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I have a friend who lost her job from the lockdown and is still unemployed. I too get stressful when going shopping, thankfully most places I’ve been to doesn’t make a comment, one or two employees had asked if I wanted a mask but I smiled and politely, in a cheerful voice, said “no thank you, I’m exempt” and they left it at that. I haven’t been to Walmart since Aug 1st. If I have to go there one day I hope they won’t be dictorial about having to wear one. I did have to go for a blood test and the guy said I had to have a mask (ha, even though I was wearing a silly face shield, my doctor signed a note no mask) when he asked for a doctor’s note, I tried to explain to him that he can’t ask me that, under the bylaw. He said he didn’t want to argue with me (relief!) but told me to wait outside and will get me when a room was available. At least the encounter made him forget to ask me to use the stupid hand sanitizer. Which I will not use, it is harsh stuff. Hi Mary, I too fear being arrested or thrown into those concentration camps they’ve built if I don’t submit to that horrid vaccines. I really hope they don’t force or go so far as to literally jab one into me. I hate this whole covid thing world reset thing. If it wasn’t for my faith in God and hoping and praying to Him, it would really get me down. Wow, this post long! Sorry for ranting 🙂

Ha, we should go shopping together, I live in the SW