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Wow!  A Good Morning to you, Myliemom.

I logged on this morning with only a few minutes before I had to leave for work, so I didn’t have time to truly absorb all the information. A brief scan of the article was so interesting that I copied the link and emailed to myself to revisit later.  Honestly, a lot of what is covered in that article has been exactly what my logical approach to masks is..  Every one is being ‘TOLD’ that mask stops the expelled droplets, which they do and this is the short narrative that is being presented and ‘pushed’, especially on social media.  But this approach is like looking at 1 tree and not stepping back to see the whole forest.

I am glad that I can be candid here without reproach because on social media it seems that if someone’s perspective is ‘anti’ masking then the door opens up for cyber shaming in various degrees by the many that are absolutely convinced that wearing the mask is ‘stopping the spread’.

Honestly, I have been wondering whether some of the ‘new cases’ are actually being caused by wearing masks as much and as long as we are being ‘Told’ to by mandatory masking ‘laws’.

Freedom to Chose is what a Democracy is about, but the City of Calgary’s and many other areas mandatory ‘laws’ are Authoritarian and deny us our Freedom of Choice.

Have a good day and weekend..!