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      Today I was doing my stairs workout when I was told by a police officer that they now closed the stairs and it is ONE way.

      I don’t blame the officer for doing his job, but I feel this deep inner resistance for something evil is taking place in this country (and the world) and there seems to be no one to talk to about it and most people I know are believing the TV media in the same way people were bowing to hitler’s promises.

      What I love from our group is to becoming very clear on our values

      1. Non violence and full respect for all the police officers and people who are against us, they are only doing their job, and they are literally ignorant.

      2. Focusing on lock down and not other political drama. We want the freedom to work and be able to sit beside each other and have people come to our places.

      lets stick to our basic rights and this way we can gain momentum.

      I look forward joining the front line once I am clear that we are sticking to those values.

      Ps. I didn’t know this community existed until now, perhaps in newsletter if we mention this we can get more people connected.

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