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I really don’t think vaccines will be made mandatory, and I also don’t think those “covid passports” will go far or last long.

  1. Trudeau himself said that mandatory vaccines would be divisive and he doesn’t want that for Canada.  (Yes, I was surprised to hear him say that too, and yes, I know he could change his mind, but it’s at least encouraging that he said this).
  2. Kenney last year changed the Alberta health act to specifically remove the option for the government to force vaccinations on the people.  Yes, Canada could still force it, but Alberta now can not.
  3. Both Israel and NYC “vaccine passports” are only good for 30 or 60 days which means even those are not intended to be long term implementations.
  4. Biden has said they will not enforce vaccine passports, but will produce guidelines for the private sector if they want to use them.  So if the radical left in the US isn’t going that route, then there just doesn’t seem to be much appetite for it.
  5. There’s a lot of push back against vaccine passports by strong governors in the states, the general populace in online polls, and even the media is split on it.  Yes, there are certainly those headlines which say “vaccine passports are coming” but there are also those which say “vaccine passports are a non-starter”.
  6. And without government mandates on passports, any private company passports won’t last.  If for example one airline requires vaccine passports, but others don’t, they’ll stop requiring them as soon as they realize they’re losing market share.
  7. Texas has vaccinated 14% of its population and eliminated the mask mandate over a month ago and their cases continue to decline.  They are returning back to normal, and if it can happen there it can happen here.

So all of that gives me hope, and yes it’s easy for us to find evil and tyranny and insanity, we should also be looking for the hopeful signs that things are not as bad as they seem, and those signs are out there.  So please everybody, be vigilant but don’t assume the worst.  It will bring you to depression, and we don’t need that.