Justice for the Vaccinated Bus Tours BC | Dr. Hoffe, Dr. Malthouse & Cris Vleck

October 19, 2022

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Many of us now know people who have died or been injured by the Covid ‘vaccines’. Far from passing judgement on those who have been coerced and deceived into taking these toxic injections, it is time to let them tell their stories, and to seek justice for what has been done to them. The Justice for the Vaccinated campaign is sending a tour bus across Canada, starting in BC, to give the vaccine injured a voice, to provide them with medical advice (Dr. Charles Hoffe and Dr. Stephen Malthouse are on the bus and seeing injured victims), and to begin the process of seeking justice. In this interview…

  • What kind of injuries are the doctors seeing?
  • What has been the reception to this tour by the public?
  • How has the public perception changed since the people involved started speaking out in 2020?
  • What is the significance of the fact that spike proteins are crossing the blood/brain barrier?
  • The bus broke down. Was it sabotaged?
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Will Dove 00:00
As many of you are aware by now of the obscene numbers of injuries that are resulting from the COVID shots. Just as for the vaccinated is a program launched currently in B.C. planning to go across Canada, which is gathering stories and information from people who have been vaccine injured. But I know that many of us who have been on our side of the fence throughout all of this are sometimes tempted to feel that these people got what they deserved, but we need to have some compassion, and understand that many of them were coerced, take the job, or lose your job and not be able to feed your family. And everyone, but everyone has been lied to. And so I have with me today from left to right, Dr. Charles Hoff, Dr Stephen Malthouse, and Chris Vleck, who is one of the originators of this program. Gentlemen, thank you for joining me.

Dr. Hoffe 01:03
Thank you. Will, it’s a joy to be on your show

Cris Vleck 01:03
Thanks so much.

Dr Stephen Malthouse 01:04
Thanks, Will.

Will Dove 01:05
Now, Chris, I want to start with you. People have heard me refer to you in the past that you have actually act as a producer for some of my own material. You and I, we know each other well, we went to Ottawa together to the Freedom Convoy. And I know you, Chris, you don’t like to talk about yourself but reading between the lines, I’m pretty sure that this was mostly your idea. When did you think of this? And more more importantly, and even if it wasn’t what I’m really interested in Chris is, I know, it’s taken you months to get this show on the road, quite literally, in this case. What sort of barriers have you been running into and challenges did you have to overcome to make this happen?

Cris Vleck 01:40
There’s been a lot actually, and no, I can’t take credit. For a lot of this, it seemed like this idea started forming in a lot of people’s minds. And honestly, it was Vince Gircys that came up with the idea. He just one day he said, You know what we need is justice for the vaccinated. And a whole bunch of us on the Zoom call just had this lightning bolt moment, we had already been talking about the fact that people have had these tools to go online and tell their stories, and they weren’t just doing it. They just weren’t doing it. So somebody said we need to get a Bus, we need to go into the communities and we need to go get them. And that was when the idea really was sparked. And that really started back in April. So many, many challenges, like how do we how do we talk about this? Because a lot of people are going to why do the vaccinated need justice because it’s the unvaccinated discriminated against and so the we needed to find the approach that really unites everybody, because it’s not the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated, it’s all of us who have been lied to, through uninformed consent. And it was the government that did that. So it’s not us and them, it’s all of us who have been lied to against a lying government. So once we kind of put that place in there, put that into place, it was a matter of getting funding and people stepped up. And I actually haven’t seen an adoption rate on any kind of a campaign like this as high as this one. People are getting behind this quickly, because not only does it bring that unity, but people realize that there are many stories need to be told we’re getting shadow banned, we’re getting deleted, we’re getting silenced. So we thought the only way we can’t get shadow banned is if we get a bus and go out into the communities and talk to people face to face. And that’s what we’ve been doing.

Dr Stephen Malthouse 03:21
And this is no ordinary bus. You know, first of all, it’s big, it’s black and it says ‘Justice for the Vaccinated” on the side in big, yellow letters, and people are signing it. And you know, and also putting up we’re putting up posters on the bus itself, that describe and pictures of people that were injured from the COVID shots. So it’s kind of like a, it’s a moving, I don’t know, it’s, I would say it’s like a moving magnet in a way and that it’s drawing people’s attention, but also making them aware of the fact that they themselves may have been injured by the shots and essentially been fluffed off by their doctor or the medical profession. So it’s just coincidence and your heart attack at age 40 was, you know, just occasionally happens and then a suck it up. But so I think the bus has really become a statement in itself, the vehicle. And of course, we’re in the vehicle and we’re going to kind of try to get the message out as much as we can do. And all the little towns we’re visiting in in in B.C.

Will Dove 04:21
Yeah. And Charles, I want to get on to you in just a moment. But, Stephen, you’ve just said something really significant because you did an interview very recently with Gordon Parks at Bright Light News, an excellent interview there and folks, go ahead and watch that one as well, please. But you mentioned Stephen in that interview it’s something like 36 doctors now in Canada have died. And you put out there and Gord took the time to put up pictures of them. These aren’t old people. Most of these doctors look to me like they were they’re probably younger than I am.

Dr. Hoffe 04:50
Well, three of them were in their 20s I mean, some of them were medical students, or residents. You know, I’ve literally said yet exactly these were not retired doctors, these were working age doctors, and literally three of them in their 20s. As I mentioned,

Dr Stephen Malthouse 05:07
They died in their sleep, they died while bicycling, they died while running. Some of them were triathletes. They were swimming, one died coming down the mountain K2 but you know, we don’t really have the evidence for them that they died from their shots. But most doctors are mandated if they’re working in a medical facility, whether it’s outside the hospital or in the hospital, to have their COVID shots up to date, and they kind of get rolled out in the first group because they’re thought to be, well, for some reason, they don’t want it, they have a high risk that could be targeted, we don’t know. But the it’s coincidental that the so many doctors should die in this age group, while doing and being physically very fit many of them after the shot was rolled out, you know, within a short period of time in their community. So it’s been like people, we have 50% of people who die from the COVID shot that reported the VAERS that die within the first 48 hours. Yeah, so it’s, we’ve seen that temporal relationship, the timing, that kind of gives – should give you the clue. And we’re also seeing some that had the what we call terminal cancers, and that they you know, they had the cancer diagnosed within a year, and then they were dead. And one case that had a particularly rare cancer, this is something is being seen in the public as well, that people are dying right after their shots, or they’re getting cancers that are appearing in an advanced stage where previously they’d come in stage one and they’d be curable, and you know, treatable at least, and but now we’re seeing the ones that are extensively spread cancers throughout the body and they can’t be treated. And that’s how they’re actually appearing to the doctor. So there’s these shots are definitely not designed to improve your health. I think we’ve come to that conclusion. Yes. And no, I don’t think they ever were designed to improve your health tell the truth. I have a suspicion that these shots, they knew a lot about them, what they would do before they were rolled out. That’s my suspicion anyway.

Will Dove 07:05
Well, I’m not going to put words in your mouth gentleman, but anybody who’s watched my show long enough know that I don’t shy away from calling this a bio weapon. So there’s my opinion on that. Now, Charles, I want to get to you. Because you’ve been you’re trying so hard to help people. You’re seeing vaccine injured people, you can’t take them on as patients. Steven, you’ve had your license revoked by the College of Physicians in BC because you’ve been speaking out against this from the beginning, Charles, you still have yours so you’re seeing these patients doing your best to provide them with some advice. What sort of injuries are you seeing?

Dr. Hoffe 07:37
We’re seeing all sorts of things. I mean, we’re you know, we’re seeing the evidence of strokes and heart attacks. We saw a lady last night because people come to our presentations, a lady came last night that had broken out in these, what we would call necrotic ulcers. In other words, she had patches on her legs and on her torso where the flesh had literally died and gone black. You know, now these were probably blood clots in the subcutaneous vessels. I mean, she’s gonna she said that the doctor at the emergency room butchered her, but I don’t think she was wrong that you know, when there’s necrotic dead tissue, you have to cut it out, in order of I mean, obviously you get left with a gaping wound. And this lady was furious, you know, as every vaccine injured person should be. They were told this was going to keep them safe. And now she’s covered with these, these ulcers on her body. So she was just one that we happen to see last night, but we are seeing neurological injuries, people who are paralyzed, will have balance problems, visual problems, hearing problems ringing in the ears. You know it is endless. It is absolutely endless. Of course, the cancers might take longer to appear and are less likely to be linked with the shots because there’s a time lag. But you know, the people that we’re seeing are people who got these strokes, heart attacks, neurological problems, sores on their bodies, because their skin when it became necrotic, you know that that happens, usually within a short space of time. And we’re not seeing the dead people you know,

Will Dove 09:20
of course.

Dr Stephen Malthouse 09:23
But their neighbors or their relatives are coming and telling us Oh, we had two, two people, two of my family died. You know, after the shots, they were hospitalized had a heart attack, you know, that sort of thing. So there’s lots of stories of people who have dead relatives after having a shot, you know, within one two weeks, that type of thing and that that the event starts and yeah, so

Cris Vleck 09:47
yeah, we’re seeing a lot as gathering testimonials. Oddly enough. I would say a good portion of them anywhere from 60 to 80% report brain fog. That’s the only way they can describe but just are they can’t think and yeah, it’s so brain fog is seems to be this ongoing thing through all of these.

Will Dove 10:08
Which leads me to another medical question because Charles, in my interview with you, you started getting involved in all this when you started seeing neurological damage in your patients who were vaccinated. So my conclusion, you know, I don’t have any, and I’ve said this before, I don’t have anywhere near your level of medical knowledge, but I was a paramedic when I was younger. So that consistent brain fog complaint would say to me, we’re looking at neurological brain damage.

Dr. Hoffe 10:31
We are and I mean, we, the delivery system of these vaccines, I mean, I call them vaccines only because that’s what the authorities call them. But I think most people now know that they are not vaccines, because they don’t make you immune to anything. But, but the delivery system was designed to be able to take these to every part of your body. So you know, so we’ve seen from the pathologists, after they had figured out how to reveal the spike protein, how to stain for on the microscope slides, the spike proteins in brain tissue. This was designed to cross the blood brain barrier, this was designed to penetrate to the, to every single part of your body. And that’s why when you look at the list of illnesses and medical conditions that are produced by these that were released in the Pfizer documents, that that first batch that came out in February of this year, where they had those nine pages, packed together of medical conditions caused by this, and I counted them up, there were 1280 medical diseases caused by this, it literally reads like a medical dictionary. There’s no other medical treatment in history that has such an amazing spectrum of side effects. It is really impressive. And the reason is because literally it goes everywhere. So there’s no neurological system that is you know, it literally causes every kind of metabolic disease, endocrine disorder, autoimmune problem, cancer, dermatological problem, vascular problem, cardiac, it’s just the list is endless. And so of course, a lot of the damage is hidden, you know, where this gets, you know, reverse transcribed into your liver cells. So you just keep making these spike proteins, which are patented bio weapon. A lot of the damage, you know, the damage in the ovaries, for example, to fertility is going to take years to show up. It always takes that which is why any new treatment is never approved as safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women or children, until it’s had at least 10 years of study, because fertility issues always take many, many years to reveal themselves.

Will Dove 12:53
And I want to ask a question, sorry for both you and Stephen, because you were talking about the blood brain barrier. And this is something that I happen to know something about from my own interest in that area. The blood brain barrier is incredibly effective at keeping foreign bodies out of the brain. That’s what it’s there for. Because the brain tissue is extremely susceptible to these kinds of things, you can get an infection that can hit your lungs or some other area in your body and your body are flushed out, it gets into your brain, it can kill you. So my question would be this, in your opinion, and I realize you’re not biologists, you don’t design drugs for a living. But from what I know, the blood brain barrier, it would be almost impossible to create a substance that crosses it by accident, you’d pretty much have to design it to do that. What do you think of that?

Dr Stephen Malthouse 13:39
Yeah, you do. And I think that the lipid nano envelopes that are around the mRNA and carry it across the blood brain barrier. And then you have essentially turning your brain cells into spike protein manufacturers. And when there’s autopsy evidence with staining of the of the brain tissue showing that there are indeed spike proteins in the brain, and we know that they’re very toxic. So I think the evidence is pretty clear that that it’s carried across there. The other thing we’re seeing is Italians, New Zealand, UK. They’ve all shown evidence of other elements in these shots. And other fact the shots are such a variety, that there’s heavy metals in them and all sorts of things which are not been declared. But this issue of graphene oxide that they’ve all confirmed that graphene oxide is in some of these shots, because again, each vial each batch seems to be different. And so the mortality or the adverse drug reaction reports for the different batches seems to be different. But that graphene oxide was used to assist in taking molecules, other molecules across a barrier such as the blood brain barrier. And so that’d be another reason why people are developing issues in their brain. And of course, you know graphene oxide, it conducts electricity, it can be – it can have polarity, such as magnet. And it’s very, very sharp, so can cause cutting effects. And it can also coalesce into bigger clumps, and block blood vessels. So it can do pretty much the same thing that spike proteins are doing. So it’s a double whammy really.

Will Dove 15:19
Right. Cris, you guys, when did you leave? When did you start this tour?

Cris Vleck 15:26
This tour started on September 28. And on October 7, so we’ve gone 10 days, nine nonstops in 10 days, so, a whirlwind.

Will Dove 15:38
And it was just what a couple of days ago when the bus broke down.

Cris Vleck 15:41
I was our third stop when it broke down. And we didn’t get it back until yesterday. So we carried on, this is the value of a really good group. These are a positive solution oriented people. So we rented vehicles, and we kept going and one of the things we do is get people to sign the bus. And so we just got vinyl, we brought them with us, if people sign the patches, we’re gonna put the patches on for them. And then second day, the rental vehicles, one of our rental vehicles blew up. So not blew up, but the transmission died. I don’ want anyone to take that wrong? And then so yeah, we got another vehicle and we carried on, we finally met up with the bus. And it’s been really great to come and have people come and see the bus because it’s it’s very amazing.

Dr Stephen Malthouse 16:25
We’re actually we’re on the bus right now.

Cris Vleck 16:26
We are on the bus right now.

Will Dove 16:27
Yes. Now there’s a word that we all agreed not to use, and we’re not going to use it. But there was something about the breakdown of the bus. That is a little odd. You told me that there was an extra four liters of fluid found in the transmission in the crankcase. And that that was what caused the transmission to fail. I guess the question I have to ask is, at what point in time did you discover that the bus had broken down as a result of this, was that in the morning when you were getting ready to leave?

Cris Vleck 16:55
No, we were on the road. And it was about a half an hour out of Prince George. Yeah, and we can’t speculate too much. We’re looking into things for sure. And we’ve had, we’ve added security now at each stop, so but who knows, you know, we’re still investigating. So we don’t want to speculate. But the real story here is that the freedom movement, people, we put the call out, and within half an hour after that call, we had people pick us up in another little bus, get our equipment safe, find rental vehicles for us, they fed us and then sent us on our way and helped us and helped us secure locations and mechanics for the bus. It was expected to be two weeks before this thing would be back on the road. And we got it done in less than a week, which is a miracle in itself. So it shows the power when we all unite and stand up against tyranny. This is the power of the united noncompliance and we wouldn’t be here without the support of all the good people we’ve seen in all these stops. Absolutely, we wouldn’t be able to keep going.

Will Dove 17:54
Now I’ve we all know that there’s people out there who object to what you’re doing. But what overall has been your reception as you’ve been doing this tour.

Dr. Hoffe 18:02
Just overwhelming gratitude. And, and yeah, just wherever we go, people who are so encouraged by the fact that there are some, you know, people and doctors who live their Hippocratic Oath, who care, who are trying to, who are showing compassion and love and, and rather good because you know, it’s tragic. How many people no longer trust the medical system, because the medical system lied to them, they were told that these shots would keep them safe, and their loved ones safe, even though the manufacturers of these shots told us right from the start that they did not did not stop, prevent infection, and they did not prevent transmission. But yet, the authorities who mandated these shots, completely ignored that and told people that they that they could keep other people safe by being vaxxed, which made absolutely no logical or scientific sense. Because the manufacturers that told us that couldn’t so people are feeling like they’ve been betrayed, and that they’ve been lied to. And I think that many of them were forced to have it in order to be able to pay their mortgage or feed their family. They were forced to have a shot that they didn’t want, and they didn’t trust, and now they’re vaccine injured. Or they know many people who are because now they’re many, many, pretty well, everyone knows far more people who were adversely affected by the shots than were adversely affected by COVID. And you know, it’s been apparent now as is very clear that these shots are far more dangerous than COVID. And yet of course, they continue to tell us that they will keep people safe. It is absolutely absurd. This is a crime against humanity.

Dr Stephen Malthouse 20:07
Yeah. And a lot of people are still … appreciate the validation through showing them the science and the evidence that they’re not crazy. And that, that, in fact, the shots did hurt them. And it wasn’t just coincidence, as many doctors and public health and governments are sayin. They actually were injured. And they, I think they appreciate the fact that we’re going to, we show them, yes, this is how the mechanism behind it and it’s, it’s, it’s most likely, and then not may perhaps not proven, that, that you as you were injured by the shot, which is what they felt themselves. But when they went to the doctor, of course, the doctor said, you know, that couldn’t be because these drugs, these shots – all vaccines are safe and effective. And I think we, whenever you hear someone say that if you say if you hear the word safe and effective like that, that phrase, that slogan, you should know that what’s going to come after that is a bunch of bunkum. And don’t listen, or turn off your TV set or, you know, go to another, another research paper,

Dr. Hoffe 20:08
Yeah, Will, the presentations that we’re doing, each evening a PowerPoint presentations, where we show them for example, here’s a picture, for example of the spike proteins in brain tissue, so that the people with mental fog or neurological problems, see right before their eyes, what you know what this thing does cross the blood brain barrier, it definitely got into my brain. That’s why I’m having whatever issues it may be. And we’re showing them all of the evidence for what goes wrong with this and why it is not safe.

Dr Stephen Malthouse 21:40
We’re trying to we’re trying to collect the – we’re at the stage where we’re seeing all the injuries and so forth. And we’re learning about the mechanism – how it comes about. And we’re in these I would say somewhat infant stages of coming up with, with solutions on how people can treat themselves, how they can prevent vax injuries, COVID shot injuries, and particularly with regard to whether they had a shot but they don’t have any symptoms, or, or if they’re, you know, expose repeated people who are continuing to get these crazy absurd boosters. So that’s, and that’s why we’re kind of changing as we go. As we gather more information, we, we’ve talked to people who have these experiences, and what did they do to make it better for themselves. And even on an international scale, we’re starting to work together to find ways of countering the best we can and some things are irreversible, but the best we can to help people live their lives again. Many of them are, you know, are completely they’re bedridden, they’re in wheelchairs, I mean, they can’t walk, they can’t, they can’t do sports, you know that. And, you know, they’re, they’re and many of them are in chronic pain. And so I think it’s important that we move towards the solutions as well. So this is quite a change from our previous doctors on tour. Because we’re we’ve shifted the emphasis of what, what is important now, which is to take ourselves out of this hole.

Will Dove 23:05
Right. And I want to get back to that in just a minute. Stephen, but Cris, I wanted your impressions because, you know, yeah, I’ve already been very open the fact that you and I know each other well, we’ve, we spent a lot of time together. And you’ve had the same experience I have.. We got into this – just like Charles and Stephen, we got to this fight quite early. And early on, you know, back in 2020. If we went out there telling, trying to tell people they’re being lied to, we kind of risked being burned at the stake. So, but now you’re out there trying to help people. What have you seen in those two years in that shift in the public reception to the message?

Cris Vleck 23:40
Well, that’s a lot. There’s a lot of little signals that I see. And they keep it going a lot. You know, we see in social media, the tide has turned comments on, on news articles, tide has turned. We’re seeing it as a massive drop in uptake on the shots shot after shot after shot. There’s less and less people. There are more and more people who, you know, we talked to people who come around the bus and they had they’re completely not aware of what’s going on. And we had one couple that said, you know, he said my whole family, there’s 200 rows, we all got back their vaxxed, and we’re all fine. And then I said, Well, you’re really lucky because there are people who are not fine. And then his wife turned to him and she goes well, we do know a lot of people and they kind of bickered a little bit and walked away. So it used to be irrefutable in their minds. But now we’re seeing there’s doubt, and doubt is the first spark of hope. So we’re seeing it now. So that’s – we think it’s a brilliant time to come and do this. And not only that, Will, you and I talked a lot about psychological warfare and how to counteract that. Justice for the Vaccinated puts people on their back foot right away because people are wondering why why justice for the vaccinated ?? and they’re starting to ask those questions and get them asking questions and you know, as well as I do but that’s also the beginning of their new journey. Right?

Will Dove 25:04
Absolutely it is that you people will become far more convinced of the fact when they arrived at the conclusion themselves rather than having given to them by someone else. So getting people to ask those questions is vital. Gentlemen, I know that you don’t have much time. So I want to finish up with this. And I sort of was building up to this through the whole interview, as you know, I do. We started talking about all these young, healthy doctors, some of them athletes who are dying. Then, of course, something that we didn’t really talk about, but that is definitely out there being pushed by the government in the media, this ridiculous notion of sudden adult death syndrome. I was a paramedic for over a year when I was younger, I never saw a healthy adult drop dead with no cause whatsoever. It’s ridiculous. And so now, you’re out there trying to help people. The website for Justice for the Vaccinated folks is www.Vaxjustice.org. But Charles, Stephen, is there someplace that people can go to get information if they’ve been vaccine injured for things that they might be able to do to treat themselves? Or to prevent it from getting any worse?

Dr Stephen Malthouse 26:01
Yes, there are. There’s a couple of good websites and they go to the World Council for Health, the WCAH, their website, World Council for Health, they have a big thing on that, as well as people go to the Frontline Critical Care Consortium, FLCCC. And they also have regimens and people can use to treat vaccine injuries, and also shedding the perspective of protecting themselves against shedding. Some people, it’s inevitable that they will be around people who have had a bunch of boosters recently, or, or just have had their regular shots. And then so there are a couple, a couple of websites are really good. And there’s also cctelehealth.ca, which is a Canadian telehealth where you can get a professional on the end of the line may be able to give you some guidance as well. And that’s you know, pay as you go it’s not covered medical service plan. But if you’re in a position where you need some medical advice after a COVID shot or what to do for relative looking for help, that’s another avenue we recommend.

Will Dove 27:07
Right. And folks, as always links to those sites will be directly beneath this interview on our website. Gentlemen, I want to thank you so much for what you’re doing for the approach that you’re taking. I think it’s absolutely brilliant. Folks, you can also visit www.VaxJustice.org, donate to this very important campaign right now. I believe they have enough funds to cover their trip across BC. But it would be fantastic if we could see them go across Canada and continue to raise this awareness. So please donate if you can. Gentlemen, do you have any closing comments?

Dr. Hoffe 27:36
I yeah, I think the only thing that I, you know, there are two things that we were obviously want to give those that are vaccine injured, Hope. But we also desperately want those who still think that these shots are going to keep them safe, or somebody else safe to realize that they are absolutely doing the opposite. You know, now in Canada, eight out of nine people who are dying of COVID are fully vaxxed. And most of them have had three or four shots, you know, in other words, they’re boosted as well. The majority of people who are dying of COVID, now in Canada are literally more than 80% have had boosters. So it is critical that people realize that that these shots do not protect against COVID. I mean, apart from the multitude of other issues they create, they do not protect against, they increase your risk of dying of COVID and absolutely do not stop you’re spreading it in any way. So I think it you know, one of the things that if a person has been a smoker for two years and comes to their senses, the first thing they have to do is stop smoking. And in this case, the first thing that people have to do is stop having boosters.

Will Dove 28:48
Yes, and especially in light of the fact that our government is continuing to push them on people. Stephen, yes. Any thoughts from you?

Dr Stephen Malthouse 28:55
Well, I would say one thing is really important. I have two quick things. One is don’t give the shots to children. The children do not need it, they do not die from COVID. And the evidence is pretty clear about that. And but they can’t tell you when they’ve suffered a harm from the shots. And as you know, the Canadian government has okayed the – Health Canada’s okayed both the Pfizer and the Moderna shots for down to six month olds, which is complete, not just ludicrous, but criminal, I think because the evidence was not there that that they had benefited them. And there was evidence that the adverse effects were extraordinary. And this should never have been done. You’ve got to get out their parents and protect your kids. Really, do not that it requires taking them out of school, protect them from what else is going on in the schools. I now got to the point where I’m saying you know, create homepods, create schooling at home, whatever you can do, but protect your kids. That’s so essential. The other point is that people you know we’re in a kind of a dark time but there is there is no – the light is starting to shine in this dark era that we’re in, where a lot of people are dying and being injured and so forth. And we seem like we’re up against very big forces, the governments the public health and all these, WEF and WHO, CDC, FDA, all those Corrupt Organizations. But I think out of this, we will actually, we will come out not just ahead but completely transformed because we are having to take back something we had lost before, which was our sovereignty, we didn’t realize that the amount of slavery that was going on, and that we were part of that, or just looking at income tax is a good example. But what we’re going to see now is that we have an opportunity to do actually become what humans should become, which is not machines. And it’s not just slaves of the state. It’s we have to become sovereign beings really to live the lives we’re intended to live. And I think this is where we’re headed, really. So we’re kind of in a dark era, but there is light here and, and that it will shine. It’ll just grow and grow and grow. But people have to chip in and make an effort themselves. They have to jump on the Get on the Bus, so to speak, and everybody has to fight back with the united noncompliance. That’s so important.

Will Dove 31:03
Yes, Cris, your final thoughts.

Cris Vleck 31:13
Justice looks like a lot of things. We all want prosecutions. At the end of the day, we want to see these criminals held accountable for what they’ve done. That’s a long process. And right now we’re in phase one. And that’s telling stories. You know, people listen to people, we’ve always been storytellers, always from generation to generation, we have to start those stories. So we’re encouraging people to come to the bus if you see us, if we’re in one of your locations, we’ve got two more tours planned through BC, one Saskatchewan being planned one in Ontario. And we’re also talking to teams around the world right now. We want to do the same thing. But Justice starts with telling stories and validating people who aren’t – who aren’t nuts. They’re not crazy. So it starts with that. And if you can’t get to a bus, there are plenty of tools online, we want you to tell your stories on vaxtracker, and you can go to vaxjustice.org And tell your own stories to help us gather evidence and that evidence is what we’re what’s going to end up being prosecution down the road. So come tell your stories, please. There’s no shame in what you did. It’s not shameful to be trusting. It’s not shameful to want to provide for your family. And yeah, there’s some fear in what you’ve done, maybe what you’ve put into your body. But these incredible doctors have solutions for that, and they can point you to more solutions. So just get through that nobody here is going to judge you. We just want to hear your stories.

Will Dove 32:35
Excellent. Gentlemen, thank you again, so much for what you’re doing. I wish you very much success tomorrow when you roll up in front of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in BC and hopefully the message might just get through to somebody. Take care.

Cris Vleck 32:49

Dr. Hoffe 32:50
Thank you. Will,

Dr Stephen Malthouse 32:50

Will Dove 32:53
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