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February 3, 2023

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In this week’s free version:

  • F*ck Trudeau – Freedom Convoy 2.0
  • Trudeau’s Campaign to De-Criminalize Crime
  • MSM’s Billion Dollar Funeral
  • True North Not Strong and Free
  • Bolshevik British Columbia

AND in the Member’s version all of the above PLUS:

  • WEF’s Coming Global Cyber Shutdown
  • Gates and Zuckerberg Admit Shots Don’t Work
  • Pfizer Exec Video You Didn’t See
  • WHO Plan to Enforce Endless Injections
  • Trudeau’s Policies and Impending Financial Doom
  • A Grab Bag of Good News
  • I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up
  • Purple is the New Stupid

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01 F*ck Trudeau -Freedom Convoy 2.0

At the one-year anniversary of the Freedom Convoy, we have to acknowledge that Justin Trudeau has achieved at least one thing of significance since taking office in 2015. He has the distinction of being the most hated Prime Minister in the history of Canada.

In news either completely ignored by our state-controlled media, or at the very least grossly misrepresented, Canadians gathered in large groups across the country in the past week to mark one year since the Convoy. The largest of these demonstrations was in Coutts Alberta, where truckers gathered last year to protest Turd’s vaccine policies.

Thanks to Keean Bexte of the Counter Signal, we have actual journalistic coverage of the Freedom Convoy 2.0 event where thousands of protestors gathered, largely with the support of Coutts residents.

Keep in mind that four of the seventeen men arrested when RCMP found a stash of guns in a trailer at Coutts last year are still in prison, and likely will be until late this year. Joanne Person, the 62-year-old grandmother who owned the trailer where the guns were found, has stated that she has no idea where those guns came from. They certainly don’t belong to her. Although that did not stop RCMP from violently arresting her.

Labelled by state media as The Coutts Four, Chris Carbert, Christopher Lysak, Anthony Olienick, and Jerry Morin, were charged with ‘conspiracy to commit murder’, although beyond a vague accusation that they were planning to kill RCMP officers, no specific target has ever been identified.

And it’s not just Alberta that’s commemorating the Freedom Convoy. Demonstrations took place across the country. Protestors gathered in large numbers in Toronto and Ottawa. In B.C. which currently holds the title for the most tyrannical province in Canada, mini convoys were formed in many areas, with 350 vehicles gathering in Vancouver.

But it’s not just commemoration of the Freedom Convoy that shows how much Canadians hate Trudeau. Thanks again to the Counter Signal, we have yet more coverage of Justin’s reality that you won’t see on mainstream news.

It’s been under his orders that many law-abiding Canadians who were simply exercising their right to freedom of speech have been arrested and imprisoned. Freedom Convoy organizers Tamara Lich, Chris Barber and Pat King were arrested and imprisoned on charges of ‘mischief’.

Multiple pastors, especially in Jason Kenney’s Alberta, were arrested and placed in solitary confinement under barbaric conditions. And Jeremy MacKenzie, the Raging Dissident, spent ten weeks in jail for saying things our government didn’t like. My interview with Jeremy will be released on the 14th, and you can get the entire story directly from him.

Also my interview with John Carpay, the president of the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms, was released last week. John was arrested and imprisoned on trumped up charges of obstructing justice, as was another JCCF lawyer, Jay Cameron.

John has launched a GiveSendGo fundraising campaign to cover what could be as much as 100,000 in legal costs to defend himself.

Remember when Trudeau, raving about us racist, misogynistic, anti-science anti-vaxxers asked ‘How long do we tolerate these people?’. My question is, how much longer will Canadians tolerate this tin pot dictator.

If Amazon sales are any indication, not long. Currently the second most popular flag on Amazon Canada, after our official maple leaf, is the Fuck Trudeau flag.

02 But Some People Love Him – Trudeau’s Campaign to De-Criminalize Crime

There is one group of people Trudeau is popular with. Violent criminals. Two weeks ago in a segment titled ‘The Coming White Minority in Canada’, I reported on a number of lethal and near-lethal random assaults on Canadian transit systems.

Mainstream media likes to report these as one-offs, with no connection to other assaults.

Transit operators are now speaking out. According to John Di Nino, the national president of the Amalgamated Transit Union, transit operators in Canada suffer an average of 3,000 attacks per year. These range from being spit on, to violent assaults. Last week four teenagers were arrested and charged in relation to a “swarming” attack on two Toronto Transit operators in Scarborough.

While in Hamilton, when not being chased by angry mobs, Turd promised to do something about it.

“Keeping Canadians safe remains one of the top jobs that all orders of government need to put at the forefront of everything they do. We will of course continue to work with the province and with the city on making sure that Canadians are safe,” said Trudeau.

Uh huh.

In completely unrelated news, all 13 premiers of every province and territory recently wrote to Trudeau asking for changes to the bail system that see violent re-offenders back out on the street. The premiers were joined in that request by Toronto Police Chief Myron Demkiw and Police Services board chair Ainsworth Morgan.

The Trudeau government changed bail conditions in the criminal code in 2019 making bail the default position for a judge, which has led to an inevitable rise in crime.

In their letter, Demkiw and Morgan pointed to Toronto Police data on people granted bail for gun charges who were then rearrested on gun charges. In 2021, 165 people in Toronto who were out on bail for gun charges were rearrested including 98 who were arrested for gun charges and 67 for non-gun charges.

So, John Di Nino, I wouldn’t hold your breath. This traitor who calls himself our Prime Minister is actively working to protect criminals from prosecution. Unless of course they are white. In which case even freedom of speech is an offense deserving time in prison.

03 The Billion Dollar Funeral – State Sponsored Media is Dying

And in regards to freedom of speech, remember the over $1 billion dollars now paid out by Trudeau to state controlled media? If you thought that money was to help them continue to report the news, even the ‘news’ dictated to them by the government, well, no.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Conservative MP Jamie Schmale sought data on actual payments under a $595 million media bailout. “How much of the $595 million has been delivered to date?” asked Schmale. Cabinet in an Inquiry Of Ministry tabled in the Commons said payroll rebates introduced in 2019 had cost taxpayers $96.1 million. They were originally budgeted at $170 million. To clarify that, it means that payroll bailouts for legacy media cost almost 75 million less than projected.

Why the shortfall? Newspapers are shutting down and laying off employees.

Said Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, “The industry is in crisis. In recent years 41 daily newspapers have disappeared and 10,000 jobs have been lost.”

Postmedia Network Corp., the nation’s largest newspaper chain, announced this past week that it will cut 11 percent of newsroom staff this year despite millions in federal aid. Postmedia reported a pre-tax loss of $74.7 million last year.

But wait, something doesn’t add up.

Pascale St-Onge, then-president of the Fédération Nationale des Communications, in 2019 testimony at the Commons finance committee claimed subsidies would avoid layoffs. “The total amount planned, $595 million over five years, is commensurate with the industry’s current needs to preserve journalistic jobs,” he said.

So if all that money isn’t going to preserve jobs, where is it going?

This is just a guess, but maybe to pay Trudeau’s media prostitutes to report the government narrative.

04 True North Not Strong and Free – Fraser Institute Reports Canadian Freedoms at Lowest Ever

According to Canadian think tank, The Fraser Institute, Canada is no longer among the world’s top ten freest countries. The Institute’s Human Freedom Index released last week shows Canada dropping six spots to number 13, behind both New Zealand and Australia, where some of the worst Covid restrictions took place.

The report is based on measurements in 12 different areas, including: security and safety, rule of law, freedom of movement, association and assembly, and freedom of speech and access to information.

The liberty that declined the most in Canada, according to the report, was freedom of movement, which declined by more than 33% between 2019 and 2020.

Canada had the steepest year-over-year decline in total freedom among its peers, the report said. The peer group of the freest 15 jurisdictions in the world did not have a single country that increased its freedom in 2020 and the report shows that global freedom is at the lowest the institute has reported since it began indexing in 2000.

Note that these statistics are referencing 2020. It takes considerable time for Fraser Institute analysts to examine the data. We can hardly wait for the report that will be released next year.

05 Bolshevik British Columbia – And Deena Hinshaws’s New Job

From unfree Canada to our most unfree province. If you don’t live in British Columbia you might be unaware of what is going on there. And for those who do live there, even you may not be aware of a more recent alarming development.

While mainstream media is reporting on the extreme shortage of health care workers in Ontario, and even the fact that the Ontario Hospital Association continues vaccine mandates that prevent hundreds of experienced nurses from being rehired, the B.C. government has passed a law which will give such nazi nut jobs even more power.

Late last November, the B.C. government passed Bill 36, which among other draconian measures, will force all health care workers to take shot after shot or lose their license to practice. Not just their job. Their license. And it’s not just for covid.

The bill will give the Health Minister the power to appoint Boards who must unilaterally establish vaccination requirements on all health practitioners for any illness the government deems requires vaccination, and to impose proof of up-to-date vaccination status as a condition of licensing. The legislation contains provisions that would allow the College to discipline any dissenters; those who speak out against the College policies or who fail to comply, with loss of license. It further enables the College to make “without notice” applications to the court to obtain orders of compliance, orders for entry into premises to search, seize or copy property, orders to secure premises and prevent an owner from entry, to order fines for non-compliance of up to $200,000, as well as to order jail time for up to six months if a healthcare worker is deemed to have made a false or misleading statement.

And now the camp has a new prison guard.

Deena Hinshaw, the former Chief Medical Officer of Alberta, was recently fired by new premier Danielle Smith for gross incompetence. That’s Danielle being polite, by the way.

And where is Hinshaw now? As of this past Wednesday morning, serving as a new deputy provincial health officer in, you guessed it, B.C.

Serving under Bonnie Henry. The same Bonnie Henry who is currently being sued by the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy for the extreme harms caused to the people of B.C. by her covid mandates. My own interview with Kip Warner, Director of the CSASPP can be seen in it’s entirety at Strong And Free Canada.org.

And just as a point of interest, both Henry and Hinshaw have a psychopathic stare, as described by Dr. Robert Hare, the Canadian psychologist who developed the commonly used Hare Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-Revised). Seriously. Look it up.

Finally, as though we needed further proof that protecting the health of the people is the furthest thing from the minds of B.C.’s current dictators, as of this past Tuesday possession of up to 2.5 grams of heroine, cocaine, meth and fentanyl will not longer be illegal. Yes, I know, technically the drugs are still illegal, but if a person is not arrested, not charged, and their drugs are not taken away from them, the terms legal and illegal become mere semantics.

Oh, and those nurses in Ontario who still can’t work because they won’t get injected with a potentially lethal drug? Any chance the Ontario Hospital Association will change its mind? Not if Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa has anything to say about it.

Last week I thought I caught all the Canadian policy makers who were in Davos. I missed one.

Dr. de Villa took part in a special panel called “Unlocking Leadership in Health Equity.” Also on the panel were several big pharma execs. A news release regarding the panel stated: “We aim to spotlight the value of the work that women deliver as caregivers, healthcare practitioners, community activists and leaders in diverse settings and the risks associated with not making it sustainable for women in these roles.”

So would it be politically inconvenient of me, Ms. De Villa, to point out that most of those unemployed nurses are women.

That is all for this week’s free version of the Iron Will Report. You can access the much longer member’s version with a 15 day free trial at IronWillReport.com.

This week in the member’s version, the coming global cyber shutdown promised by the WEF; both Gates and Zuckerberg admit on camera that the shots don’t work; the Pfizer exec video you didn’t see; the details of the WHO plan to enforce endless injections; Canada’s impending financial doom; a grab bag of victories from Canada and the U.S.; the first transgender figure skating demonstration does not go well; and A&W trolls M&M’s after their disastrous woke spokescandy ad provokes a massive backlash.

Interviews coming up this week at IronWillReport.com, Nicole Sheidl of Physicians for Life on the MAiD crisis in Canada, and Dr. Paul Marik of the Front Line Covid Care Alliance on how he cured himself of type 2 diabetes after 20 years on medication. Also, Dr. Mark Trozzi interviews me on my recovery from stage 4 cancer and on protecting our health in general.

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