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I also have an exemption and I use it at IKEA where they give you a wrist band at the door so the other staff don’t harass you, but no matter where I go (without a mask) I avoid eye contact with other customers because there’s always one that wants to say something and I hate that.  A few weeks ago in Sobeys some old lady said “I guess you forgot your mask at home”.  I ignored her and walked away but it’s made shopping so stressful and takes all the fun out of it.

I used to love going out and smiling and chatting with strangers and being friendly but now I put on a frown, avoid eye contact and generally try to make myself look like someone who’s in no mood to talk.  I also leave the store as fast as possible which means I often forget to buy things I need.  Sigh.

The most frustrating of the whole thing is knowing that masks are 100% pointless yet the narrative is that if you don’t wear one you’re “dangerous” to the public and you should be shunned and shamed.  Regardless, I will not be shamed into wearing a face mask.  I will stand up for my right to liberty, and to me liberty means I decide what I wear and what I don’t wear.  Nobody can tell me to put a face mask on.