Myocarditis: 50% Will Die | Dr. Chris Shoemaker

November 22, 2022

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Dr. Shoemaker is a frontline physician in Canada who has worked for the past two years at the West Ottawa Covid Care Clinic. Early this year, Dr. Shoemaker became aware of the harms caused by the so-called vaccines and has been working diligently since to warn people not to take the shots, and especially to protect their children. Vaxxed himself, despite working in a Covid clinic, Dr. Shoemaker did not contract Covid until after he got two Moderna shots. In this interview he discusses the many dangers of the vaccines.

  • Why are those with the most robust immune systems the most likely to die?
  • Why are athletes dropping dead in record numbers?
  • How do the shots cause an autoimmune response?
  • What home treatments are available for the vaccine injured?

Article re Myocarditis Risk

Dr. Shoemaker Toronto Oct 22.2022

Dr. Shoemaker Toronto Oct 21.2022

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Dr. Shoemaker, Will Dove

Will Dove 00:15
Dr. Chris Allan Shoemaker is a licensed comprehensive physician. He has worked in emergency medicine in both Ontario and British Columbia, and had a family practice on two military bases in Ontario, assisting in the direct care of Canadian Forces members and their families. More recently in 2020 through 2022, he worked in direct patient care at the West Ottawa COVID Care Clinic, and was part of the Eastern Ontario response team to COVID-19. He has attended many demonstrations as a speaker, including the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, and has been outspoken against the use of the toxic COVID shots working daily to warn Canadians of the dangers, especially to their children. Dr. Shoemaker, it’s a pleasure to have you on the show.

Dr. Shoemaker 01:00
Very glad to be with you.

Will Dove 01:01
Well, thank you. Now, as I said, and I have watched many of your speeches that have been recorded in front of audiences in Ontario, and in other places where you have been very outspoken, but I think it was sort of a gradual awakening for you, was it not? As to the dangers of these shots, especially please describe that process.

Dr. Shoemaker 01:19
I was more aware of the dangers in late late 2021 into early 2022. So we’re talking less than 10 months ago, I became fully aware of the dangers. My earlier hesitations about the whole COVID program, maybe in 2021 was simply Why the heck aren’t we using these generic medication the Dr. McCullough, Dr. Zelenkp and the doctors in the south of France and the doctors in various places were saying this makes such a tremendous difference to us versus them earlier to use hydroxychloroquine early to use ivermectin early. These doctors had very logical and excellent protocols to suggest. I was absolutely ready to use those protocols expected to be encouraged to use those protocols when I volunteered to work in the COVID clinic and found that those protocols were in no way being encouraged. In fact, it was the opposite. It wasn’t until a year later, whoever frustrated as I had was that good protocols couldn’t be used. It wasn’t until a year later in the end of 2021, that I learned the terribly toxic dangers of the vaccines. And certainly from that point forward, I’ve been as outspoken as I have.

Will Dove 02:21
And what was your experience working in these COVID care clinic with other doctors were then and probably still are drinking the Kool Aid. And then you had this gradual awakening yourself that first question, why aren’t we using these treatments that we know work? And then from there moving on to why in the heck are we injecting people with these toxic shots, this must have been extremely difficult for you to work in that environment.

Dr. Shoemaker 02:44
I was working in the environment for that full year, I was just reaching the point where I was going to leave that working environment because of what I was learning. Just as I was leaving I actually got the shots because I couldn’t go to a Tim Hortons I couldn’t go to a hockey game and I didn’t quite at that point know the dangers of the shots. So I got my two shots. And after working in the COVID clinic for a year and a half with no shots all throughout 2020 And all throughout 2021 A year and a half of having people snort on me, cough on me, spit on me in spite of PPE. There’s lots of stuff going on when you’re sticking things way down people’s throats and noses. And I didn’t get a cold case of COVID Once of my own and that whole time of year and a half to two years. I was a healthy fella. My own natural immunity kept me just fine as it does with most viruses. I’ve never had a flu in my life that lasted more than four days. 30 days after getting my second COVID shot. I had my first case of COVID Personally, I’d already left working in the COVID clinics. I got my own personal COVID got sick as a dog for four or five days found some ivermectin, took it. During those four or five days. I was right as rain after day five, I didn’t get into day six, day seven, day eight day nine of the illness. I didn’t get long COVID I didn’t succumb I didn’t become an ill person because I allowed myself, I found myself the ability to get a little bit of under the counter over the counter whatever you want to call it. I got some ivermectin for three days. And on day three, my little purple line of antigen test and I was antigen positive. I was a proven true COVID virus infected patient at that point. But on day three, my purple lines went to zero. My COVID antigen went to zero in my nose after three days of ivermectin and I was once again a healthy person on day four or day five. Never getting significantly ill. So that’s a personal story about getting COVID But only getting it after having my immune system damaged by two COVID shots.

Will Dove 04:40
Right. And I just want to clarify something in your personal story there. You took ivermectin for five days, but you were feeling better after three. Is that correct?

Dr. Shoemaker 04:48
Yeah, that’s pretty accurate. Yeah, by three three and a half days I was a lot better after three days of type. Taking ivermectin for those three days I felt just fine again. And I did feeling quite crummy initially.

Will Dove 04:59
All right. Imagine So, and then of course, my viewers are well aware that the shots make people more susceptible to infection. So I’m sure no one’s surprised that you were perfectly healthy treating all these COVID patients up until you were injected and then you’ve got COVID. Now you could say your first case of COVID. Was there another one?

Dr. Shoemaker 05:16
No, it was my one and only time I’ve ever gotten COVID was again with third within 30 days of my booster shot.

Will Dove 05:22
All right, and did you suffer any other adverse effects from the shots

Dr. Shoemaker 05:25
I had some nonspecific kind of chesty, achy, arm, achy kind of symptoms, I had gotten those to go away gently over the last six months by a combination of pineneedle tea, dandelion tea, and a bit of ivermectin and a bit of natto kinase. Now I’m down to just two of those agents, principally the dandelion tea, and I’m being much less than to those symptoms that had been affecting me in my left arm and my chest for quite a bit in the first six months after getting my double COVID at the beginning.

Will Dove 05:57
Now, you’ve just given a bit of a protocol for treating your own vaccine injury. But I know you’ve also advocated ivermectin for treating the vaccine injured.

Dr. Shoemaker 06:06
I’m only recommending it based upon very sophisticated information. The World Council for And there are other great sent settings like FL CCC, and the like that will also give excellent protocols. But World Council for, I can always count on going to them, and finding the best in COVID protocols and the best in vaccine injury protocols. And those protocols without question every one of them include ivermectin in an appropriate dosage appropriately given for two to three months, properly supervised by a doctor if you can get it, but anyone can read it. And if you wish to use it, choose to use it, you can’t do yourself any harm by using it. Because it is such an innocuous drug in terms of side effects, so many drugs can hurt you and kill you if inappropriately taken. Tylenol, if taken in five times the normal dosage, or a week to 10 days will put you into liver failure. So you don’t want to take Tylenol in five to six times normal dosage it will kill you. And yet that’s on the shelves. People can either use it smartly, or use it stupidly. Ivermectin can be used much more safely, it would take 10 times or 15 times the dose to any kind of hurt or harm to you. And certainly if you take the dose you should take which is easily discerned it can’t hurt you. And it works wonderfully and assisting with so many conditions in the world. It assists with poisonings it exists, yes, it assists with river parasites. And yes, it also assists with mRNA viruses in general, from Ebola to Zika to others. And so what? It’s a big surprise that it works for COVID virus as well, or in this case, a human engineered genome attached to a COVID virus? Yeah, it just happens to work for that too. So I can’t and won’t to my audience give specific instructions, except to say is not being regularly made available on our pharmacy shelves, because it is being made regularly available in New Hampshire and in Tennessee, and in other states where the legislators have said to the medical boards, you’re doing the wrong thing by harming the people in our in our state and by harming the doctors in our state, and we will no longer allow you to limit its use. And that’s not a lot of states in the 50. United States that only those two are extremely strong on it. But it’s got to happen for everybody. Yeah, it’s medicine and it ought to have been useful in the beginning.

Will Dove 08:20
There are countries where you can like such as Mexico where you can walk into any pharmacy and buy ivermectin without a prescription.

Dr. Shoemaker 08:26
Yes. And hopefully those Mexican citizens are looking carefully at World Council for Health and other and even Mexican advice from their own – there must be websites in Mexico that tell you how to take it in a safe and appropriate manner. Then my —

Will Dove 08:39
— my understanding is I don’t have a personal experience with this. But my understanding is that in Mexico, most of the pharmacies actually do have a doctor on staff who will write the prescription and will instruct them on how to properly use the medication. But I wanted to get into referring back to the fact that you didn’t get COVID until you got the shots and this damage to the immune system that we’re well aware of now that people who have been injected are far more likely to get sick, far more likely to die from it. A question I’ve been wanting to ask someone qualified such as yourself and haven’t had an opportunity yet. Does or do these shots, make a person more susceptible just to Coronavirus or to all viruses.

Dr. Shoemaker 09:14
They’re making you susceptible and toxifying you in hundreds of ways to talk about just infections in general. This whole respiratory syncytial virus thing going up the east coast of the United States and into the emergency rooms of Montreal and Toronto and Ottawa now where everything’s overwhelmed by children with these excess infections are much higher level than usual of this infection. This is only because we’ve been an immune damaged continent. It is only because the generalized immune state of the whole of society. Everybody’s sitting around in their family rooms so happy that they’ve had their fourth shots. Yeah, I’m so sorry for you. I am literally so sorry for you. Because what you’ve done is to convert your immune system from its healthy house of protection, which is what it is for you into a walls falling down or walls falling down house of non protection your immune system, your T cells in particular, have been knocked down 30 to 40 to 50 to 70%, depending on how many shots you’ve gotten. And they’ve done lab tests, which have showed T cell deterioration numbers of T cells, just like when they did for AIDS patients, and they would say, Have you moved from the 1000s of T cells per milliliter down to just 400 to 500 to 200, or 100 had a massive drop in what is your T cell protection by number. And they see this massive deterioration in number of T cell protections for every shot taken.

Will Dove 10:39
And so this is what is being referred to as vaccine induced AIDS.

Dr. Shoemaker 10:43
That’s the that’s one of the phrases and that is not inappropriately used. Vaccine induced AIDS ‘V-A-I-D-S’.

Will Dove 10:50
Right now, you said I’m thinking I’ve got the quote, word for word here. In one of your speeches, you said “those with the strongest immune system are most likely to die from the vaccine. Why is that?

Dr. Shoemaker 11:00
That’s a different separate little side of the story as much as the spike protein is so dangerous to these very specialized cells and takes them out of the battle, and takes them out chronically. The other thing that the spike protein does, and it goes into the body in a number that’s horrific, every shot puts 40,000 billion the mRNA is like the information sheet that tells you how to make the spike protein. All in all, you’ve got spike protein all over the place. Your question was to ask me about various diseases that were happening.. Myocarditis occurs because 1000s and 1000s of Spike proteins go into actual myocardial cells, and the body attacks it. And the reason that the person with the strong immune system suffers the most the reason that it’s young adolescents and young men in their 20s and 30s getting it is that they’re extremely strong, healthy, normal immune system can’t stand it when it’s artificially created, almost alien, RNA DNA structure doesn’t matter whether you call it RNA and DNA, it’s still perceived as alien. And when there’s alien RNA is sitting there, literally in your cell working away making these dangerous proteins, your body wants to attack the cell that it’s in, it wants to kill this alien RNA that’s in you. What happens while the cell dies, which means that your heart cell dies. If those same cells are in your kidney, it’s attacking kidney cells and putting you on the road to renal failure. If it’s in your brainstem, or the base of your brain and the vessels of your brain, you’re having endothelialitis and inflammation of the brain such that you will have a stroke, or such you’re having seizures, or such as to die suddenly, because something’s amiss between your brain and your heart in terms of electrical conductivity. All these things can go wrong when your immune system attacks its own body, believing its own body, not to be itself. It’s like a host versus graft or host versus transplant reaction. That’s the closest I can give to it, you had a heart transplant, and they didn’t put you on a bunch of immune suppressants, your body would attack the heck out of that new heart, and it would be gone in less than 12 hours. And that’s the degree to which a healthy immune system attacks the presence of massive numbers of Spike proteins in your vessels and in your brain or in your ovaries, damaging your fertility.

Will Dove 13:11
So what you’ve been describing is, of course, the autoimmune response of the body to these injections that it recognizes this is something foreign. And as you said, it doesn’t matter if it’s DNA, or RNA, it doesn’t make any difference. No, it’s foreign to the body. So it recognizes an invader and it’s going to attack it. And so this would answer first of all, my initial question of why those who have the strongest immune systems are the ones who are most likely to die because they have the strongest autoimmune response. Correct. Now, this is where I think you’ve just connected something for me. The reason why myocarditis is so much more common in young men versus everyone else, they have the strongest immune systems and therefore having the strongest autoimmune response, which is resulting in the myocarditis, the damage to their heart, is that correct?

Dr. Shoemaker 13:57
You’re correct to that point as well. And the incidence of the myocarditis is now being found to be not the 1% to 2% as initially described, it’s more like 3% to 5%. A certain study out of Thailand is showing subclinical myocarditis, in other words, not really recognized clinically, but there’s little hidden features. Once they did a true study on a group of people and did blood tests. They found it was close to 30% of people between the ages of 18 and 30, that were having these subclinical damages going on in heart cells. So they were damaging 30% of our 20 year olds, for absolutely no reason. Because the one thing we knew for sure, was from the beginning incidents for anyone under the age of 60, in terms of dying from COVID, was going to be incredibly low. It should always been stratified these, even if these were safe and good injections, which are not they are not safe and they are not good. They should only have been given to the 65 years old and over. That’s how the stratified care of people should be done. The rest of the population could have developed natural herd immunity. A few and I mean, an extremely few deaths here and there going on in ages 60 and less, if those folks had been left alone, and especially if they’ve been allowed to use ivermectin and or hydroxychloroquine, if they were getting some early symptoms of going on to greater toxicity, but none of those things happen. Ivermectin was torn away from a good half of the world.

Will Dove 15:20
And you said something else in one of your speeches that you said, 50%, I went and looked it up, you are, of course correct. And studies show 50%. So if we’re talking about potentially 30% of our youth, being afflicted with myocarditis — — that’s where 20% figure came. And about 50%, based upon every statistic in the past, would pass away within five years. And so we’re giving an agent that is putting that kind of death sentence onto people. That kind of side effect onto people. And also the electrical conduction problems for the sudden collapse on the football field for a 17 year old who’s just wanting to play football in Alabama, or the 17 year old who’s wanting to play hockey in Barrie, Ontario. And their parents are burying them because they’ve gotten a shot or two. And they, because of their very strong immune system, reacted to that strong immune system and had an immediate cardiovascular collapse within the month of the shot. All sorts of terribly toxic reactions going on. Because of what this genome is mean, people can’t believe that it’s a toxic thing being put into them. Just a minute, ladies and gentlemen, you’d better believe it’s toxic because you know what the same people who designed the virus in Wuhan are the same people who took the same genome and made this “vaccine” in the United States for the last four or five years. They had it at the ready. And they had it at the ready, so as to do what they’d chosen to do – give it to people in spite of its toxicity. You are right about that. There is a paper published by Moderna. I believe it was in 2014, that showed a sequence of four genes they made in the laboratory that was that same sequence shows up in the original strain of Coronavirus or COVID-19. of that happening by chance, or one in 72 billion the same people who are pushing these toxic shots into people helped make the virus. Now, of course, we’ve talked about the myocarditis, we’ve talked about the athlete deaths and the reason why these people who have robust immune system are more likely to die. And that brings us to the very sad case of the children because another statistic you’ve quoted when you’re in your speeches is an 82 times increase in child deaths.

Dr. Shoemaker 17:25
And that came from a very exaggerated or someone on whatever side of the argument coming up with a number like that No, the very dispassionate organization called the Office of National Statistics of the United Kingdom, the Office of National Statistics of the United Kingdom was given the obligation to test the first 20,000 Children that were given the shots at the earliest point when it was still experimental. And it hadn’t been pushed into the schools yet, it was the months between January of 2021 and September of 2021. That’s when it really was being given officially just to adults and to older folks. But there they were the children in the first eight months in an actual experimental protocol. And then it was double blinded, nobody knew what was going on, took them another four months to unblind the study. When the unblinded study was finished, they realized to their horror, that the vaccinated children were fine, and we’re dying, hardly at all, because hey, 10 to 14 year olds don’t die very much. But 52 times was the first number. And within another three months, as they extended the protocol, they found it went to 82 to 100 times. So you’re 8,200% to 10,000% more likely to die, that’s 100 times more likely to die if you are a child aged 10 to 14 given double or triple jabs. And those are numbers from the Office of National Statistics of Great Britain. I’ve been talking about this on individual journalism programs like your own since February of this year. And why is no one listening to a horrific number like that? We’re going to talk specifically about a country that’s got the virtually the same red and white color as our flag does. There’s a slight difference between the Canadian red and the Denmark red. But there’s not a whole lot of difference. I sit sometimes with one flag to the right of me and one flag to the left of me. And the reason I praised Denmark is that they were the first country to really look at those numbers and know it to be true. And so they started giving hints in the early summer, we don’t really want to encourage the kids that much more. And then they made it official on September 1st of this year 2022, they banned it from any child 18 and younger to get the VAC. Banned it for the same reason that Boris Johnson took away the mandates for children to get it back in February, when those initial statistics came out from the Office of National Statistics of Great Britain. Within three days. He took away the mandating of it to children. He didn’t tell society the full story he didn’t say to parents stop giving it to your kids. He just took it away as a mandate where people couldn’t go to children’s sports or couldn’t go into certain school programs. He took away the mandate. Denmark took away the — actuality they just said forget mandates, you just can’t get it. We’re not giving it to you if you’re 18 or less. And that was September 1 of this year and within another 40 days of that, they’ve made it know if you’re 50 or less, we’re not going to let you have it at any point after October the 14th of this year, and why are they doing it? Because whether you’re 30, you’re 40, or 50, or you’re 12, it doesn’t matter, these shots, kill you, these shots, lower your life expectancy. So praise to Denmark, they’ve gone three quarters of the way they need to the last quarter is too bad for everyone. Like because I don’t care if you’re 92, these shots don’t help you. Well, when they first came out in 2021, that was when they were instituted into the nursing homes and in those nursing homes. Certainly by the time they were getting their second shot. And certainly by the time in September ish when they were all getting their third shots. Suddenly, there were massive rises of deaths in nursing homes, nursing home deaths shot up. As the vaccines progressed into their systems, their health wasn’t being helped by them, their general ability to get infections in general was no better. And plus they were dying of these sudden heart stoppages, or brain hemorrhages, or toxic clots of nursing home victims of the program. were dying from the shots. And so that’s why I’m saying and I had been saying it is not just to be banned for children or people under 50, because it’s so classically ineffective and so classically dangerous in those age groups, even folks with weaker immune systems are affected and damaged by these shots are elderly, and it ought to be shot stopped in them as well. The simple message is this everyone: take back our shoulder, we have to whether we’ve had one shot or three or tw –o take back our shoulders. Say no, from this point forward. I certainly said no after my second shot, I suggest everyone say no, after whatever shot you’ve had to this point, the shots are useless. The shots hurt you and learn from the World Council for Health and other sources. What are the appropriate medicines and safety measures to do to help yourself?

Will Dove 21:49
And of course, you’ve referred to Denmark banning the shots for people under the age of 18. Meanwhile, here in Canada, our government is still pushing them on six month olds and I myself that is yes, I have absolutely no doubt that they know exactly what they’re doing. You made a reference or read from a document in one of your speeches where you talked about what the WHO knew early on, could you address that?

Dr. Shoemaker 22:13
Well, they certainly knew one thing; they knew that there had been 20 years of research showing that no mRNA carried drug or product has ever worked for its purpose had ever worked other than to damage. All the mice studies showed toxicity, extreme toxicity, damage to their bones systems, damage to their neurologic systems, damage to their reproductive systems, and just simply outright death. mice don’t survive mRNA injections, they’re just simply lethal. And they tried for 20 years to make it non lethal. And it’s never been made non lethal. So the carrier agent itself is lethal. Forget about the human engineered genomic crap that’s in it as well. The carrier mechanism itself because of the blood brain barrier, and into the ovary barrier. It’s just lethal. So the WHO knew that they had no business, the CDC had no business approving mechanisms of this nature. It makes one wonder whether if the true approval for this whole process was not even the CDC or the WHO. Perhaps it was a military base approval that we don’t have knowledge of, and perhaps it’s a military based approval system that has made these agents fulsomely available and without respectable research attached. The only research ever done showed toxicity, toxicity, toxicity for any mRNA products, no mRNA products should be approved for the human population for the next 1000 years. And the fact that certain people are speaking of having mRNA products to help “heart disease” or help maternal pregnancy issues or something. Are you crazy? This has killed so many babies in the womb already? Yeah, look to Dr. James Thorpe from the US and the facts he has given people. Dr. James Thorpe horrific numbers of fetal losses because this drug, this mRNA vehicle can go into their brain and kill them before they’re even born or take away a limb before they’re even born.

Will Dove 24:06
Dr. Shoemaker, you’ve been speaking out on all this since early this year. Are you still licensed? Has had the College of Physicians and Surgeons come after you?

Dr. Shoemaker 24:17
I’m a fully licensed doctor, I have responded three times to their three inquiries about my speeches, I’ve given scientific reports and attestations within every one of my three responses as to why what I’m saying is simple medical truth. And I’ve encouraged them to follow down that line, in fact, even to meet with me if they would, so that I could assist them in coming to a middle ground approach and a change going forward so that the vaxxes are out. And so the propriate generic medications are in I’ve written very polite letters in response on each of the three occasions and indeed at this point, there has been no response from them, other than to simply to this point, that may be what I am a competent generals physician who’s practiced in Ontario.

Will Dove 24:58
Do you think that you’re welcome sort of responses may be the reason why you still have your license when so many other doctors in this country who have spoken out have lost theirs.

Dr. Shoemaker 25:06
I’m not really sure I’m sure there’ll be something by registered mail tomorrow. We’ll just wait for that to happen.

Will Dove 25:11
One last question, Dr. Shoemaker. And it does have to do with the College of Physicians and Surgeons because you have been a doctor for a very long time, you’ve been dealing with this organization throughout your career. And they have, you know, as you are well aware, they have been pushing very hard to prevent proper treatment. They’ve been pushing very hard to get doctors to continue to inject people with these toxic substances. And yet, despite all of the research that my own team has done, we’ve been unable to find any direct connection between the Colleges and the World Economic Forum, which is driving so much of what’s going on right now. Could you tender any guesses as to why the College and Physicians to be doing what they’re doing?

Dr. Shoemaker 25:51
The connection doesn’t have to be direct from Klaus Schwab’s office to there’s. There’s a lot of steps in between the CPSO. As I understand it, is simply responding to Public Health Agency of Canada and an ACI, which is the acronym for the vaccine assessment board here in Canada. And if those two agencies, which are within the federal government circumstance, are in charge of how to deal with pandemics and infections, and etc, and if coming down from them is the word that we think the vaccines are safe and effective. Well, then CPSO has to believe that it’s safe and effective, because they’ve been told by their betters, they’ve been told by people at senior bureaucratic levels in Canada to do this and to also make sure that doctors follow and believe that as well. So they’ve been instructed by others, I don’t think their instructions have come directly from the WEF. But they certainly come from Health Canada, and the Public Health Agency of Canada, and Dr. Tam, and others, it is from those people that the PHAC, CPSO and the various College of Physicians and Surgeons across every province in Canada have taken their marching orders. So our real problem is with Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian government for being so lax uncaring of its population. That wouldn’t look too bad. Something that has been said for 20 years can never work against viruses and will only provide lethal effects to people. mRNA viruses are lethal to people.

Will Dove 26:33
Dr. Shoemaker, if you’ve had some final thoughts for our audience, what would they be?

Dr. Shoemaker 27:22
So let me assure you that if you were in my office, and you’re asking for some just general advice about what to do about these vaccines in particular, I just say to Leslie, Mrs. Smith, as you’re pregnant, don’t even think of taking it you’ll do no good for yourself, you’ll do no good for the baby. Don’t take it, you’ll be well, the child is protected inside your womb by your own natural immune circumstances, and how you should have an enjoyable successful pregnancy. Oh, by the way, Mrs. Smith, Pfizer’s own data shows that they had 28 out of 29 women given the shots for whom the fetus was lost 20 out of 29 lost pregnancies declared in their own literature, and yet this was approved. It should never have been approved. Mrs. Smith, don’t you dare take it. I want you to take care of your baby and your baby to be born to you and your husband. That’s what I would say to Mrs. Smith. And that’s what I would say to any one even who is not pregnant. Protect yourself, protect your children. Don’t let them have it. Don’t let your self have it keep a healthy immune system and other measures to assist against COVID are available. Don’t trust a vaccine. Vaccines, have never cured anything. Vaccines are to prevent things from happening. They failed in their ability to prevent COVID for people, all the people in the ICUs now are triple and quadruple vaxxed people. The unvaccinated are the safety people around us. They are the people who have given us a tiny tiny herd immunity. We’ve got such a tiny herd that got immunity, we could have had a 95% of our population could have been immune. But it was reversed because we took this toxic injection,

Will Dove 27:31
I guess. Dr. Shoemaker, thank you so much for your time today. For the information you provided and especially for your ongoing activism and doing your very best to make people aware of these dangers.

Dr. Shoemaker 29:05
My pleasure to be with you. Well, God bless everybody. Everybody knew 10 years ago, if you’ve got myocarditis, you’re dead in five years, 50% of you 50% of you will be dead in five years. I hate to say this, for some people who’ve received it, I hope you’re in the 50% who don’t die in five years. But 50% of people who do get myocarditis, myocarditis means damage and inflammation and death of heart cells is not a heart attack. It’s not a blockage of vessels to your heart, but it’s a tragic damage. Hundreds of 1000s and millions of cells of your heart are dying and being turned into straw by an inflammatory process. Once you’ve got too many of your heart cells turned into straw by an inflammatory process called myocarditis. Do you think that heart is going to be working very well five years from now? No, it’s not. And that dear person is going to have three or four years of gradually worsening heart failure and fatigue, and inability to participate in sports and their whole life changed. Because idiots in the World Health Organization, idiots in politics, have said, you can just got to take this stuff you trust us. Go ahead, take it. Trust you? You don’t have a clue. You don’t. You don’t know what you’re doing scientifically. You don’t know what you’re doing, damaging. Stop damaging our population. I don’t know quite how I want to conclude. But I feel it a point that I might be concluding. It would be to speak to speak to the mothers out there, the mothers and the fathers. You want grandchildren? How fertile do you think your child’s 12 year old ovaries are going to be if her little 12 year old ovaries have been attacked by an inflammatory process brought about by Spike protein being brought into her ovaries on purpose by Slippery little particles, these Slippery little tiny nano particles. They gotta be awfully tiny to get 40 trillion into your body and one little shot. So these tiny little particles, they’re pretty small. And they’re pretty tricky. And they cross the blood brain barrier and they create long COVID and damage to your brain. They crossed the ovaries and make you infertile. They go into the testes and make you infertile at least for six months. It takes you six months to recover from a COVID shot if you’re an adult male and received it. Your sperm count goes down 50% for the six months following the COVID shot hearing much about that on mainstream television. I don’t think so. But it’s happening. So if it’s damaging children’s ovaries if it’s damaging men’s testes, if it’s damaging seven year old boys testes, do you think that’s good for you’re having grandchildren? So everybody from Belgium to Washington State to Australia to Saskatoon and right here in Mississauga, and in Toronto, stop hurting your immune system. Stop them right now I say to every premier in Canada, do what you can to discourage your people from getting these vaccinations. And most importantly, get ivermectin on the shelves because ivermectin saves you if you have long COVID. ivermectin saves you if you have vaccine injury, and ivermectin saves you if you’ve got simple COVID itself. It was always the proven drug. It had been proven for 12 years. 12 years of study were put into ivermectin being approved as the drug to be used when and if there was another COVID. It was in print. And somehow everybody’s forgotten that in 2012, it was in print, that ivermectin, a human medicine that’s been actively used for 40 years was the game changer if ever we had another COVID infection? And yet it happens in 2019. Oh, it happens on purpose because certain people designed and made this sucker. But when made on purpose, those same people who made it on purpose, also very purposefully hid the known scientific evidence that ivermectin had been researched for eight to 10 years and was the proven agent that should be used to keep the entire world safe, if ever there was a COVID infection. So I end with that. The fix was in the people made the virus, have the toxic elements, and the people made sure that the vaccine would have the toxic elements in the vaccine as well, because the vaccine is actually 10 times more lethal than the simple virus inhaled through your nose. So take care of ourselves, get this across the world, stop using the injections, they only damage your immune system. We’ll save each other by doing that. God bless us all and I am Dr. Chris Allen Shoemaker from Toronto, Canada. God bless us all.

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