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      I am new here, so sorry if this has already been addressed. I want to do my part in standing against this ridiculous lockdown.  I purchased a sign and made a donation. I am now considering joining you guys on the streets. What holds me back are all the Trump flags, it makes the people marching seem, well, crazy.

      Based on pictures I have see on social media it looks like there is a lot of “Trumpers”. Is this really the case?  Are they being discouraged? I want us to be successful in ending this lockdown, and the Trump flags really harm the movement’s credibility.





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      Sebastian Kirstine

      I agree completely.

      The media and people like Mayor Nenshi use the Trump flags to discredit the movement and obscure the message. I want to attend the marches but I won’t be there to support Trump, I’ll be there to oppose the lockdown and support Alberta businesses and people.

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      J.R. C

      I disagree.  No matter what we do, the media will try to smear us.  That is exactly what the left does, they try to intimidate anyone that stand in their way.  The above argument, that we might get lumped in with ‘the crazies,’ is well worn, and is used by many red tories.  I believe as patriots, we should stand for objective truth without apology.  To further my argument, the aforesaid argument can be made for the following: They’ll call us,

      Conspiracy theorists, homophobes, islamophobic, fascists, anti-vaxers, anti-maskers, trumpers, nazis, etc.

      This is purely a classic for of intimidation, and is used as label to put fear into us, that we may conform.  If we give in, we will be playing straight into their hands.  We can’t give in to this intimidation, and do our duty to our ancestors, country, and to God.


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      I fully resonate with you, I am getting more and more eager to DO something by STANDING for freedom, and not to get involved in some political debate over who is right.

      We have a very clear message. The lock down is against our freedom, and I resonate to a FIRM non violence professional campaign for this.

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      What’s wrong with Trump flags?  Trump is a good man who put his country first.  I think people carry them to point out that the opposite is true for Trudeau who put the United Nations ahead of Canada and its people.

      Don’t believe all the media hatred about Trump.  They lie to you about Covid, they lie to you about Trump.

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      I personally would trade Trudope for Trump in a millisecond considering what passes for leadership Canada.

      However it’s not only an issue of Trump banners, any banners not reflecting the issue at hand is a distraction from the purpose of the march. Yes it’s a classic leftist tactic to discredit protestors by smearing them with completely unrelated issues, “white supremacy” anyone?

      The biggest problem is with the people who are participating in the first place what are their reasons for being there? Some are looking to support the issue, others are looking to grab some of the spotlight for their own pet peeves, this makes organizing and presenting the message that much more difficult.



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      I don’t see anything wrong with the trump flags either.  I see it as a representing a leader who is for the people, opposed to the leader we currently have.  I too would trade our loser Trudeau for trump in a nano second!

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