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      – Resist Tyranny

      – First the Mask then the Mark (Revelation 13:16)

      – Masks are a symbol of submission, silencing and slavery


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      the models are wrong

      don’t let the mask become a muzzle

      the cure should not be worse than the problem

      Hinshaw hasn’t missed a paycheck


      other gems: (I don’t agree with all of them)

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      PCR > 35 = BS

      The one question that I can NOT get answered by gov or med “authorities” is:

      “What percentage of the positive PCR tests were obtained by running the test past cycle threshold 35?”

      The false positives are over 95% when you go past 35. The WHO recommends 45 and the CDC/FDA 40. This is an exponential process.

      The fellow who invented the PCR process said it should NOT be used for viral research and also said

      “If you go to 45 anyone can be made to match anything”
      “If you go to 45 cycles then you don’t know your PCR”


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      Will Dove

      Interested to hear what really happened on Saturday 19th rally.  Was out of town so could not make it.  All I saw was the by-law creeps stalking and tackling people to arrest/give out “tickets”.  I like the idea of using the overpasses to publicize the cause.  Maybe indicate that you can sign the petition and remain anonymous.  Many folks who are the sole income providers just can’t risk losing their jobs by speaking out but maybe if they see that they can make a difference without that risk, they will join the bright side!

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        I was driving around the area by the time the rally was almost finished on that day. I saw bicycled cops capturing small groups of people leaving the rally and ticketing them…


        Also they are now blocking access to the square right in front of the city hall.


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