No One Had to Die: 99.73% Survival Treatment Protocol (Part 2 of 3) | Dr. Ellapen Rapiti

November 3, 2022

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Special Report

Dr. Ellapen Rapiti is a family doctor in a poor section of Cape Town, South Africa (Population: almost 5 million people). Out of 3,000 patients he treated for Covid, many of them in advanced stages, only 8 died. Dr. Rapiti’s rapid diagnosis methods and aggressive treatment protocol show clearly that no one had to die from Covid. The eight patients he lost all died because they waited too long to come and see him. Ellapen is absolutely convinced that everyone could have been saved from this virus.

Dr. Rapiti presents case studies, testimony from some of his patients, and he outlines his entire treatment protocol. Every drug he uses with dosages. It’s all there for any doctor to follow.

Finally, Dr. Rapiti also provides clear instructions on what drugs and supplements that you can keep on hand for the next virus, as this treatment protocol will work for all viruses, not just Covid. In the event that you do contract a strain of Covid, you should be very hesitant to go to a hospital where they will tell you ‘there is no treatment’ (an outright lie) and to come back when you can’t breathe anymore. This is like telling someone who’s been diagnosed with Stage 1 cancer to go home and come back once it reaches Stage 4. Of course people are going to die when treatment is delayed until it’s too late. And this does not address the toxic treatments that hospitals are using which are only adding to the death toll. You can treat yourself at home and stop the virus in its tracks long before you develop severe symptoms.


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Part 3

Will Dove 00:15
I have with me again, once again, Dr. Ellapen Rapiti, who’s joining us from his home in Cape Town, South Africa. You may have seen my previous interview with Dr. Rapiti on his early treatment protocols for COVID. And the extremely high success rate that he has. He has also been treating people for their vaccine injuries, and knows a great deal about this subject as well. Dr. Rapiti thank you for joining us again,

Dr. Rapiti 00:35
Good day to you Oh, and your listeners, thank you for having me. It’s such an honor to be on your show. I’m very grateful for this opportunity to share my knowledge because I’ve saved so many people. I feel I feel sad that I cannot save more people simply because I’m being denied so much of an opportunity to share my knowledge. I’m here to care. A huge godsend to me, because I’ve been a darling of the press for over 40 years when I wrote about social issues. I’m a writer. I’m an author, I’m an artist, I do lots of other things. In fact, I used to be the Guest writer on medical issues but the minute I started speaking about COVID every media shunned me. Editors who adored me, refused to write to me or acknowledge my letters. And you know what I treated the journalists and their families who are too shy to say that, you know, they sorry, they cannot publish my articles. Because it was Hush Hush, and Facebook of all people, I was publishing videos to give society hope that the treatment within half a day all 50 of my videos were pulled out. And thereafter I was brought, I was told I was anti community, and what was I anti community for? helping people huge, did the same thing. So I’m very grateful to you that I can now — my work is getting a voice getting on your platform that others may be saved. And I thank you very much.

Will Dove 02:05
Dr. Rapiti. If you would please share your slide presentation on the vaccine injuries and your treatment of them. Once again, I will not interrupt you during your presentation. I’ll save my questions until you’re done.

Dr. Rapiti 02:16
So coming to the jabs are bad. I mean, it’s a I think this is an epidemic of the vaccine injured. Right now I’m not seeing so many COVID patients, I’m not even seeing that many vaccine injuries. Fortunately, South African public, by and large, have become wizened up about these vaccines. So we’re not seeing that many. But I want to go back a little bit Will, into what the Pfizer study showed and what international what the CDC has shown in — I just want to mention that we had data coming out from Pfizer, which was released in March of 2022 and this data was available in March of 2021. That was three months after the vaccine rollout took place. And what we found during that time, they were awful. But in that Pfizer data, there were about 1,200 deaths. And when in the trial vaccine, when you have 1,200 deaths, you’ve gone beyond the recommended or accepted benchmark to continue that trial. If you have 50 deaths, then you hit the black mark, and that trial has to be stopped. But for some reason, none of the regulatory authorities stopped this trial. So for all intents and purposes, this trial is an illegal trial because you’ve had more than the 50 recommended deaths just stop at trial. Then they found that the 1,293 people with side effects and amongst them 43,000 types of side effects. And in the CDC at that time, there was a year of vigilance data there was something like 70,000 deaths reported on the VAERS system. And of course the UK’s SMAD a thing called the UK yellow card system. Unfortunately, not many countries have a kind of recording system on base. We have something in South Africa, but not that is done as a non governmental agency. But our government is not doing that. But in total all combined so far, we’ve recorded 3 million. We need to — bear in mind one thing is the other thing that I need to say this also is that there was in the Pfizer data 85% of the women who fell pregnant, lost their babies the first trimester. And the reason for that is quite simple, that they found that 60% of your spike protein reaches the ovaries, and that is where you can get inflammatory process. And remember then if your ovaries are malfunctioning due to inflammation, that it won’t make the pregnancy viable. We’ll talk later in some of the cases that are treated that these figures aren’t giving you what is in a represents about one and at most, 10% of the actual figures that are reported. Remember this is a volunteer system. If you want to do a VAERS reporting system as a doctor, it’ll take you about an hour or so. Which doctor is going to spend an hour, unpaid, going through all the tedium and not knowing whether your reporting will be accepted. One of the interviews that the CDC was not very helpful when it came to doctors wanting to report their cases of adverse events. So we’re not getting the truth about. My best estimate what we’ve seen, that 70,000 deaths that we’re talking about, can be easily multiplied by 10 to 20 times, which will make it easy in a couple of millions of deaths are there more people dying from the COVID vaccine than those people who die from COVID itself. And if you take the actual figures for COVID, realistically speaking, there were minimal deaths due to COVID. itself, but many more that are going unrecognized. And then we need to look at some of the side effects. And then I mean, they cannot deny any longer that there is no correlation between the vaccine and myocarditis. Our study was done in Thailand. And this was one of the first studies that was done. It’s called a prospective study, where you study the drug before you give it. In other words, you take the individual, they took about 300 children and adolescents dropped 15 years. And they did the workup. They did the blood test. If there’s a test called the troponin T that will tell you whether you got myocarditis or not. They did ECGs and cardiogram echocardiograms, these kids were then given a vaccine, and they were followed seven days, 14 days, 21 days what they found that there was a 2.5% incidence of myocarditis. Now that may not look like a very big figure, I’ve yet to hear somebody tell me that they’ve seen a high incidence of myocarditis bumps in children who have had COVID infection in my 3,000 patients. I’ve not had one child hospitalized, and I’ve had children with pretty bad pneumonia with the Omicron strain – was the only strain that had children. And when one child was 50% Oxygen, she got in bed with my treatment, but did not end up with myocarditis. So I think the story about COVID giving you a myocarditis is a probability. But what is the possibility? What are the figures? There’s no evidence, there’s no data to say that say with so many children getting it, but what we seen also, now if you translate that 2.5% to millions, if you take a country with at least 10 million children 2.5% is 25,000. Children with myocarditis, that’s a pretty hefty figure. And myocarditis is not a condition to be played with lightly, because as Dr. Tenpenny mentioned, and she’s not a clinical clinician, like I am, I know my God it is it’s an inflammation of the heart muscle. What that means is that once the heart muscles is inflamed and damaged, it’s replaced by fibrous tissue, which is a non functional tissue, because it doesn’t function like the heart. And if perchance, if no fiber traverses that damaged heart tissue, that nerve fiber is damaged, and so you’re going to get irregular conduction. So that is how you’re ending up with sudden cardiac death was sudden, unexplained – it’s only unexplained because we’re not investigating. A young man dying on the field now show you figures of where the deaths were sudden deaths in young sports people has risen by almost 100% to 300%. And this was coming from the Football Association. And there’s only one reason they have some clinical myocarditis, what that means is, you could be having an inflammation, you do your ordinary activity, your heart can function. But the minute you do a bit of exercise, you put that heart under strain, it cannot cope, because unbeknownst to yourself, it is damaged. And I heard the college say, well, you must get your children to come to the cardiologist and get checked up. Are we going to see every one of our children being vaccinated and give them oodles of money to test and see, are you going to tell whether this person is developing myocarditis? And because of my conduct, this can take about a month, two months, three months, six months? So are you going to take your childhood and run out of pocket and go and get your child investigated all the time, there is no way of telling who’s going to get but there’s enough to say we can predict it can happen. But if you compare it with COVID, because it doesn’t give you my car. I’ve seen 100% recovery. So that’s one bad thing. What is going to guarantee this is going to happen is that these children are going to end up with compromised hearts if they don’t die. And within five years, they can die from heart failure, pericarditis, or a cardiac arrhythmia where the runner on the field – they are not what hat champion to get a bench with the heart should be pumping this way and why actually happens with a ventricular failure it pumps it very fast in a very irregular pattern, you get a blackout of blood supply to the vital centers in your brain, and you die so it’s a serious thing. As for the Bivalent vaccine, I fail to understand why the equation bivalent vaccine, because one part of this vaccine deals with Yuan strain, and that’s long gone, you rarely ever see a repeat of the same strain, while giving a toxic vaccine for the strain that is no longer there. So you actually giving a child a poison. When you give a drug no matter how safe it is, if it is not required, you’re giving them a poison. I mean, in pharmacology textbooks is all telling you a drug is a poison. If you’re using it without a need, you’re giving them a poison. So that is point number one. Point number two is the Omicron strain. The vaccine hasn’t been tested on humans, it was tested on eight mice – just eight mice, it’s unheard of. It didn’t go through the three phase study. The three phase study is where you tested on mice, a small cohort of people, when you’re satisfied, then you try it on a big group of people. And when you got the data to show, and this takes almost a year, not six weeks – a year. And then finally, after you’re done your year of your second phase, then only you release it to the public. And you got to record data all the time. Remember I said this data was made available to us in March of 22. Now, which means that Pfizer had this data in March of 2021. So they knew about the side effects. FDA knew about it because they are privy to this information, our medical authority and privy to so now they did not divulge this information and the FDA supported the Pfizer company in saying that they will release it 75 years. You never do that, you release a data of side effects the way it’s progressing. Each minute, when you get an event, it must be reported immediately. If it’s serious enough, you stop it. That’s what we did with tiny termite. That’s what we did with Johnson J&J, what I’m saying yet what I’m implying, what must be done, that even though Pfizer has got immunity in indemnity, because EUA, they should not be allowed to get away with all the serious information that could be detrimental and not divulging it to the policymakers. So I don’t think they should be given in them. There’s nothing in that contract that gives them indemnity for withholding information. And that goes for the FDA, CDC and our own regulatory authorities. If you were privy to this information, you actually divulged it. So in terms of the bivalent vaccine, I don’t think it’s going to make any difference. Because especially on like on children, they want to not give it to six months old children. For heaven’s sake, we’ve got 80 to 90%, most of the children have a natural immunity. And there was a study done in Israel, as far back as October 2020. When they looked at individuals who are infected with the wild type strain, they’ve discovered nine types of antibodies identify two particular the tau 1109, and 2310. And these two types of proteins, your listeners don’t need to worry about nomenclature. But these were the your natural innate and antibodies coming from your natural infection, they cloned these antibodies, and they use it against the Omicron and delta strains which they created in the lab. And they found that these antibodies that you acquire naturally and an efficacy of 95 and 92 and 90 and 87 on the Delta and Omicron. Meaning that if you are infected with a one time strain, you add sufficient antibodies in your body to protect you. There have been three studies showing natural immunity is far superior to vaccine immunity, which only lasts about three months, four months is completely Nil. There was a study in New York where they found after 28 days, the vaccine immunity went down to almost zero. In some cases in the UK study, you measure the vaccine efficacy by the percentage of antibodies, it has to be above 50%. In one study, it was -144. So you’ve got a poison that doesn’t give you benefit, but gives you side effects. Why on earth would you take a vaccine like that? So it makes absolutely no sense. And the bivalent vaccine hasn’t been tested – eight mice. And did the FDA do any studies of their own? No, they said they “anticipate”. Scientists use the word anticipate is not talking science is talking Looking Glass is talking Profits. Here, we are scientists, you need the evidence you need the hard data. Where is the data to say that this vaccine this bivalent vaccine is going to reduce hospitalization and fateful death. There’s a guy called Eric Topol, MD. I don’t know if you know him. Will. I read his articles, very lengthy, very flamboyant. He comes across as very classy with these graphs in his article in the substack, that the boosters are alright because shown that the booster will prevent our hospitalization by 90%. And fatalities by 95% if people are boosted but actually, in America, only 10% have been boosted. So in other words, 90% are not boosted. And if you took the vaccine a year ago, well your vaccine immunity waned within three months, your good is not having a vaccine. So if Eric Topol is correct, the 90% who did not get vaccinated should have died or landed in hospital. No such thing has happened. So this man is lying through his teeth, is nothing but a poster boy for the vaccine companies, because your natural immunity is worth protecting the Americans and a lot of other people. So I find the vaccine totally useless. It’s more trouble than anything else. They rely too much on experts who work in laboratories to treat COVID. This should have been handled by frontline GPs like myself, I can mention the name of Dr. Jackie Stone, Dr. Cheney, and in your neck of the woods, the late Dr. Zelensky who are brilliant physicians are really at the frontline, saved far more patients’ lives. In all our hospitals, they were killing them. These were our top doctors. They had very incestuous relationship with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. We were frontline doctors, we worked out. And that is why there were so many deaths. These guys are a bunch of clowns, and this is their medals with their ‘expertise’ and bamboozled the world. They should have listened to people like me. Well, here’s a good example for you. The purple line is what I want people to observe, you find the percentage of COVID deaths. This is coming from data from England, you don’t need to do any fancy studies. You need to read the data. We’re not reading the data. We need to record it and interpret it and what it shows that 92% of your deaths are coming from the triple vaccinated. What does that tell you? When you’re triple vaccinated, your vaccine in any event is gone. So why aren’t you good as somebody that is unvaccinated? It’s because I believe as Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD said, what these vaccines would in time, do. They suppress and depress your own natural innate immunity. So when you’re confronted with a virus, your natural immunity cannot ward off this new pathogen and you succumb and that is a prediction. Those people that have been heavily vaccinated are at risk of succumbing to a next viral infection. So pumping more boosters makes no difference. The other stupid thing is that having a high T to antibodies means nothing if that antibody is not appropriate for new pathogens. So it’s a lot of rubbish to record the levels of antibodies. You got to find the antibody, the same thing with monoclonal antibodies. That was because you had good natural innate immunity. The double vaccinated did not – single or double did not have that many deaths. So my advice to people is, don’t take the booster. You don’t need 92% of the infected with a triple vax. That’s proof enough. During my job injuries, I’ve had three patients presented to me with lung cancer that were perfectly normal, had no signs of any shortness of breath, and suddenly they develop a cancer. And they didn’t develop it slowly as most people would. It was stage four, two of them already passed away. I’ve got one guy, yeah COVID and it suddenly flared up into severe cancer. I’m treating him with my modalities. And then I use a thing called Chlorine Dioxide. I didn’t mention this in my slideshow. Chlorine Dioxide is something that it’s sodium hypochlorite. It’s mixed with hydrochloric acid 4% You’re going to mix you have that five mils each and you put it in distilled water in a liter and you let that into closed jar. And then the next day you take that gases that comes out of the mixture in combination infiltrates the water and you could drink that but it’s alright to keep it overnight. And that is very good against pathogens, antioxidants, and even cancer cells and inflammation. That’s something of bonus. So I’m treating this gentleman with chlorine dioxide, ivermectin, vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc and we’re going to see how he goes. I’ve had one patient with Bell’s palsy. She had an infection she was pretty bad when she came to me, I treated pneumonia. She was warned, and the company insisted that she must take the vaccine. She took it. She came to me with a Bell’s Palsy. You’ll see the figure on your graph and what Bell’s Palsy is when the face is already secure. This poor lady was depressed, she couldn’t go out. She felt ashamed of her face, and she feared that you’ll never be able to smile again. She’ll never do things normally. So what I did I use my usual protocol. I use prednisone, I use steroids for its anti inflammatory effects. Because I believe this is an inflammatory effect of the vaccine on the seventh nerve. And I also use ivermectin I use everything I use black seed. And of course, she couldn’t afford NAC. But I’m pleased to say with my treatment within about two months, I got her smiling, and she’s won. So that’s a good success story. When it comes to Bell’s Palsy. I had another, a 68 year old female who came to me and she said, Doctor, I can’t sleep ever since this vaccine. I was perfectly well, I got no illnesses. And now I have to get up at the middle of the night, 2 in the morning. I can’t sleep. I’m miserable. I don’t know why I took this vaccine. So on your her case as well. I gave a ivermectin currently so and I put it on carbamazepine. And within about two weeks, she made a successful recovery. I saw her six months later. Oh, no doubt, I’m feeling very good. So those of you end up with vaccine injuries, there is treatment. And I would suggest that if you can afford it, my patients can try the NAC. It really does work. It acts as an anti inflammatory. It’s very safe. It’s available on Amazon. If you can’t get from anywhere else. I’ve had three patients who came to me with unilateral blindness. Two of them are pretty bad. And they didn’t regain the sight. The one I managed to cure and what had happened was it was about six to eight months later, that these people ended up with blindness in the one eye, the guy and this girl couldn’t see what blurry and now I’ve lost all my vision. And there’s only one way this happens, Will. What actually happens, the spike protein needs so tight. It is supposed to be in your deltoid muscle that is supposed to be 100%. That’s the proper vaccine. But they found that almost 75% goes through the muscle and gets into your bloodstream and you must know you’re getting a double attack. The liquid nanoparticle which is a carrier of the spike protein transporter seen everywhere. The lipid nanoparticle was never meant for human consumption. And that is toxic. So we’re giving them something that the human body shouldn’t do. And on top of it, the spike protein goes into places it shouldn’t go to go to the back, whereas it goes to the brain, it can go to the ovaries or testes, they found that men can become sterile, because of its effect on the testes. So it also gets in the blood vessel. When it goes in the blood base. It goes into the lining of the blood. So that’s called the endothelial cell. And what it does is like imagine a spike coming out of a drain hole, up all the debris. And around that what happens is a whole lot of platelets collect, and you get this clotting. Because it’s so tiny, it can go into tiny blood vessels in the brain. I’ve never seen this in my entire career, where people get thrombosis of the eye for no reason. There’s only one thing that can do that. The tiny spike protein, because if you had a bad cardiac history, you would get auto attacks in big major vessels. But these are tiny blunders, ivermectin and prednisone. And I also use my anticoagulants like aspirin. And this one gentleman, I’m pleased to say recovered. The other two, we couldn’t quite make it with them. What my message yeah, is that one doesn’t give up. If you’ve got a vaccine injury, do everything in our part, I would think us and as dean, if you’ve been vaccinated, my recommendation is go on a low dose of aspirin. If you’re above 40, or even if you’re younger, it won’t do any harm. It might keep your blood thin, it is protected. It’s the rescue need to take. So take some anticoagulant, not a bandage do a D dimer test, Will because that will tell you how bad your clotting is. There too. I have a different protocol. In the D dimer, depending on the grade it is if it’s very high, I would use clopidogrel, I would use a thing called Xarelto, which is a note and if it’s really very high, I would use heparin. So we bring that D dimer down very important. I’ve had females presented to me perfectly normal with miscarriages and the ones very sad. One, she was a 40 year old woman was desperate to want to have a baby. She tried and tried to she find a pregnant she was so excited. And I didn’t hear from her and she called me and because as you know, my patient would say yes to those doctor, I lost my baby. I’m so sorry, Rhonda. And she said well, the hospital said they don’t know what happened. She was forced to do take the vaccine. By the way, the child was perfectly normal. She was in good health. And there’s only one thing. The Pfizer study showed it the first trimester 85% lost their babies. And the sad part for me yeah, Will is what do I tell these patients because I know the spike protein doesn’t leave your body, she going to try again. And what’s going to happen, she’s going to lose a baby. Again, I don’t think these people who create these policies, understand human beings, I do counseling. I know the pain of losing a baby around a woman that saw me recently, and she looks somewhat depressed. And so what makes you so good till I lost my baby as long ago was that she says it was a twin 20 years ago. So you know it lingers on, the pain, postnatal depression. And this is not postpartum. This is death. We have a professor Kareem that I mentioned, went on TV saying it’s quite safe for pregnant women. While then I’ll have you know, the UK has finally come out and said, they don’t think based on the data, that pregnant and breastfeeding woman should take the vaccine. So what do they know that we don’t know? They give it to us in bits and pieces. The truth is that pregnant woman when they take the vaccine, this vaccine goes through every barrier, the blood brain barrier, the placental barrier, it’s not going to the placental barrier, it’s going to a fetus there. So for me, it doesn’t have a very good blood brain barrier. So this vaccine is going into the organs damaging the organs go into their brains, damaging their brain. That is why we’re getting deformed babies. So it’s criminal and the dose that the mother is getting, who’s to say that the baby’s not getting the same dose. So in all likelihood, as far as I’m concerned, it’s 30 milligrams of Pfizer is what the mother is getting. And the dose for the six month baby is three milligrams. The baby is getting 10 times the specified dose. We’re killing these babies. That is why we’re getting some dead babies. We’re getting so many deformed babies. My problem is to cancel them so easy. Then I’ve had one gentleman who gave me a strapping young fella and anything that is unusual, I suspect the vaccine he came to me says that I don’t know why about two weeks on the system. He comes I went to three doctors, they just gave me tablets. To treat the hiccups again, they treat symptoms by and look for causes. The poor man would eat something he vomited out. He was feeling depressed, because he knew he was actually choking on death’s door was the first for me and I said look I suspects to be vaccine. I put him on ivermectin, I put him also, here is a case where I use an SSRI because I found there was a deep diaphragmatic nerve with hiccups is actually stimulate that might have been implicated because your spike protein can affect any part of your body. And the content it affects you will manage you’ll recognize it clinically. And I put him on ivermectin that put him on some prednisone, vitamin D, vitamin C, and so I never heard from him. I had to phone him me so Thank you, Doctor, I’m feeling very well. So I just think you know, that about wraps it up in terms of my case studies, I feel from what I’ve given you. That is good early treatment, the vaccines are useless. And we’re not being told the world unhealthy organization are separate, the FDA, the academics of the world, mainstream media, editorial boards of medical magazines, who advocated no treatment must be tried for crimes against humanity. If there were 6 million dead, that’s 6 million dead too many, yes, guilty of crimes against humanity, because they gave us, use the social distancing, it made no difference. When you add the Omicron saying Denmark was the first to say we dropping all the guards. And in their case, they did not have masking, they did not have social distancing. They went about freely. And you know what the children went about without social distancing? The death rate there was less in Denmark than they were in Minnesota, or somewhere in the US where they had strict conditions. Were you forgetting what we did to children in two years, when we interfered with the education with social distancing? They became couch potatoes, they weren’t eating properly, they are gonna get a little obese and the fat are going to be terribly obese. And so we’ve created a whole group of population in amongst our children who are going to end up with a metabolic syndrome, and they need to be held accountable. They haven’t thought through this mass isolation. What is it? Putting people in behind bars, isolating them. People need people in a crisis. That’s when you need family. Do we drop the food on them and leave them? No, you have to go and visit them. You need to go hug them because these people are too weak to go pick up their own food or go to even the toilet? What were you afraid of if you had the infection, and this mass isolation, destroyed humanity, there was mass unemployment as a result of this isolation. All the small businesses closed down. There was unemployment, starvation, homelessness. People lost their homes, people became depressed. In the US there are figures of the suicide, increasing four times the normal rate on the top violent and petty crime. There was so much of family violence, because people watched on each other’s nerves. People are really getting into each other and substance abuse during the lockdowns people engaged in alcohol on a big time and I think many of them became alcoholics, as a result of that. And of course, let’s not talk about the lack of exercise, and obesity, that is all locked down. It brought more harm than good. And there were enough studies that came from John Hopkins. And these the Barrington study, three prominent scientists said there was no need for lockdown. They were counterproductive and good old Fauci went with these Powell Collins and they both together, like a bunch of thugs, got social media to dismiss them as fringe scientists. Their scientists of the Barrington study are from University of Oxford, John Hopkins and Harvard, they top scientists Fauci is not a patchy them, for him to call them fringe scientists is a disgrace. This man should be trialed for insulting and humiliating colleagues, Rand Paul made a big issue about it. Why did he use insult economists should have engaged with them. And he denied it. But we know the truth about it. They were pulled off social media. I did a video every day to enlighten people. Even though I was banned from the news media, because I was really hoping knowledge I had now at this stage, known enough about how to treat COVID. I knew about the dangers of the vaccine to say it hasn’t been tested. It doesn’t obey the principles of vaccinology. And that is it’s got to be safe. It’s got to be effective. And you got to know its contents. And we know the contents it wasn’t divulged. And there’s so many things that are only accepted with so many metals. And the other bad thing that I didn’t mention earlier on, is that we are finding white clots. And we think there’s something happening that is unusual caused primarily by this vaccine and the metals in them. And they are extremely long. They long as almost half a meter. Evidence, and they are coroners and undertakers and embalmers are finding these white clumps in the bodies of most diseases that they are treating, have been vaccinated have big clots, so somebody’s got blood on their hands. This is a new entity, that what else can we relate it to? I’ve done about over 300 means to keep the fight alive. To beat the lies as MSM media, I’ve done it man alone, because I’m relieved. The Truth does not need numbers. It needs conviction of a few committed people to survive and by God I believe this truth is going to survive. I’ve addressed crowds in when they banned me I went to three markets. I was invited. I spoke my truth. I spoke to the masters. I have them behind me. I went to churches, I’ve addressed them and I was been throughout the world and YouTube like a strum that it is anti-social media has pulled that video down. But never mind people downloading they got the message. You can pull my videos down. You cannot stop my message because it finds a way. And when my message finds a way, it shows up YouTube for what they are. And I wrote three major affidavits. I spent six months I researched intensive articles I did all pro Dale, I thought it was my duty. And I’ve won one case I’m raising go for the next one. And I’m looking forward to the Nuremberg trial. When I can give ace defense I don’t need a lawyer. I just need a platform to speak my truth, to expose the lies to win the case to bring back honesty and justice. All these have been casualties during this COVID event, several international media. Unfortunately not enough. I actually have much more. I’m currently busy on my book, on my experience in my research. If it doesn’t get into the textbooks, it will be in my books. I’m going to expose those types of professors who use their titles to mislead the public. That was the biggest crime. And I believe we in the world, the ordinary men and women of the world must fight to the end no matter how long the journey I was told me the challenge or vicious or popular enemy is we must fight or whatever we have until victory is ours. So that’s my story about the vaccines a no good, they are mistreatment. One big lie that was fed to us. We must not allow WHO to take over management of COVID. They don’t know COVID Tedros knows nothing about COVID Why are we not getting any justice in the world? Why? Because the doctors have been bought or the people who should be saving us are no longer there and against us, the time has come. When governments have failed us. Doctors have failed us. The judiciary has failed us. Drug companies have failed us. So it’s up to us to stand up and make this fight.

Will Dove 35:32
Very well said Dr. Rapiti, as we did in our first interview, where we talked about your early treatments for COVID. I want to also talk about what people can do to treat themselves if they’ve been injected. I know that you had said that you had been using aspirin as a blood thinner, you’ll give them ivermectin, black seeds, these are all things that people can get if there are other things that people can be doing, if they’ve been injected, if they’ve been injured by these injections are concerned that they might develop an injury from them. Is there other things that people can be doing at home to treat themselves?

Dr. Rapiti 36:02
Well, the thing is, my way of dealing with any of these things is to preempt a situation. You see, the thing is Pfizer would lie to you, they know nothing. So what I would say if you’ve been single vaccinated and haven’t been back to generally good to go, we don’t want to overdose you. But then if you look at the medications, or some things I’m recommending they something one should take even if you didn’t take the vaccine, NAC. It’s got anti inflammatory properties. It’s got anti clotting properties that protect your brain and protect your liver and the toxins. So that’s a good thing. I would say if you can afford to take NAC, one capsule daily, I think the vitamin D, vitamin C and the Zinc and your aspirin and just for safety if you wish to do an annual D dimer, not a bad idea, because if you see the levels of it, and you can treat it, but that would be the thing. And but the main thing is don’t go for that booster. As you can see the triple vaccinated are the ones who got maximal deaths. I would rather die than take the booster because you know to take the booster he’s basically playing Russian roulette with only one empty chamber. So I am going to take the risk. I think the evidence is there. Pfizer’s just admitted, we don’t know, we haven’t tested to see whether our vaccine will prevent transmission. That’s an open admission. He says you’re taking the vaccine, not one mask for masks. What’s he saying? You still got the virus. It’s stupid. We must have we must beat this rubbish. We will stop getting afraid, people cough and you’re getting worried for what you got the infection, we can treat it. If you got it, you can be glad you got natural immunity. You got good immunity because a spike is only one portion. natural immunity is a full immunity; you got the spike, you got the nucleocapsid membrane and the nucleus as well. So like I said, the Israeli study showed you got nine different types of antibodies. What more can you ask for? I’ve gone far beyond what my medical school taught me. And my message to doctors who’re studying doesn’t end when you get capped, is studying merely starts there. And covid was totally brand new. I had to equip myself. No textbook could teach me, I use the principles. When I apply my mind. I can give you all of the tools, Will.

Will Dove 38:25
Dr. Rapiti, thank you once again for joining me.

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