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Thank you everyone who stands for freedom refusing to comply! I stand with you. In trying to avoid in-person shopping I have gotten very creative at online shopping – you actually can avoid Amazon and Walmart but this does not feel like I am doing enough anymore. Last time I went into the Dollarama about a month and half ago without a mask the security guard challenged me I said I have an exemption then ignored him, he eventually stopped following me. When I was paying for my stuff my card did not work and I had the thought that they were intentionally messing up the sale but she was probably just nervous and pushing the wrong buttons. I did get out of there with my goodies and felt somewhat triumphant as I evil eyed the security guard on my way out. The whole experience was surreal and definitely not enjoyable. Plus for almost a year the store has been playing propaganda on the intercom thanking patrons for keeping everyone safe. I want to change the channel on this sci-fi show. But the thing is we can’t. As surreal as it is, this is our reality! If we let it be… I think I’ll try again sans-masking it, I have been feeling increasingly cowardly that I have not for some time. It isn’t even that others disapprove or fear of confrontation. It’s resentment that my shopping time is ruined. But if we want our way of life back we have to take it back. People need to see each other’s faces again. We need to remember how things used to be. And I want to be a part of that! Look out Dollarama here I come!