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We should have our answers ready.  Anybody got any good ideas?  How about:

masker:  “Guess you forgot your mask at home”

anti-masker:  “No, I decided to take a stand against fear”

masker:  “Where’s your mask?”

anti-masker:  “Well, I put it on this morning but when my husband farted I realized it wasn’t offering me much protection”

masker:  “Why are you not wearing a mask?”

anti-masker:  “Because I believe in science”

masker:  “You know, you’re supposed to be wearing a mask”

anti-masker:  “Actually, I’m supposed to be living in a free country”

masker:  “If you don’t put on a mask, I’m calling the police”

anti-masker:  “If you think I’m so dangerous, shouldn’t you be running away? “