This country and province are turning into Nazi Germany for the unvaccinated

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      Catherine Appler

      I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the second world war as I don’t know what is being taught in school these days. If you look at what is happening in Alberta and Canada and their “mandates” based on mainstream narrative, you can actually compare it to what happened to Hebrews in Nazi Germany.  First they identified the Hebrews (Unvaccinated), then they took their jobs and businesses (get vaccinated or lose your job.  Owners of businesses will have to be dealt with at some point as you can’t enter without vaccine certificate/”passport” so how can the owner be not vaccinated), then the Hebrews had to sew a yellow star of David on their clothing so they would stand out to be avoided or hurt (are the unvaccinated going to need some kind of outward obvious sign they are unvaccinated) and then the Hebrews were sent to concentration camps to keep them away from the other citizens (when the unvaccinated still refuse to get the mRNA vaccine, will they be rounded up and sent to a camp to “protect” the rest of the vaccinated?)  We are heading that way.  Right now in Israel, where there has been 100% compliance to getting the experimental shot, the only people in the hospitals with Covid are the vaccinated.  They don’t have any unvaccinated.  Since this shot is not a real vaccination (which prevents a person from ever getting the disease) and allows the vaccinated to get sick but not as bad as the unvaccinated, why are our governments forcing/coercing this shot on the unvaccinated.  If you think about it, the unvaccinated would rather get sick and/or die from covid than take the shot.  People’s attitude to and the rules against the unvaccinated contravene the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as the Nuremberg Code 1947 that says no one can be experimented on without their consent to prevent what happened to the people in the Nazi concentration camps during WWII.

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      Catherine Appler, my own family survived the occupation of the Nazis during WW2, so I know of what you write. How long will this go on and how far? I do not know. I do know that I am sickened in my soul at the passive Sheeple who could do something but are just too apathetic and unmotivated to say no to all this. It galls me at how stupid they are, or cowardly. Perhaps it has to get really, really awful before the Sheep rise up. To those who supported this and then got ill or died from the jab-good! To those who did support this but got ill and regret it and no longer support this fascism, please befriend us. This Worldwide Crime Against Humanity will go down in history as one of the most important events in human evolution, perhaps even more than first contact with a sentient alien race!

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