Doctor Questions CDC Pressure re: Cause of Death, Threatened with Review | Interview with Dr. Jensen

January 4, 2022

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Dr. Scott Jensen is currently a licensed medical doctor and was a Senator in Minnesota, USA. Reflecting on his role in the medical industry, Dr. Jensen shares his views and the role he now chooses to take. Watch the interview to hear how the CDC recommends medical professionals mark patient cause of death as covid despite any underlying health issues.

On protocol when completing patient death certificates…

It was April 3rd Friday, I believe in 2020, when I received an email from the Minnesota Department of Health and in that email, there was a link to CDC instructions. We were advised that if we thought that covid-19 was a contributing condition that we should put it down as a cause of death, not as a contributing condition in part two, which is where I’ve been putting contributing conditions for more than 30 years, I read it carefully. I went into the CDC’s link and in there they even pointed out that you could identify covid-19 as a cause of death even if a test had never been done. It’s very difficult in some situations to identify whether or not it was actually covid or whether or not the test turned positive because it was influenza.

On treating covid patients with Remdesivir…

After the initial concern regarding liver, we increasingly saw trouble with nephrotoxicity or trouble with Remdesivir injuring the kidney…very problematic because if we don’t have well functioning kidneys, we’re going to have disturbed fluid balance. And if you have the fluid in the system thrown off that’s problematic for people with lung disease, because it’s very easy for fluid to be, if you will, increased in the lungs because the kidneys aren’t doing their job. I think there’s a much, much greater concern regarding Remdesivir now than there was perhaps a year ago or perhaps even six months ago.

On the world’s approach to slow the spread…

We’ve not done a very good job of trying to look at this picture in a big way where we can’t have massaging of the data. My understanding is all cause mortality is definitely not increased to the point of the number of American covid deaths. So that makes me worry right out of the box. The other thing that I think we have to ask ourselves is how many of those deaths that are recorded as covid might well have been influenza.

On common Influenza and how it’s now MIA…

What’s the likelihood for influenza to literally have dropped off the face of the earth? Our testing capabilities have been mediocre at best. I think it’s safe to say that if we took the 80,000 people in 2018 in the U.S. that died of influenza and if that year, we had put any death that appeared to be related to influenza…we might’ve seen a number literally between a half a million and a million. If I had a patient with severe congestive heart failure and they were dying and they got Influenza, I would always put that diagnosis down as the congestive heart failure, not influenza.

On medical choice and vaccines…

I’ve been giving influenza vaccines for years and I’ve told patients some years the influenza vaccines’ only 10% effective some years it’s 50 or 60%, but it has to be a choice…I think that for me, if you look at a person who’s 85 years old with multiple underlying conditions and they take the vaccine, they have a 1/25,000 or 1/50,000 chance of dying from it. If they get covid they’ve got a 1/20 chance of dying. So statistically, that person might be advised that taking the vaccine would be the better way to go. Where that falls down in terms of logic is that person might already be immune to covid. That person may not get exposed to covid. That person may get a covid variant that is watered down and isn’t as lethal. There are so many possibilities that’s why the person gets to choose for themselves.

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