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I’m surprised Trudeau made such a statement(1), it shows an awareness beyond the normal bacterial level he sits at.

I didn’t hear that Kenney removed that statute in the Health Code it that’s a very good thing he did because enforcing it would be political suicide.

Looks like Canada is again behaving in a retrograde fashion if what happened in Ontario today is any indication.

I’m looking at the legal aspects of pushing back and refusing any such order, Alberta has/had a statute on the books allowing forced vaccination.

This is a good site for knowing your legal rights and status of some of the cases going on w.r.t the pandemic lockdowns
Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms


In Alberta, for example, legislation already exists in the Alberta Public Health Act’s section 38(1)(c)
which purports to authorize the government to enter your home without a warrant during a declared
public health emergency, and vaccinate you and your family against your will. Alberta Health has
confirmed its view that section 38(1)(c) does provide government with the power to order mandatory
immunization or re-immunization for Albertans. The Alberta Government has indicated that they will
remove this section from the Act, and the Justice Centre will be carefully observing the Government’s
actions to ensure that it does.


I’m trying to remain positive and the statements you’ve made give me some hope as I was going to fight legally and physically not be become a Nuremberg 2.0 case study(ie experimental human subject #4535).