’s been gone. Now that Lockdown Round 2 is upon us, I fear that it may be a long time before I see her again. Of course, there are plenty of illicit ways I could go about it, but I need my job. I can’t just take off on a 2 week hiking trip through the mountains haha.

Now, the owner of the company I work at is enforcing the mask mandate from the province, despite the fact that I work in an area alone. My job is very physical (I’m the lead fabricator in a Sheet Metal shop) and I now worry about my physical health. My supervisor is a mentally abusive asshole, who knows damn well I can’t afford to leave.

I’ve never felt so infinitely trapped