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      Is there another name for anti-lock down that can be used while referring to the same thing? Anti-lockdown has a negative connotation, perhaps pro-freedom, free canada, etc?

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      I saw a rally in California where they were saying pro-freedom. Maybe people might get behind that term. I personally consider myself anti-lockdown. The word lockdown makes me feel rage so even if you put anti in front of it the word’s still there and carries the feeling with it. Could have a point however I think part of the problem is people ignoring the wrongness, ignoring the feeling that all this is incredibly wrong. We must reject this and be anti not pretend that the feelings don’t exist. Putting lipstick on a pig so to speak. Or wearing a sparkly LED mask that flashes the word freedom. It is impossible to put a positive spin on lockdown.

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      How about ‘We are taking back our freedom’? Freedom has been taken away from us because we allowed it. Freedom is never given it is taken. So therefore we are taking it back.

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