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October 28, 2022

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In the free version at Strong and Free Canada

  • Your risk factors for a vaccine injury
  • 1 in 500 vaxxed kids hospitalized
  • Vaxxed athletes continue to die in alarming numbers
  • Clot shots cause high blood pressure
  • Truth finally hits a scientific journal
  • Canadians refusing the shot
  • More proof of empty hospitals

And in the members’ version at, all of the above plus…

  • The real cause of the Italian ‘Covid’ deaths
  • Voice analysis software that could get you committed
  • Global warming alarmist wakes up to the truth
  • UK blackouts coming this winter
  • 70,000 truckers soon to be out of work
  • Extended care fees double
  • Muslims murdering Christians, and getting away with it
  • NHL goes woke
  • Gay superman

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In this week’s free version of the Iron Will Report it’s all things Covid vaccine.

For those of you who haven’t already heard of, it’s an online database of Covid shot lot numbers along with the deaths and injuries caused by them. If you’ve been vaxxed and you’re concerned about adverse reactions, or you have suffered an adverse reaction you can check to see just how toxic your shot was. The site has had 88 million visitors since the vaccine rollout in December of 2021.

But it turns out there are more factors at play than just which batch you got. The Defender, the online publication of Children’ published an article last week with six factors that can affect how severe your reaction might be, and your batch is only one of them. It likely won’t surprise you that your risk of a severe adverse reaction increases exponentially with each shot, but you might be surprised to learn that if you were injected after having had Covid this also increases your risk. The theory is that since the manmade virus also introduces spike proteins into the body, if you are injected after having had the virus, this amplifies your body’s response.

Dr. Paul Marik, the co-founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, also says there are genetic factors. A common one is having the MTHFR gene mutation. This mutation affects about 40% of North Americans and presumably Europeans as well. MTHFR, or methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (Yes, I did have to practice that one) is an enzyme responsible for converting folate, or vitamin B9, into its active form. Folate plays a role in breaking down homocysteine, a toxic amino acid, into methionine, a useful amino acid. Folate deficiencies can make a person more susceptible to vaccine injury due to elevated homocysteine levels.

Also being female is bad. At least for your risk of a vaccine injury. VAERS data shows that 65% of adverse reactions were reported in women. Other factors are, not surprisingly, being in poor health or having a poor diet leading to vitamin deficiencies.

Most of you will be aware by now that the CDC has approved the Covid shots for children as young as six months. The European Union has also recently authorized these injections. And, hardly surprisingly, our own genocidal government approved the clot shots for babies as of this past Wednesday, October 26th. But our government has gone one step further. The Government of Canada website states clearly that quote Only mRNA vaccines are approved for use in children and youth. Meaning of course that the Novavax vaccine is not approved, because of course that is not an mRNA vaccine and it likely won’t kill or sterilize them.

Keeping all of that in mind, a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that 1 in 500 German children who received the death shots ended up hospitalized. In addition, 1 in 200 had an adverse reaction with symptoms that persisted for months afterward.

It’s important to note that the study followed these children after their first Pfizer vaccination, but some children in the study had a second shot within the study period. The study was at least honest enough to check if any of these children had been hospitalized after receiving non-covid vaccines. The answer, not surprisingly, is none of them. Of the 7800 children followed in the study, none had been previously hospitalized after receiving a childhood vaccine.

The study authors had the temerity to state that reactions were in line with other vaccines and included musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal disorders, heart and lung problems and neurological and psychological symptoms. Of course, these symptoms have been so mild with other childhood vaccines that none of the almost 8,000 children in the study had needed hospital care.

Thankfully none of the kids in this study died, but if you watched my last report, you know that children are dying, and at twice the pre covid shot rate.

I’ve reported before on the website, which is keeping a running tally of athlete deaths and injuries from the shots. Currently the count stands at 975 dead, with a total of 1429 heart attacks. Keep in mind, this is among professional athletes. I was paramedic when I was younger. While I can’t give you an exact figure, I can tell you that heart attacks in athletes were damn rare. So rare that it would be front page news if it happened. Now we’ve had almost a thousand of them drop dead in less than two years.

A recent marathon in Amsterdam had news there reporting that a number of athletes became quote unwell during the marathon.


Traffic cops had to provide motorcycle escorts for six additional ambulances from the nearby Hague. As a former paramedic I’ll remind you that ambulances are equipped with lights and sirens of their own, so when we needed a police escort it was because we were needed there ten minutes ago and we were going to be driving very, very fast. Someone is dying.

A police spokesperson said on Twitter that they quote hope things are going a bit better for the athletes. A twitter user responded that his girlfriend had been in attendance at the marathon and personally witnessed at least 3 athletes being resuscitated. You only do resuscitation on people whose hearts have stopped. A bit better than what? Dead?

The Netherlands is one of the most heavily vaxxed countries in the world. The over 35 million doses administered there are enough to have injected everyone in the country twice, and then some.

A recent study published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine found that up to 10% of those injected with the clot shots subsequently saw significant and lasting changes in their blood pressure. Both high and low blood pressure can cause severe health problems.

The study was performed with a total of 1870 subjects, all of them health care workers. 69% were female with 31% male. Most were injected with the Pfizer Comirnaty shots and all had three doses. Only 16% of test subjects, or 281 of them, had previous blood pressure issues and were on medication for high blood pressure. After the shots, an additional 8%, or 153 test subjects, reported increased blood pressure, with 4% or 70 subjects reporting low blood pressure. Of the 281 that were already on blood pressure medication, 13% had to change their dosage.

So, it turns out there’s no need to be stressed about the shots as they’ll give you hypertension all on their own.

In an interesting addendum, the researchers discovered that half the participants reported having Covid prior to the vaccines, but 40% reported getting Covid after the second or third shot.

The fact that the so-called vaccines are causing injuries and death is now making it into scientific journals. An august paper published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research showed that the researchers found cell clumping and odd foreign particles in 94% of test subjects. They examined the blood of 1,006 symptomatic people, that is people who showed signs of an adverse reaction to the shots and found these results in 948 of them. In addition, the researchers had blood samples from 12 of the subjects taken before they had the shot. There was no evidence of clumping or foreign bodies. This is also the first scholarly article I’ve seen which calls the shots quote so-called vaccines. There are honest researchers out there. Who knows, maybe we’ll even find some honest psychologists who will publish a paper showing that Trudeau and his ilk are all genocidal psychopaths.

You know how we’ve all been asking when people will wake up and see what’s really going on? Well, just maybe they finally are. In a recent report from the Counter Signal, they analysed the most recent government vaccination data.

They found that 83% of Canadians have not taken a shot in the last six months or longer despite the government now pushing for everyone to get injected regularly. In addition, 93% of parents have opted not to get their kids injected. Only 1% of parents of kids in the under 5 age group have lined up to sacrifice their children to science with three shots, pretty much guaranteeing that the kid’s parent’s particular brand of stupid won’t be passed on to the grandchildren they’ll never have, and less than 7% have received one or two shots.

Of course, the Canadian government continues to push the toxic shots on all Canadians, including kids as young as six months old.

That was Trudeau promising there will be more lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Because of course if Canadians obstinately refuse to line up for genocide, the government will do their best to force them to, in part with threats of overflowing hospitals, which brings me to my last story for this weeks’ free version of the report.

And speaking of the alleged overflowing hospitals, never mind my own recent interview with Ryan Clare showing the Covid ward at the Victoria hospital this last February completely empty, despite mainstream media and the government claiming our hospitals were in danger of being overrun, a recent report on Substack from one E. Woodhouse, a pen name, reveals that data from the city of New York found with a Freedom of Information Act request shows that hospitals there were not overrun either.

Here’s a chart of hospitalizations showing clearly that they dropped by 60% in March and April of 2020. Governor Cuomo declared the state of emergency on March 7th. By April 7th the hospitals had emptied out. Of course, we were still hearing about people in New York dying in droves. Why? For the same reason I cover in my top story for the members’ only report this week, which shows a similar pattern in early 2020 in Italy, when we were told people were dropping dead in the streets. Sign up at for a 15-day free trial to watch that report and find out what was really killing people.

That’s all for this week’s free report. In the member’s report which you can access for just 9.95 per month at, the real cause of the deaths in Italy in early 2020, new voice analysis software that could get you committed to an insane asylum, a climate alarmist comes to his senses and calls global warming a scam, the BBC already has scripts prepared for the blackouts that will occur in Europe this winter, 70,000 California truckers are about to be out of work, extended care facilities doubling their fees without notice, Christians being murdered by Muslims who then get misdemeanour charges, the NHL goes woke and, wait for it…gay superman.

Sign up for a 15-day free trial at All funds raised from memberships there go toward our fight at to restore and defend our rights and freedoms.

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