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J.R. C

I disagree.  No matter what we do, the media will try to smear us.  That is exactly what the left does, they try to intimidate anyone that stand in their way.  The above argument, that we might get lumped in with ‘the crazies,’ is well worn, and is used by many red tories.  I believe as patriots, we should stand for objective truth without apology.  To further my argument, the aforesaid argument can be made for the following: They’ll call us,

Conspiracy theorists, homophobes, islamophobic, fascists, anti-vaxers, anti-maskers, trumpers, nazis, etc.

This is purely a classic for of intimidation, and is used as label to put fear into us, that we may conform.  If we give in, we will be playing straight into their hands.  We can’t give in to this intimidation, and do our duty to our ancestors, country, and to God.