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I don’t go out anymore, not that I ever had an active social life to begin with, I’ve only seen 2 people face to face for lunch in the past 6 months. I get all my groceries online starting a month before the first lockdown last year and have become used to it. I hate the hassle to dealing with nosy busybodies minding your business and not their own in stores and I’ve never liked crowds to begin with.

Masks don’t figure strongly in my life because I don’t go out and I’m not employed at the moment so I don’t have to be in a workplace. However, I will refuse to comply with any vaccination order and that’s my greatest fear, not the lockdowns, not the masking but the use of force to violate my bodily integrity.

What worries me is that Trudeau has bragged that by June, Canada will have stockpiled 44 million doses of vaccine and Health Canada is recommending Quarterly booster shots! Some people who took the vaccines contracted covid despite being vaccinated and vaccine side effects are being hidden by the media.

What angers me the most is the constant propaganda campaign fearmongering people to comply and get their shots, the direction is turning more and more forceful and that’s my worry. It might turn into a “the ends justifies the means” scenario that the governments will use on the non-compliant, be ready for them to crackdown on protests to silence any dissent, they’ve done that in the UK and especially brutally in Holland.