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The lockdown and mask mandate have cost me friends who used to exercise critical thinking but refuse when it comes to this virus and the police state it has brought. The exception are my friends who are from communist countries.  All of them are anxious about how this is being played out not the virus. The usual question is where do we defect to now?

I have given up the debate with family.

The degree of cognitive dissonance is staggering. The conversation usually boils down to ‘F$%k you and F$%k your facts’ or ‘I don’t care. I’m not taking any chances’ (by actually getting informed?).  So be it. I really hate the fear mongering and truly specious arguments we’re bombarded with.

I’ve sent the link to this site to my local business owners, my friends who have small businesses, and my friends who are truly afraid of contracting Covid.  I make them aware that I will be protesting on Saturday.  I’ve told all of them why I’m doing it and that I’ve sent the link not to invite them but because there is so much excellent information on it that might help them be less afraid.  So far, the business owners expressed their gratitude and signed the petition but are more afraid of the AHS or are unable to leave their businesses to march with us.

On a positive note, I’ve stopped drinking alcohol.  haha It gets too easy to try to sedate away the frustration and it never helps to make good choices.

See you Saturday