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You maybe correct considering what happened at the Whistle Stop Cafe and the arrests these past few days, I’m hoping things don’t turn towards strongarm tactics but I suspect there will be instances where the enforcers are a little too eager to show everyone who’s boss.

Also I can see gov’t orgs like the AHS thinking it has immunity to legal consequences in violating people’s Charter Rights, something they’re going to learn the hard way in court when the reality of this scamdemic comes to light. Government types always think that they’ve been granted immunity to misconduct, especially in emergencies only to find out later that they can in fact be sued.

Things are turning around in the UK and people there are have actually managed to turn back some of the authoritarian excesses of their government. The same cannot be said in Canada, where most people are compliant sheep, ready to obey and do as their told, even to the point of having someone else do their thinking for them. But with the recent mass protests in Toronto and Montreal it seems even Liberal supporters have had enough, so there may be some hope after all.

All I can say is that Kenney is finished as a Premier here and the UCP had better be considering a replacement in their leadership or it’s over for them in the next election.