Dr. Mark Trozzi : Targeted by the CPSO

December 27, 2022

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Dr. Mark Trozzi, who can be found online at DrTrozzi.org, is an Ontario ER doctor who took a leave of absence in early 2021 to tell people the truth about Covid and the vaccines. He sold his house to continue to pay his bills and has been without an income of any kind. Dr. Crystal Luchkiw had her license suspended by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons for ‘allegedly’ writing a vaccine exemption. Her story can be found in a previous interview, The Crimes of the CPSO – Drs. Trozzi, Phillips, Luchkiw and Phillips posted at StrongAndFreeCanada.org on November 28th. At that point in time Dr. Trozzi had not practiced medicine since taking his leave, and still had his license.

Earlier this month, Dr. Trozzi, along with Dr. Chris Shoemaker, stepped in to help at Dr. Luchkiw’s clinic, where her patients had been without medical care for 8 months.

Within 4 hours of seeing his first patient, Dr. Trozzi’s license was suspended by the CPSO, and Dr. Shoemaker is under investigation.

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Trozzi and his lawyer Michael Alexander, reveal the full story – and the tragic death that resulted from the criminal actions of the CPSO.

Will Dove 00:07
Doctors across the country are having their licenses suspended for practicing medical ethics, for telling their patients the truth about the shots, about masks, about the PCR tests and for writing exemptions. Recently, I interviewed doctors Luchkiw, Phillips and Trozzi, along with their lawyer, Michael Alexander. At the time of that interview, doctors Luchkiw and Phillips had both had their licenses to practice medicine suspended by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons. But Dr. Trozzi, who had taken a voluntary leave of absence in early 2021, had not. Doctor Trozzi took a leave of absence so he would be free to tell people the truth about the harms he was seeing in our hospitals from the COVID measures, harms that were being advanced by the CPSO. And he’s been doing so ever since on DrTrozzi.org, where he releases daily updates. After that interview, Dr. Trozzi, along with Dr. Chris Shoemaker stepped in to help patients at Dr. Luchkiw’s office where many of them had been without access to a family doctor for eight months. Within four hours of starting to see patients, Dr. Trozzi’s medical license was suspended by the CPSO. And Dr. Shoemaker is now under investigation. Here to discuss the sequence of events and the legal interventions that are being undertaken are Dr. Mark Trozzi and his lawyer, Michael Alexander. Gentlemen, welcome to the show.

Dr. Trozzi 01:38
Thanks. Will,

Michael (legal counsel) 01:39
Thanks. Will.

Will Dove 01:41
It’s good to have you both back. We did a great interview about a month ago with the other two doctors. But now of course, as our viewers know, Dr. Trozzi, you have had your license now suspended by the CPSO. But a lot of people don’t know your whole story. You’ve been fighting for a long time. And I think you should back up to the beginning of your story and bring us up to date on where we are now?

Dr. Trozzi 02:02
Well, sure, Will. I’ll try to do the kind of the quick speed version of it. So I worked in emergency care, critical resuscitation instructor, professor at multiple universities, or at least to teach at multiple universities, really didn’t have any problems, great career, nice and smooth living, nice house, all that stuff. And then, when COVID was launched, I was emergency doctor, still, I continued working in the emergency department, multiple emergency departments. I became, of course, progressively aware that the mandates that were coming down made no sense and that people were being denied, you know, proper, safe treatments for COVID. That, I mean, you didn’t have to be really that smart. I just looked around, I reached out to physicians around the world, I read some of the science that was coming out, read some of the background, looked at some of the laboratory stuff, statistics, data, all the data, stuff like that reality stuff, and reality and the agenda were not the same thing. So initially, of course, I tried to do what I always do, which is just speak honestly at work, because we’re all working together trying to make the world a better place, right? But in the strange cult that medicine was becoming with the whole programming that was going on. It was it was quite weird, that conversation was not really cool anymore. Just keep your muzzle on your face and don’t question why you’re wearing it. So seeing and, you know, learning more knowing that like the threat to our society and our descendants and our biology goes way beyond my little career, my little house. And that, you know, for instance, that includes my own grandchildren, of course, as well as yours and mine, you know, but so I decided that better do something a little more committed to the cause of defending all of us you know, I’m doing my part. So I actually resigned all my hospital privileges kind of preemptively I notified the college you know, that I was not going to be practicing because I was going to focus on human rights. I continued to pay my fees to the College Physician and Surgeons. Sorry for empowering them now that I know and then I just committed myself I sold my house and you know, just kind of made life financially simple. So my family and I could, you know, continue to eat and have shelter and all the things you need to do while focusing on something that really is not a good way to make money. And I’ve committed myself full time to COVID science, public education, research, teaching, interacting with lawyers. Anyone investigating the crimes of COVID to try to help be part of their support teams help form the World Council for Health and more to grassroots organizations. Just that’s kind of what I’ve been doing, you know, for the obvious reasons that all three of us are here. And anyway, so part of that was speaking and the College…they…well, Michael should explain this later because it’s such a twisted trickery and fraud in my understanding, but the college issued some they called them, well then I we don’t know what they call them they keep changing what they call them that I think they call them suggestions now. But these suggestions are don’t prescribe what we all know to be proper safe effective treatments for COVID. There are exemptions that are, don’t say anything that goes contrary to public health mandates, which are madness coming down from BigPharma and obviously killing en masse and creating a big Corona disaster where there would have been none without him. And they also say, you can’t exempt anybody from any of the violations of their human rights, including and up to the big one, the misrepresented needle full of nanoparticles and genetic material to hack human cells into producing parts of coronaviruses en masse, which are highly toxic. So you’re not allowed to say that or anything like that? Well, no, that’s their ‘suggestion’. But the weird thing about their suggestion is any doctor who has somehow maintained their mental stability, critical reasoning, ethics, morals, may be not that – not that enslaved to money, that they would go along with this madness. So the really, I think it’s hundreds of us across Canada, but certainly dozens in Ontario, and then some of us, of course, been very, very active working against it. But all those people get their licenses put under investigation, and maybe a little further, they suspend them if they’re, you know, not fully on their knees. And then if they if, after suspension, while they want to go for the big home run in their little world of, I guess, worshipping money, and that’s revoking the license, right? So doctors across this country who are telling the truth, and not participating in gross crimes against humanity, are losing their licenses. So that’s actually something that given the parameters we’re in. You gotta be proud of it because if you didn’t get in trouble with the College during this, then you got to really question What, what, what you did. But anyways, coming back to my little story. So because of me, telling people things like, if you look at the ingredients, that’s not a vaccine, that’s an injection of genetic material, highly experimental with all kinds of reasons to know it will not do what it’s saying it’s going to do and cause you great harm. So I did a lot of that. And also, at one point when Canadians were on their knees desperate to keep their homes or feed their children by not losing their job, because they were told they had to prove they’d been injected with the stuff that they were calling a safe and effective vaccine. I wrote 20 pieces of paper, essentially, or there abouts for some good folks. Which, of course you don’t need in a lawful world. No one needs an exemption written by someone else to be exempted from something they don’t want in the body that they own. I mean, it’s bizarre that we’re even having these arguments. But so I recognized on pieces of paper that if somebody doesn’t want anything done to them, they are exempt. And anyone doing it to them, be it me or someone else, is committing an act of assault. And I’ve learned through working with good lawyers like Michael, is that that’s according to international law, federal law, provincial law, and the rules of the CPSO, which were written, I guess, before they went this far off the rails. So um, so there I was with my license under investigation, and they’ve got like 19 lawyers trying to track me down and figure out ways to tie me up. And I thought, well, if these guys just if they’re, if they have to investigate me, that’s great. They’re gonna go on my website, they’re going to look at the electron micrographs the statistics, the reality that is not it’s not a democracy, like, you know, that whatever, everybody believes that’s reality, but no reality like, science and microscopes and stuff. I figured that’s great. They’re gonna know, and they’re gonna give me an award, and stop this madness. And but actually, that hasn’t happened, I guess the top criminals in the CPSO that they must have a pretty good grip on the minions below them. And in any event, yeah, these people actually continue trying to investigate and prosecute me for just doing my job – free. And so there we were, at that point, but then Krystal Luchkiw comes into the story. She’s a wonderful, wonderful doctor from Barrie, and she’s actually just kind of a really loving person who’s smart and reads books and is a big person on kindness and love, which is why she’s especially good at she does a lot of geriatric and a lot of palliative care. A lot of her patients have, you know, medical problems that that, you know, may not have a solution, but they’re living life every day. And she’s been doing a great job taking care of, I think almost 2,000 of them for a long time. Very loved doctor by patients, but anyways, she’s under similar persecution for not going along with their COVID ‘suggestions’, because, again, she’s smart, she reads, she has a heart. And so they have, they actually suspended her license. So that means she can’t go, she can’t go to work, right. Now I know of course, that’s hard for her because she’s got a house and she’s got some children. And, yeah, she’s got a good job, but she does need to go to work and make a living, but it’s much harder on her patients, because then you have these, you know, approximately 1,700, I think patients, many of them with very complex health issues, who rely on her to stay alive and enjoy their life. So anyways, the good Dr. Shoemaker, another hero in Canada, during COVID, he and I decided as much as we’re really busy fighting this war and doing it doing our part that we would go up and between the two of us, we would start seeing some of her patients who had no healthcare and needed serious health care. Well, that meant I had to notify the College, which of course, Michael deals with the College because I’ve really got so much focused on. I’m glad he deals with those people, because there’s a lot of people that need to be helped by me. So. So according to their rules, I guess, Michael notified them I think about on Friday, the first Friday in December, I believe and let them know that Oh, yeah. Dr. Trozzi will be going back and practicing medicine on this date. I reactivated my Canadian medical protective associations, kind of like our malpractice, you have to have it and went to work as did Dr. Shoemaker. So I shouldn’t laugh, but I have to because I laugh at them because they’re, they’re so sick you have to have a bit of a laugh at them. I mean, So what did they do? Basically, as soon as I started working, like the first day, Bingo, they suspended my license, right? You know, I guess they’re like, ‘ooh, unless you go along with us, boy, you ain’t gonna make no money’. But it’s not – this was about those patients, you know. And then they then they launched a more intensive investigation into the very good Dr. Shoemaker who we respect a lot. And therefore, they have left those 1700 patients once again without care, and behind months in care. And that’s the state of state of CPSO right now, right.

Will Dove 12:29
So Dr. Trozzi, just before we get to Michael, and the legal battle that he’s taking on, on your behalf, I just want to establish a timeline for our viewers. What month and year was it that you took your leave of absence?

Dr. Trozzi 12:42
I took my leave of absences, I progressively resigned over a two month period, again, not not with any troubles, I just knew that I didn’t wa — I didn’t want to burn my bridges. I just wanted to disconnect them, and go do what needed to be done for the people in my country. That was over January and February of 2021. So by but before March 1 2021, I had resigned privileges, of course, one of the universities, I didn’t resign from they fired me because I told my students that I wanted them to read evidence on multiple sides regarding these injections, and I was worried they would take something they didn’t need and would harm them. Right. So that was back then.

Will Dove 13:24
And when did you write the exemptions for which you were being investigated by the CPSO?

Dr. Trozzi 13:29
Ahhh, well, they’d already started investigating me for speaking about science to people and telling people the truth. But then I think that was – I’m trying to read the exact dates. You know, so much has happened. I think that was this….

Michael (legal counsel) 13:40
– Mark, that would be September 2021.

Dr. Trozzi 13:47
There you go, yeah September 2021.

Will Dove 13:49
So from March of 2021 until very recently, when you helped out in Dr. Luchkiw’s office, you have not treated a patient?

Dr. Trozzi 14:00
No, no, I’ve obviously, I’ve been working very hard as a doctor for Canadians, but in this type of format —

Will Dove 14:05
— yeah and I’m getting to that, okay. I just wanted

Dr. Trozzi 14:07
– yeah and I haven’t billed the government of dime either.

Will Dove 14:12
And so you so just make sure we got this clear for people. It was by March of 2021, you had taken a leave of absence, you were no longer working in the hospitals. You were no longer seeing patients. September 2021, though, you still have your license. So around about that time you issued some exemptions for people. And obvious I don’t think you need to do an examination of them. You just, you know, more obvious you probably talked to them and said okay, here’s your exemption for which now that the College is after you for writing those exemptions. But as of our interview about a month ago with doctors Luchkiw and Phillips, you still had your license, and I have to assume it’s because while you weren’t practicing, so why would they gonna go after you? And then just very recently, you step in along with Dr. Shoemaker at Dr. Luchkiw’s office to help treat her patients because she’s been suspended. and you’re not there a single day and they suspend your license.

Dr. Trozzi 15:07
That’s it. And boop. Yep, go ahead.

Will Dove 15:10
And sorry, there is just before we get to that there’s one more very relevant fact that everybody needs to know. Because there might be a few people watching this who aren’t following you. And folks, if you’re not you should be, because what Dr. Trozzi has been doing in all that time, is DrTrozzi.org, where he has been releasing daily facts and information about what’s really going on out there. And as a doctor, as an emergency doctor, he’s very well qualified to do this. So he took this leave of absence, sold his house, so that he could support himself because he didn’t have a job anymore. And he has, for all that time now, almost two years, been fighting a war to bring people the truth. So there’s the timeline of Dr. Trozzi. Did you want to add anything to that, Mark, before we get on to Michael?

Dr. Trozzi 15:54
Well, yeah, that’s actually 100% accurate, what you said, I just want to mention as well that with this tribunal, that I don’t have too much faith in it, to be honest, but that we had this tribunal, where Michael spoke, and a lawyer for the CPSO spoke almost 20,000 Canadians watched it within 12 hours before the CPSO pulled it off the internet threatened anybody that really showed a $25,000 fine to see what an open what should be an open discussion? But the case is so like, the science is black and white. But the case was so clear, like Michael made all these very logical facts. I mean, I don’t know how I’m not a judge but I don’t know how you deny it. Right. And he made it before this panel, half of whom were previous members of the committee that was up against us, which is a bit weird if you asked me. But and then their lawyer, I didn’t understand, she said she just seemed to be like, you know, when someone just makes a smokescreen just says a lot of stuff to confuse the issues, but really doesn’t have anything to offer that is in any substantial way. And that’s what a lot of their people I know experts do that watch it. So I mean, here you are, right in the middle of this tribunal, where a tribunal should be deciding that the CPSO has been using has been unlawfully weaponizing a power that they were given by the people, and they’re using it for what it was not intended and actually maliciously and causing death and harm around the province. So it’s in the middle of that, that they go, oh, yeah, you’re gonna take care of those patients, boom, we’re suspending your license. I mean, they’re on repentant.

Will Dove 17:27
Yes. Michael, thank you for your patience, while Mark was catching people up with his story. When we last interviewed and we had Dr. Luchkiw and Dr. Phillips with us at that point in time, both of them had had their licenses suspended, but Dr. Trozzi had not. So what is the strategy now, moving forward?

Michael (legal counsel) 17:46
Well, right now we’re waiting on the decision of the motion hearing that we had, I guess almost four weeks ago now, that Mark mentioned. And there we challenged the right of the College to impose restrictions on doctors, three restrictions, in particular. One that you can’t write medical exemptions for COVID-19 injections. Two, that you can’t say anything contrary to government policies and recommendations regarding COVID-19. And three, that you cannot prescribe any alternative medications for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 such as ivermectin, but there are a whole host of them, fluvox, hydroxychloroquine, and so on. All these are, by the way, Health Canada approved drugs, and that has not changed during the pandemic. So any doctor in the country has a right to prescribe them on an off label basis. But my point about these so called restrictions is that they are simply recommendations and policies. And the College has been fighting me for almost two years saying no, no, these are your binding regulatory norms, their laws or regulations, however you want to look at it. And if doctors do not follow these, or do not conform to these restrictions, then that is professional misconduct, and we can take their licenses. So the, you know, they came to the hearing a few weeks ago, and they finally admitted that these restrictions are just recommendations and guidelines. They are not laws that are not regulation, so they’re not even policies, okay, and so essentially, they admitted our case. So we’re now waiting. I mean, I had additional arguments to make beyond the ones that you can force recommendations as if there are professional standards of conduct. a And you can’t prosecute people simply because they don’t follow some recommendations or guidelines. So we’re waiting to hear what the panel is going to say about our submissions. In the meantime, Mark decided to return to practice to help you know, Krystal Luchkiw, who, you know, was suspended eight months ago, and she has 1,600 patients, many of them a seniors and 20% of her practice was devoted to palliative care. So you have a very, very vulnerable high risk population among her patients, and the College just took her license away without regard to patient arm. And we finally as a group got together and decided that maybe the best way to deal with this was to have Mark come back to practice, and along with Dr. Chris Shoemaker, take over the practice and take care of those patients until such time as we could resolve the legal issues. But as soon as Mark and Chris did that, I mean, Mark wasn’t in practice, but four hours, and the College summarily suspended his license. And now they’re going after Dr. Shoemaker as well. So what how are we going to respond to that? Well, we’re waiting for the decision. But in the meantime, we also have to consider whether we’re going to bring an injunction against the College to prevent them from continuing with the suspension of both Dr. Luchkiw and Dr. Trozzi.

Will Dove 20:56
Right. And, folks, if you want more information on what Michael was talking about, with these being restrictions, not laws, that’s covered in detail in the previous interview, and there will be a link to that interview beneath this one on the website, if you want to watch that one. But there’s a couple of very important points here I want to touch on. And the first one that strikes me right away is Dr. Trozzi he practices for all the four hours, and they hit him with a suspension, which says to me, they’re watching him.

Michael (legal counsel) 21:23
This is amazing what they just did. They have a full time forensic, you know, surveillance operation, I mean, they have an independent company that does nothing for them, but conduct surveillance on people who are under investigation or people who may be under investigation, meaning they have their own mini surveillance state, governing or looking into the lives of doctors in the province. And so they can anytime they can lift, they will produce literally 1,000s of pages of transcripts of interviews, of anything you’ve said on the internet and your Twitter feed. I mean, they access everything. And they then present it to the document dump and say, Hey, we don’t like what you’re saying. We want to take away your license. So the, just the amount of time and money that goes into this and surveilling doctors is just unbelievable.

Will Dove 22:17
But I have to ask you, do you have any clue as to how they would have known so quickly? A lot of the things that we’ve discussed with doctors who have had complaints leveled against them, every time I asked the question, was it a patient that leveled the complaint? The answer was no, it wasn’t the patient. It was another medical professional, who called the CPSO and ratted them out. So it but in this case, there’s nobody in Dr. Luchkiw’s office except people who are on our side of this issue. There’s nobody there who’s going to do that. So how did they know so quickly that he was in there treating patients?

Michael (legal counsel) 22:49
Well, well, first of all, I told, I told them that he was going to return to practice, but it’s more than that, Will and so I just want to just head in the direction you’re going. They have the compliance managers, and they send them out to Krystal’s office. I’ve been there when they’ve shown up to try to see what’s going on whether something is going on in the office that they should be concerned about. I of course turn them away. But they have people literally, you know, physically putting people under surveillance to it’s a very creepy operation.

Will Dove 23:18
Right. So it’s entirely possible. But Dr. Trozzi is being followed, being watched?

Michael (legal counsel) 23:24
Absolutely. It’s not possible. I’m certain it’s going on, right.

Will Dove 23:30
And this is the thing that I know, folks, we’ve been at this for two and a half years now. And it gets to the point where you’re almost numb to it, starts to feel normal because you keep hearing this story. But think about this. If you heard this story three years ago, before any of this madness happened, an ethical doctor, who was simply telling his patients, there’s reasons why you might not want to take this thing and have this put into your body. And they’ve got people following him. So they can suspend his license as soon as he tries to practice medicine. Think about the insanity of that. Think about what that means. What’s the real reason for this? It sure as heck isn’t it to look after patients. And so that’s where I want to go next. Because Michael, you were referring to the follow on Dr. Luchkiw’s patients. And this is just one example. She’s only one doctor who’s had her license suspended. And who’s patients are now left without a doctor to look after them. But you related a story prior to the interview about one of her patients very sad story, but I think people need to hear it. So please tell that story.

Michael (legal counsel) 24:36
Just tell me put the story in context. I mean, Krystal was suspended because a hospital administrator had a suspicion, no proof, no hard facts, no empirical, empirical facts at all. Just a suspicion. She may have written one medical exemption for one patient for the COVID-19 injections. That’s all it’s just a suspicion. Our view of that is You know, as a matter of law, you can’t act on a suspicion, you actually have to have probable cause that’s what the legislation says. So they’ve gone after Krystal unlawfully. And that’s one of the things that we’re challenging in the court system right now. But Krystal has had patients who were palliative who have died without medical care, she otherwise would have been there for them. And just last week, after Mark was suspended, one of her patients who has been without medical care for eight months committed suicide. And if Mark had been allowed – Mark and Chris had been allowed to man that office and take care of patients, he would have been priority patient, and he would have been in there and he would not have committed suicide. So the CPSO is responsible for that death.

Will Dove 25:45
Now you just met, and I think there might have been something that is important that I missed, because I know that as you said, Dr. Trozzi, and you were joined by Dr. Shoemaker, and helping out with Dr. electrocute patients. And Michael, you made reference to Dr. Shoemaker is now under investigation. But does he still have this license? Is he still able to help patients?

Michael (legal counsel) 26:04
They haven’t suspended him, yet, but I can tell you it’s coming.

Will Dove 26:07
Yes, I’m sure it is. And many of our viewers are familiar with Dr. Shoemaker. And I’ve interviewed him in the past as well. He’s been very outspoken about what these injections are doing to people. So I have absolutely no doubt you’re right, Michael, it won’t be long before they’ll suspend him as well. Dr. Trozzi?

Dr. Trozzi 26:24
Well, yeah, and the thing too, is, Dr. Shoemaker, I’d like to say, like myself, has committed himself so fully to the human rights issue of Canadians at least having access to the truth, that for him to say, I’m, like myself, say we’re between the two of us, we will squeeze some hours out and take, you know, start taking care of these patients. It’s not like he could just, you know, like a seventy year old physician who is giving everything to protect Canadians and to deliver the truth and to, you know, try to teach the politicians and get them to listen, everything he’s been doing. It’s not like he could just therefore take over all the load. Right, it made it impractical. And by the way, then they send a crew out to like, I don’t know, if you call it read or whatever you call her office the next day. And, and then, you know, some of the good volunteers in this town helped pick up all that equipment, and move it out of that building. And for the time being, put an end to that. And then that’s where you know, then then one of the patients really needed someone to, you know, like, just be a human being for God’s sakes and know a bit about medicine, took his own life. And within the hours that I got to see people. I’ll tell you, the very few the four people that I saw before they pulled this. I can tell you, I saw and while she was away, a lot of them got injected with that misrepresented bio weapon. And I’ll tell you, I’m literally going she’s wondering like, well, well, I can’t tell you the personal things. But let me tell you, I was immediately seeing what we’ve been talking about. I was seeing like people with multiple new things, from tumors to blood clots in their lungs, the strange looks on their skin, that I know where they come from. And so anyways, I mean, in a way, I’m relieved, because there’s no way I can work as long as – I don’t – these people have just lost their authority. That’s all I can say. They just lost their there’s just no legitimacy. You know, I mean, I mean, yeah.

Will Dove 28:34
And folks that were, you’ll notice that my interviews are now numbered. And when you see them, the numbers aren’t always sequential. And that is because the numbers are assigned as I do the interviews, notice they are released. So this interview, we’re going to be rushing this through to get it out very quickly. Early January, you’re going to see an interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, who has worked closely with Dr. Peter McCullough, to do the research into what exactly is happening in the body as a result of these injections. What are the mechanisms of harm down at the microscopic level. And when you see that interview, the conclusion that you have to draw anyone has to draw if they watch that with an open mind that it’s going to be a great interview to put in front of the people who you know, who aren’t quite sure, there’s no conclusion you can draw, but that this is a designed bio weapon. And it was made very cleverly, to do a broad spectrum of harms in the human body. Michael, I wanted to get back to a couple of clarifications with you. Right now, you’re waiting for a decision from this tribunal. And this is and this is where you can correct me if I’m getting things wrong, because I’ve tried to keep things straight here in my head. This was with the CPSO – a tribunal with the CPSO itself.

Michael (legal counsel) 29:45
Yes, that’s right. So the CPSO has a has a new discipline tribunal. It has it’s not really new, but they have some new procedural rules. So I exploited those rules to bring a Motion prior to hearings that they want to schedule discipline hearings, they want to schedule for Krystal, Mark and Patrick Phillips. So what I did was I said, Okay, look, we don’t even have to have those hearings, if we can bring a motion, and we are successful, and attacking legal foundations for the prosecutions. So what we’re trying to do within this new procedures is just prevent the doctors from ever having to go to discipline hearings. There’s another track here too, is I was able to persuade the Divisional Court to do a judicial review of, of Krystal’s treatment by the College and the decision they made to suspend. And that matter, we were not successful with it at the Divisional Court. But I didn’t expect we would be because the Divisional Court is very pro government, it’s not pro individuals, not pro freedom. It’s very much a body favoring the interests of the collective state and the administrative state. But now we have a chance to go to the Ontario Court of Appeal with Krystal’s case. So. So I’m actually preparing materials today to submit to the Ontario Court of Appeal. So there are two tracks, we’re already in the court system on some of these major issues. And then we’re also addressing those issues within the college’s own system.

Will Dove 31:18
Right. And so that’s what I wanted to get back to just to clarify for people. So we can all hope against hope that this Tribunal will agree with your very rational statement. But these are merely guidelines. These were directives that were given. They’re not laws, they’re not rules. You can’t persecute someone for failing to follow something that’s not even in the rule books. Very logical argument. But I think we all know what’s probably going to happen. They’re going to uphold what they’re doing. And so should that happen, what’s the next step?

Michael (legal counsel) 31:50
Well, the next step is that we continue with Krystal’s case, because we are successful with Krystal at the Ontario Court of Appeal, that will have a dramatic and direct impact on what happens with the other doctors I’m representing including Mark and Patrick Phillips. And, but if we are not successful in this motion hearing, then hearings will be scheduled at the discipline tribunal for Mark and Krystal and Patrick, right. And so then, with the legal issues will more or less have been cleared away and decided against us. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t win, because before the tribunal, we can argue the issues of science. And we will win on the issues of science. And, and so I’m quite confident that we can present an excellent case as to whether the discipline Tribunal will recognize the actual science on the whole COVID narrative is another matter. But if we go to a hearing, we’re not helpless there, we have much more ammo to fire at them in the hopes that they will wake up and do the right thing.

Will Dove 32:58
But I just have one last legal question. And I’m pretty sure I know the answer. But I just want to be very, very sure. So let’s say that you do this case with the Court of Appeal in Ontario for Dr. Luchkiw, and they rule in her favor. So the question I’ve had is, does that Court of Appeal have authority over the CPSO?

Michael (legal counsel) 33:16
Yes. So if you have so the Tribunal is ultimately governed by the court system. So if a court whether it’s the Superior Court, which is the lower level of the court system in Ontario, or the Court of Appeal, which has the highest level of you get decisions there interpreting the College’s statutory powers in a way that defeats what the college is doing right now, that would be binding, and the College would have to then conform to the rulings of the court. So ultimately, this is, you know, going to the courts is the best way to try to resolve this.

Will Dove 33:52
Right. So just to sum that up, even if this tribunal upholds what they’re doing against all rationality, if you win in the Ontario Court of Appeal, they are essentially overruled, and they will cease and desist what they’re doing?

Michael (legal counsel) 34:10
That’s correct. I mean, in Krystal’s case is a more narrow case, in some sense. And this is where the legal aspect gets a little complicated. But just when you ask a court in Ontario to review a decision made by a, an administrative body like the College, a standard review called reasonableness is applied. And under reasonableness, there are certain things that these administrative bodies absolutely cannot do. But outside of that, the court defers to the College’s expertise and considers that it could reach a number of different decisions plausibly or reasonably on certain key issues. And so going into the court system, you know, we this reasonableness review is a slightly lower standard than actually the standard that has to be employed by the college in this motion hearing and also in a disciplinary they are the standard is correctness, they have to get the right answer. So this is why these two actions can proceed at the same time, because one is based on the standard of reasonableness, which can lead to different results. But I believe results that can still favor us. And then we have the standard of correctness within the college, where we’re asking the college to say absolutely, this is right or wrong.

Will Dove 35:28
Right. Okay. Gentlemen, thank you so much for relating all of this, but I don’t think we’re quite done. Because there’s some things we were discussing before this interview about the impacts that all these actions are having on our supposed health care system, and I’m not sure any of us would even agree in calling it that anymore. And Michael, you are layered a very disturbing personal story to me before we started this interview, would you please tell our viewers what happened to you very recently, and now you almost died in one of our hospitals.

Michael (legal counsel) 35:55
You know, I I’ve been very fortunate Well, I seem to have some kind of super immunity, because I have had not a cold or a flu since early 2019. So I’ve gone through almost three years of being totally unaffected by flu viruses. And certainly, it was I have not been affected at all by COVID-19. But last week, I got a very bad viral cough. I’ve had this before. It’s a very typical kind of flu that sweeps through a Canada this time of year. But I was able to sleep for almost three days, because of the hacking cough at night. So I went to see a doctor at a nearby clinic. And I wanted to get Dimetapp C, which is a cough medicine I normally get for this, it’s a prescription medication with a little bit of codeine, it’s a magic bullet for me, but you can’t get it. There are no prescription cough medicines available in the Ontario system right now, which is very weird and cannot be explained. Any event, he said, You’re gonna have to take, you know, some Benylin You know what you can get off the shelf and maybe a Tylenol one. So that’s what I did. I had a severe allergic reaction to that combination. And I developed a blockage in both my large intestine and my small intestine by Sunday afternoon, I was in so much pain, I literally couldn’t like walk. And I had to call 911. I was taken to emergency at TGH. And it took them a few hours to get me sorted, but they actually did a pretty good job. And things went pretty quickly. And I had an excellent doctor receiving me there. But then the night doctor came on. And after they determined that I didn’t need surgery to resolve the problems she prevailed upon me to leave the ER, even though they hadn’t cleared the blockages. And in fact, they’d put a catheter in so to drain my bladder, and to get through the blockage that had developed. And she expected me to leave the hospital with this catheter in place with a urine bag tied to my leg. And she just told me, her exact words to me were ‘you don’t know how many people in the city are wandering around like this’. And so essentially, you’ve got to put up with it, we’re not going to give you any external nursing care, like you’re on your own one with this catheter in place. And so I mean, I said to her, if you send me home, I’m going to be back in an hour because the pain medication is going to wear off on me back in the same situation. So I just stood my ground, I had a series of battles with them over the over the course of the evening, eventually, they cleared the intestinal blockage, then they want to still want to send me home then I said no demanded that they clear the urinary tract blockage. So they reluctantly did that. And then they still wanted me to leave but I was in too much pain to walk still. So I just insisted on staying. But if they had had had their way with me, and had not been the kind of person who would stand up for that they were sent me home. And not only would I have been in horrific pain, but I might have died. I mean, my bladder was so severely distended. When I arrived at the hospital, they took like immediate action before I was ever admitted.

Will Dove 38:52
Yes, and of course a burst bladder will flood your internal organs with urine, which is going to eventually cause an infection and you can die of peritonitis very easily from that. Now, Dr. Trozzi just before I get back to you one last question, Michael. They kept trying to send you home over standard procedures they’re done in hospitals all the time. They didn’t want to do that. Do you have any ideas on why they were so reluctant to give you what amounts to proper medical care?

Michael (legal counsel) 39:23
Well, my concern, it’s an outside concern. But I tried to bring a friend of mine who’s a former police officer and also works in my in my law practice to try to get him in the hospital to act as my advocate. They blocked him because he was not fully vaxxed and that’s an interesting story in itself because if you go to St. Michael’s Hospital, which is part of the University Health Network, and you want to be with someone or visit someone, you don’t have to be fully vaxxed but if you go to Toronto General have to be fully vaxxed to visit somebody so that’s I can’t explain that difference in policy. Um, but the so um, you know, I was concerned that You know, some of the doctors might have, you know, read about me in the newspaper, I mean the media all the time, they might have heard about the motion hearing. As Mark said, we had almost 20,000 people in real time watching that hearing, we, we would have had hundreds of 1,000s of people watching it after the fact if it had been up there. So I was concerned going to the ER that I might be identified as the person who’s making trouble for the government and the College. And they might withhold treatment, or something worse, they might try to vaccinate against my will. So I, you know, I’m not sure that was in play, I can’t say for certain. But beyond that, I just think that the hospital system is broken. This is not the first time I’ve had a really bad experience that put my life in danger when I’ve gone to an ER in the University Health Network. So I have excellent care outside of the hospital, the moment I step into a hospital, the situation changes, the system is clearly broken. And there are terrible decisions being made all the time that jeopardize people’s lives. I don’t know why this has happened.

Will Dove 40:59
Dr. Trozzi, I want to finish up with you. Because anybody who’s watching this interview, I’m sure there’s lots of people watch this interview who also follow you. And folks, if you’re not you should be go to DrTrozzi.org, sign up for Mark’s newsletter. It’s coming out every day full of great information. But you have now been fighting for our, for the patients really, not so much for the healthcare system of I’m sure you’d love to see that change. But you’ve been fighting for the patient’s for the truth for proper medical care. And you’ve had to sit back and watch our medical system just being torn, but it’s not falling apart. It’s being disassembled. It’s being attacked and torn apart. Do you see any hope that we can fix this? And what are your thoughts on what’s happening right now?

Dr. Trozzi 41:48
Well, yeah, I think there’s two paths to fix this. And before I do that, honestly, your other question is, what are my thoughts right now? Well, I think anybody would like, again, anybody who’s still able to think after three years of mental abuse, and if you can’t, can’t blame you. I mean, it’s been pretty crazy. Three years. Muzzles and mandates and lies. But it is bizarre. I won’t speak for myself, I think I’m a good person. I know. I know. I was. Patients are very happy with my care always have been. When I hear Michael’s story, I think, Wow. I remember repeatedly because I worked a lot in cottage country ER, I can remember people from Toronto coming up to me after their care and saying, Holy crow, Doctor, you people are amazing. I’ve never in my life been this well taken care of. And I think you’d probably find that it’s going to be true in general of the other COVID ethical and scientifically integral doctors in our country, I think you’re gonna find all of them. It’d be like the doctor, you’d really want. And I feel that way around Krystal, I feel that way. And Chris, you make our filler and Patrick Phillips and like, wow, I trust you. You’re a good person, and you’re smart. But anyways, so it’s funny that we’re, you know, that they’re attacking us, or, you know, they’re, they’re after my license, right? I’m gonna make sure I can’t make a living, and they’re gonna write nasty things about me on their website. Okay, well, first of all, when this whole thing started, I got way bigger cards on the table. I’m talking about my grandchildren getting to be, to survive and have a reasonable life in a country with the rule of law on human rights. So you think you think that that my license compares to that? It’s a flake in the wind compared to that. So that’s one thing. Of course, I want all the ethical doctors, including myself to be the ones running health care, because then it’ll be health care again, instead of this, basically, processing of unwanted humans according to the mandates of madmen. So it’s bizarre that we’re the ones you know, like, there’s this idea that like, Oh, we’re the ones who are trying to get out of trouble. I am already getting awards, this interview’s an award by people come on all the time. Say thank you, thank God for what you’re doing. So I feel great about my career right now. I feel terrible about this war. Right. But I’m very proud of what I’m doing. It doesn’t matter if I have money, or I don’t mean, you know, a lot of great people did good things with their money. I mean, we’re all people here. The three of us have all made choices that didn’t involve money to try and fix things. But what’s bizarre, and I want I want to remind people, and it’s one reason I want to remind our potential friends at the CPSO. You know, like, you can have to turn against the ringleaders there. Right? Ya got to go with the science and the facts and human rights. Repent. It’s okay, believe me, that’s the way to go. Do not continue on their ship. Because they didn’t just go against my suggestions, or somebody’s suggestions. Right. They were instrumental, in the completely unscientific obstruction of the treatment of COVID. We would have saved approximately 85% of all the COVID deaths and 85% of the suffering. That’s a good approximation. And I got people on my site, lots of literature to back it up. I don’t make up anything. We could have saved 85% of the death and suffering. So 85% of that blood falls on their hands because who was the finger of the World Economic Forum in our province that imposed this stuff? Nancy Whitmore and her CPSO. Right. They also supported, remember they said, we’re not allowed to even say anything like, hey, keeping a rag on your kid’s face all day is gonna mess him up. Everything we knew about immunology, we studied this stuff, right, Bill Gates just does. These mandates have been insane. They’re not scientifically based. We’ve been dealing with infections for 1,000s years all sudden, we just throw everything up because Mr. Gates says so? So our children because of all these mandates and impositions, their immune systems, as we warned about as it continues, are their immune systems have been severely damaged even before injecting them with this terrible stuff, even before that. Our children’s immune systems as well as their mental health have been severely damaged because of the CPSO in our province. And that’s why right now, like all our children with the damaged immune systems, all the injected countries including Canada show up average 700% increase in respiratory syncytial virus. Why? Because our kids we call it the original antigenic sin, people look it up, right. So they’re guilty of that too. So all these sick kids everywhere and you know what? Statistically some of them will die is true statistically COVID represented zero statistical risk of serious illness or death your children but what’s happened to them now and got some serious risks. And then to boot. They’ve been instrumental in this mass crime against humanity in our province, which is an assault, which is not only misrepresenting not even being completely negligent, and it would appear not even reading the ingredients in these injections. Never mind like studying the details. Never mind knowing that Pfizer’s own three month trial showed 3% of people were dead within three months, 28% were injured, approximately all the women aborted their babies. Whitmore, Tam, the whole lot of you, administers the health. You have responsibility to know that well before March 1, of 2021. And yet you keep going, you keep pushing the jabs, you push them on the kids. Right? So and what do we have? We have record increases in death in all the countries in the world that had been injected, Canada being very high on the list, you can’t lie look at the insurance numbers. And you have these institutions and government completely devote to burying the evidence. In fact, check that phrase on my website. Search “bury the evidence” or “burying the evidence” and look at what’s going on. But Will, you’ve covered this well, your audience already knows all this stuff. So there’s their crimes. And we’re all the victims. But we’re not just victims. And we’re fighting back. And I know not only are there hopefully some people, the CPSO who get paid to listen to this video will probably go ‘oh geez, I gotta stop going along with this. I gotta turn these people in who are orchestrating this and confess to our part in it’. But as well, I know, there’s police listening to this. I know there’s investigators listening to this. I know there’s criminal prosecutors listening to this. I know there’s good politicians listening to this. I know there’s judges listening to this. And so I urge you, regardless of the little piece of paper, my license,, my family and I will eat and survive. I know how to drywall, I know how to train horses, whatever I would like to return and I think I should be one of the ones running the healthcare in the future based on the way it’s gone. But these people have caused a lot of death and suffering, they’re causing more death and suffering. And that’s the focus in terms of who needs to be roped in, and I think handcuffed is the proper term. And other not the other big focus is the people of this province. Because as Michael just pointed out, you gotta be a little bit nervous, or maybe foolish to seek what used to be called health care. And, and that’s, that’s another part of where this all goes is that look at you know, at least 10% of people in Canada didn’t take any shots. And that was hard. I mean, you had to face major violations of human rights to not get injected in this country. So those people have read enough signs to hold their ground and go I’d rather be hungry and homeless than clotted up and dying. And now you’ve got where like, what 80% are not taking more shots. Okay, so who’s the majority when it comes to knowing what’s going on, at least to enough of a degree. So everybody stopped dancing along with the CPSO and all these criminals and help us rope them up. And that includes people in police and military and investigators and whoever’s lawful duty it is to protect the people of this country and enforce the rule on the Charter in the Constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Now, is your hour, we’re here to help you we keep giving you the facts

Will Dove 49:59
Right and Michael, any final thoughts from you?

Michael (legal counsel) 50:02
Ah, I guess my final thought would be that it’s amazing the way these people escape accountability. There is a one short video interview with Dr. Whitmore, the CEO of the Ontario College on YouTube, I’m not sure if it’s still there, I guess they somehow weren’t able to scrub it. But this woman never appears in the press. You never see her in public, she never gives an interview. I don’t know if she even works at the College. I think she’s working at her home in Stratford, Ontario. We’ve got people here who are calling the shots for the entire population. 50 million people in Ontario, who are not subject to any kind of accountability. I mean, if Time Magazine had the Person of the Year, it would be the faceless bureaucrat. These faceless bureaucrats are executing this strategy all across the country. And the College’s official physicians have been the enforcement arm of the government when it comes to COVID-19. And that is why I’m focusing upon them. Because they are the true source of the problem. They’re regulating medicine in the country without any true foundation in law. So this is a very important moment. We don’t, wherever I go in this country, we don’t have the rule of law. With Health Canada, I can’t figure out where it gets its powers to do things that it does. But when it comes to COVID-19, the statements it has made, which they are holding out as also rules and regulations, you know, have no foundation in law. Wherever I go. provincial governments are stepping outside of their constitutional jurisdictional and statutory authorities. The Colleges, of course, are beyond all of those standards. They’re inside the Constitution, they’re inside their statutes, and so on. The real virus right now is lawlessness. And if we allow this to go on, and we don’t defeat it now, this will be the new norm. The rule of law and democracy will be over. And right now, we don’t have it. We don’t have any candidate. But I think it’s a very dangerous moment for us.

Will Dove 52:08
Folks, both of these gentlemen have said some very important things in their closing comments. Michael made reference to the faceless bureaucrats that are passing down these mandates and putting these rules in place. Dr. Trozzi has talked about the enforcers, the police, the CPSO, doctors in the hospitals who are going along with this, but among those, enforcers. There are good people who are doing this because they’ve been threatened because they’re afraid of what will happen to them and their families if they don’t go along. Or here’s how we end this. Because this is a lesson from history. This is how the tyrants always lose in the end, and they’re gonna lose this way, this time, the same way. When enough people, ordinary citizens stand up and refuse to comply. The enforcers will see that they have public support. And then they will join those people. They will refuse to enforce they will turn on their masters and arrest them. And that is when the tyranny ends. But it has to start with you. Stand up for your rights. refuse to comply. Spread the Truth. Gentlemen, thank you so much for what you’re both doing.

Dr. Trozzi 53:21
Thank you Will.

Michael (legal counsel) 53:22
Thanks, Will.

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