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I think most small businesses, even if they have “must wear mask” signs on the door (which they’re probably required to post by AHS) will not say anything if you don’t wear a mask.

In fact it would be a much shorter list for me to post businesses who are strict with masks.  These are places where I’ve had trouble.

  • Delux Burger Bar in St. Albert made me wear a mask for the 2 metre walk to my table.
  • Yellowhead Costco in Edmonton called the manager and made me feel like a criminal for refusing to wear a mask.
  • Nando’s on Gateway Boulevard also made me wear a mask to walk to my table a few feet away.
  • Canadian Tire in Windermere South Edmonton posted a mask nazi by the front door who made me wear a mask.
  • Fatburger in Red Deer refused to take my order until I covered my mouth with a mask.