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      To all reading this, I lost, first my job last year, and then as the year dragged on the employers I worked for decided to save money by closing their offices and work from home. I lost my micro-business as a result. I had once upon a time worked for a crooked company and had had enough of the abuse, and did what my father did-I took the best employees and best workers and worked directly for the contracts, saving them money and allowing me a higher wage.

      That’s gone now.


      Family has shunned me and revealed their true colours of supporting fascism.


      Only have my lifelong childhood friend left.


      I have lost faith in people for being so passive about all this, and seeing how obnoxious and tyrannical the Aussies are sickens me to the core. Turdeau should drop dead of Ebola for all I care when once I thought of him as decent.

      The stress and loneliness of feeling like one of a few sane and decent in a mad and sick world has poisoned my zest for life and I feel constrained anger all the time.

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      It is definitely hard to feel hope these days. I think those that are blind to what is happening are drowning in false hope that if the “just” do a little bit more everything will go back to normal. I do feel hope that not everyone is a fool like this. Thank you for being one of the truth seekers. Is hard but when has the truth ever been easy?

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