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What sort of dufus says that? I would say ignore them if you can. If people were interested in the truth we would not be in this mess, but actually respiratory rna viruses are very small (100 nanometers) and will not be contained by “droplets” of saliva. Masks are not filters for these particles they are too small. These viruses are airbourne. Those idiotic blue surgical masks show penetration levels of approximately 55–85% and 70–90% at flow rates of 30 and 100 liters/minute, respectively, for 300 nm particles as per study Filtration Performance of FDA-Cleared Surgical Masks – Rengasamy, Samy etal. 2009. Which means those memes circulating around picturing a chain link fence GATE with no fence are quite apt. I have also heard the expression “Wearing a mask to protect your self from kovid is like expecting a chain link fence to stop the rain.”

BTW, I went to Dollarama and it was freakin’ great! Next time maybe I’ll remember everything I went in there for…