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I went to vote for anti-lockdown PPC candidate. Was most regrettable action I have ever taken. Fully intended to be in and out wearing no mask. Went early before work and waited for the doors to open. Watched the security guard show up. Watched the sheeple show up with their masks on outside. I was first in line. Throughout this whole thing I have not put one of those filthy little blue things on my face. There was a great deal of angry swearing on my part (which I felt mildly bad about afterwards) but they forced me into wearing one of their face diapers for 10 minutes. Longest 10 minutes EVER. They were not going to let me vote even after I told them I had an exemption. A wave of disgust and rage filled me for myself, the situation and everyone around me. The twit who harassed me into wearing kept thanking me profusely and I told him to F-off. I voted and threw it at the little bastard behind the booth plexiglass and walked out of the gym once my ballot was in. I was madder than I think I have ever been. I was given a wide berth by the sheeple on the way out. Why did I go? I had to see if they were going to include the PPC candidate on the ballot as I had heard happened in some places in Canada during advance polls they were omitting. He was on the ballot.  Not really sure how I feel about this experience. I wish I had not gone. Voting has always been a positive experience for me, now I have been robbed of that. Plus, I am pretty sure this election was rigged. Was it all for nothing? I guess maybe I had to see it to believe it how far down the rabbit-hole Canada is. I wonder did anyone else have this happen to them?