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I’ll be brutally honest here many Canadians are smug, self satisfied, conformist sheep, many don’t bother to question any information presented to them, or even bother to think for themselves. Anyone trying to wake these sheep up with information contradicting their comfortable world view is attacked in response.

Canadians have an incredible level of political apathy, we allow our government to get away with infringements and violations of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that very few other countries would dare attempt. Our lockdowns are worse than in any other western country and yet our citizens compliantly accept them. Our forced quarantine of airline travelers even gets some tacit approval from these slumbering masses despite there being no law supporting such measures and no evidence they work.

We have the worst economy and the worst political leadership of the G8 and yet people yawn and ask not to be bothered thinking about it.

Canada as a nation is a joke among the international community and we like to delude ourselves into thinking we’re still important on the world stage, our leadership is a running joke to the rest of the world and yet we act as if there’s nothing wrong.

A prime case in point, mass covid vaccinations with untested biotechnologies, no long term case studies and the willful ignorance of the rising injury/fatality statistics of these drugs. Yes they’ll turn around and tell you it makes them feel safe and you too need to bend the knee and go along. We can’t even rollout a vaccine program without looking like the Keystone Cops.

I’m afraid there is little to be gained in trying to wake up Canadians who are perfectly happy to be controlled by their government in return for a false sense of security. Stalin would have loved 21st century Canadians.