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Justin Matthews

I was asked to sign a contact tracing form; I declined and was told that was absolutely fine.  I was asked to wear a mask; I declined and was told that was fine too.  My problem is when I went to a employee to fill out my registration form, he filled it out for me but missed a letter in my name.  I walked over to the polling booth, decided to review the form, discovered the error and brought it back to him.  He said he would have to fill out another form to correct the error.  He handed me the new form, and another employee asked me to review it.  I did, said it was fine and walked over to the polling booth.  However, when I glanced over it again I noticed that this time instead of an 8 in my postal code, the man had written an S.  I found this error, based on how it was written on the page, to be quite subtle and difficult to detect.  At that point I was becoming somewhat suspicious since this form was given to me as a result of a prior error, and so you would think that more care would be given to ensure its accuracy, as well as the fact that he written the postal code correctly on the first form.  Knowing that postal codes never end in letters and that practically everyone is aware of that, as well as how clear my postal code is displayed on my identification, at that point I was under the impression that this man may have purposely included these errors in my registration.  I further speculate, based on these details the general feeling of the interaction, that his actions may have been due to my refusal to comply with the Health Orders.  I know that one individual’s vote is practically insignificant in an election, and so I am not alleging voter fraud.  What bothers me is the prospect that this man may have attempted to invalidate my vote under the premise that my personal health decisions ought to preclude me from engaging in our democracy.  I’ll never be sure.