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A Champion of Freedom in Ottawa | Interview with Vlad Sobolev

Vlad lived in the Soviet Union in Kazakhstan as a child and came to Canada in his early twenties. Vlad was able to recognize the signs of communism here in...
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Police Violence vs Peaceful Demonstrators | The Freedom Convoy

Jody recounts her experiences during the 3 weeks of peaceful rallies and her experiences on the front lines at the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa on and after February 18, 2022....
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Forced Closure of Ottawa Business – February 20, 2022

BREAKING: Iconic Cafe in Ottawa. Police attempt to force business to close and break down the door. Proprietor defiant: “If I lose a business or license, I don’t care” -...
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Vax Nation: Freedom Over Fear – JCCF

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and the right to peacefully gather with fellow citizens to communicate political dissent to...
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