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Looks like at least the mandatory vaccine side of your argument is wrong. With the recent lockdowns put out by AHS and Jason Kenney, Kenney has stated the lockdown will be lifted with enough people getting the Covid Vaccines. If that isn’t mandatory, then explain what it is. That’s strong arm tactics just like mafia and other criminals use. Do what we say or else! What about those that are working and have already been threatened with: you must mask or lose your job; you must vaccinate or lose your job; you cannot speak against Covid measures and narratives or lose your job; you must follow what we dictate or you will be fined or have your church taken over by cops with guns and security fencing, etc.?!!! Without using the word “mandatory” – but it doesn’t get more mandatory than the threats and the unjust and illegal actions that have been occurring across Canada in many different ways and examples.