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Kenney is finished as Premier of Alberta in the next election, he’s shown no leadership and no spine when dealing with Ottawa on any issue, whether the carbon tax, pandemic or transfer payments. He’s turned out to be exactly what I feared when I voted for him to get rid of the Notley gang, another career Ottawa politician looking to round out his government pension.

The UCP has been nothing but a joke for Alberta, Trudeau and the Liberals have walked all over this province in terms of jurisdiction over many things including healthcare, instead we have someone who decides to enforce the wishes of Ottawa and tramples on our constitutional rights. All the while I don’t hear a word of protest from Kenney, instead he thinks getting the cops out there is a great idea and doesn’t bother to act like a champion of this province.

All he complains about is the government deficit and how we need more business in Alberta while at the same time shuttering what’s left here. He’s not a champion of this province, I keep thinking how Ralph Klein or Peter Lougheed might have acted under these circumstances and it certainly wouldn’t have been like Kenney.

Look at how some US governors like Kristy Noem of South Dakota have the courage to tell the medical mafia and clowns like Fauci to stuff it when they bring out their ideas for even tougher restrictions and lockdowns. In Canada what do we have, a female version of Fauci who is proposing even harsher measures and nobody at the provincial level dares to push back on it, this says a lot about the Canadian character and especially about the kind of leadership we have chosen.

Mandatory seems to be a variable statement depending on who uses it but the use of coercion, whether legal, economic or social is a form of force and it’s too easy for those in government to simply go along with it as the easiest path.