IWR Weekly July 14th: “Queer Doctor” Admits to Trans Surgeries on Young Children

July 14, 2023

Snapshot - 46
Your Rights Under the Charter: Brian Peckford, sole surviving architect of the Charter
Snapshot - 45
The Surveillance State: Practical Steps to Protect Your Privacy
Snapshot - 44
The Iron Will Report | October 25, 2021
Snapshot - 41
“This tyranny is worse than the tyranny of Nazi Germany” says Holocaust survivor
Snapshot - 40
“They wanted more control – they’re going to have less at the end of this.”
Snapshot - 39
“12-Year-Olds and Elderly Ladies are Being Pepper-Sprayed.”
Snapshot - 38
The Iron Will Report | October 18, 2021
Snapshot - 36
Our Overwhelmed Hospitals: The Vaccinated are the Real Pandemic

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

  • Government Caves to Google and Backpeddles on C-18
  • Collapse of Dutch Government
  • A JCCF Victory for Sloan and Hillier
  • Sound of Freedom Movie Ranks 3rd Despite MSM Attacks
  • Queer Doctor Confesses to Trans Surgeries on Prepubescent Children
  • U.S. Ranchers Launch ‘Clean Beef’ Free of mRNA
  • China-Style Facial Recognition Comes to U.S.
  • B.C. Government Promoting MAiD to Healthy Seniors
  • Covid Logic Applied to Climate Change
  • Woman Dying From Vaccines Wants Fifth Dose
  • Dr. McCullough Censored – Again
  • Canada Projects $75 Million in Vaccine Claims
  • Trudeau’s Government Spends $350 Million on Vaccines They Didn’t Buy
  • Fauci May Have to Pay Back His Half Million Salary
  • Stats Show ‘Misinformation’ is Working and ‘Fact Checker’ Sites Aren’that
  • Pride Parade Cancelled – by LGBT Community
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