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I’ve found the attitude of people outside the bigger cities is distinctly different, they aren’t as bent out of shape about covid and don’t buy into the fearmongering of the media. In Calgary our idiot of a mayor Nenshi decided masking needed to be a bylaw and made it so, without consultation when the covid numbers were not severe. He also wanted extraordinary powers of arrest and detention using not the police but the bylaw department!. He wanted to setup his own quarantine centers around the city and an official snitch line for people to rat out their neighbors for violating covid restrictions. At one point I thought he had gone full Soviet on us.

The sad thing is there are those people who wholeheartedly support even tighter restrictions up to an including covid detention camps if necessary for those refusing vaccinations, they don’t care about civil/personal rights and truly think the end justifies the means, their safety means you have no rights.