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Will Dove

My husband is a die-hard researcher and knew all about what was coming for Agenda 21.  When I was sent home from work in March, I knew this was the start of something bad.  What disturbs me the most is how my colleagues and most of my Facebook friends think you just have to wear a mask and this will all go away.  You can’t convince them that they have been fooled.  I feel anxious before going into a store as I will not wear a mask anymore, but also feel empowered knowing that I am “being the change I want to see”.  I feel bad that my kids have to wear one at school.  There is no way they can get out of it without having to use e-school and that was a horrible experience for them.  I feel like the AB Gov’t is just fooling us into thinking our kids can continue to go to school as now we are experiencing so many “outbreak” and “quarantine” notices, it’s ridiculous.  I hate this so much.