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A few examples from my neck of the woods (SW Edmonton):

– I’ve been wearing a cotton bandana, in such a way that air gets in from underneath, and have had no issues. Went to the public library shortly after provincial gov’t made masks mandatory (on top of already existing city bylaw), and the librarian stated bandanas were not acceptable and demanded I wear a disposable mask she was prepared to give me. She was the same librarian who witnessed me use the library before and never made a peep about bandanas. I guess she felt empowered then. They also chase after you with hand sanitizer fanatically. Well, does not matter anymore because apparently libraries are super spreaders and must be shut down.

– Active Physio Works at Magrath, in addition to all of the now standard covid “precautions” (questionnaire, thermometer gun to your head, sanitize hands), now hands out a mask from their supply and demand you wear it. Does not matter if you are already wearing a mask – not good enough for them. For this reason I switched to a different physio place which is less fanatical.

– I went to a community clinic this week for a minor procedure. Had to have a mask on. Me laying on the table on my stomach, face to the side, mask all askew – medical personnel did not care in the least. I got a feeling they treat these “precautions” as unnecessary theater but have to follow through lest AHS reprimands them.

P.S. Is it safe to post names of businesses that are not covid zealots on here? I would not want covid Karens descend on these last specks of humanity. I’m new to the site and wish I’d discovered it earlier.