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Sorry to hear that you had such difficulties in getting to vote and were forced to wear a mask. Me & my friends (several) went to vote separately, and none of us had to wear masks. One was asked to use sanitizer. Nobody said anything at all to me or all the others, except which table to go to, the instructions to ensure the ballot was filled in correctly, & the box to put the ballot in after completion.

The returning officer made it very clear to us that it was illegal to prevent anyone from voting, with or without masks, and they must have made this clear to the polling station volunteers too.

Funny thing though, when I got to my vehicle after voting without any hiccups, on   mainstream media radio, it was announced that people would have to mask in order to vote. You obviously got a polling station that went against the law & went along with MSM propaganda.

Too bad you didn’t have  documents to present validating that what the polling station was doing was illegal. All of us will have to be prepared for every situation, and we will all have to stand our ground and have documents proving we are in the right and lawful side of things. Anywhere we go, we should try to have larger groups of people to educate others on the laws.

Mandates are not laws.