The New Iron Will Weekly News Report | Oct. 4, 2022

October 4, 2022

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In this week’s FREE version:

  • Conservative Italian PM Giorgia Meloni triggers the leftist media
  • When is it time to start shooting in defense of our rights?
  • Justice for the Vaccinated tour takes off in BC
  • Pro covid vaccine doctor gets cancer from third shot
  • Klaus Schwab wants to put microchips in our brains
  • The real VAERS data and which brand of bioweapon is the deadliest? (the answer may surprise you)

More in the Member Exclusive version on

  • Reiner Fuellmich accused of embezzlement of over 1 million Euros
  • Russia being framed for Nord Stream pipeline sabotage
  • The lockdown in China you didn’t hear about – worse than Shanghai
  • New anti-covid mandate job agency
  • Bill C21 and the lunacy of the woke movement
  • Bill Gates proven to be running the global Covid scam-demic
  • Gmail is censoring you

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1 Giorgia Meloni

New conservative PM of Italy upsetting leftists

No doubt you have heard about Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the Italian conservative party recently elected as their new prime minister. She’s the sort of person who would give Trudeau and his WEF posse conniptions. (run clip 1)

And how does the leftist media   react to this? If you needed any further proof that these bought and paid for voices for ethically bankrupt oppressive communism have no moral compass of their own, here it is (run Clip 2)…

And why does she scare the globalist media so much? Have you noticed that the left doesn’t actually believe in anything? That what they really want is protection and validation for their complete lack of accountability. In the leftist ideal world you’re demonized if you claim to be male or female, if you’re straight, if you’re white, if you’re Christian. And that’s really what the leftist agenda is. A propaganda campaign to remove all accountability from our world. Follow the logic. If you clearly identify as something, then you have a foundation from which to quantify and qualify everything by how it compares to you and your ideals. That doesn’t mean judging it, which is a concept the woke movement doesn’t get – the very idea that we can identify someone or something as being different from us without passing judgement. Now contrast that with the woke movement. A person who has no clear identity of their own has no foundation on which to judge the world around them because labels have lost all meaning. And they like this because if they have no label, then they also have no accountability. They don’t have to stand for anything. And that’s what the wokies are and it’s why the globalists pander to them. People who don’t believe in anything are arrested development children looking for a world that will give them everything they want, when they want it, without requiring anything from them in return. And that makes them easy to control, and even easier to turn against anyone who actually does stand up for something. (run clip 3)…

2 Gun Buyback

When is it time to start shooting in defense of our rights?

I’ve been asked a number of times if I think there’s a point when it’s appropriate to start shooting in defense of our freedoms. In fact, I do. I believe there are two. First, if they show up on your doorstep to forcibly inject you and your family with a bioweapon. The second is when they come for our guns. I believe firmly that Australia was an experiment by the globalists. Over 20 years ago Australians gave up their guns in response to school shootings. This left the population helpless in the face of government tyranny enforced by armed military and police. I’m not advising anyone to start shooting just yet. Leave that for when they show up at your house to take your guns from you by force. But whatever you do, do not surrender your guns, no matter what they threaten you with. It will render you, and the Canadian people, helpless in the face of increasing tyranny and violations of our rights. While our American neighbors have forgotten why their 2nd amendment gives them the right to bear arms, it is laid out in their constitution. The purpose is so the people will never be slaves to a tyrannical government.

3 provinces so far seem to understand this. Not surprisingly they are the 3 most conservative provinces. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Spokespeople for these provinces point out several very valid objections. First, it is very seldom responsible registered gun owners who commit violent crimes. Second, the buyback program in no way will remove guns from the hands of criminals and third, the majority of gun violence in Canada is committed with illegal guns imported from the U.S. Do not be fooled by the leftist globalist rhetoric. This buyback program has nothing whatsoever to do with public safety and everything to do with rendering you helpless. Refuse to comply.

3 Justice for the Vaccinated

Saskatchewan woman dies 7 minutes after shot

Now on to a different type of shooting. The Justice for the Vaccinated Campaign is now rolling across BC, before moving on to visit other provinces. This campaign which has the participation of Dr. Stephen Malthouse, and Dr. Charles Hoffe as well as my producer, Cris Vleck is rolling across the country to gather stories from the vaccine injured. The good doctors are also operating a mobile clinic to provide what assistance they can to the vaccine injured. You can find more information at where you can find the Bus Tour dates and locations, stories from the vaccine injured and donate to this important campaign.

A Saskatchewan woman died recently, 7 minutes after receiving the new bivalent Covid booster shot. Carol Pearce texted her daughter Stephanie from the drugstore at 12:30 on September 14th to say she had received the shot. Seven minutes later she was unconscious and died shortly after. Saskatchewan Health stated that Carol, who was 69 and otherwise in good health, died of natural causes. 7 minutes after the shot. At 69. Natural. Causes. In a recent interview I did with paramedic Scarlett Martyn, one of many who lost her job due to refusing the shots, related a story to me during the interview of a suicide where the victim jumped from the 10th floor. The deceased man had a positive PCR test two weeks before. The death was recorded as due to Covid. And that’s why you’re watching me and not the Canadian Bullshitting Corporation.

There is a small GoFundMe campaign by Carol’s daughter to raise 5,000 to help with the unexpected funeral costs.

4 Cancer from Shot

Pro vaccine immunologist’s cancer worsens after 3rd shot

In yet another case of vaccine proponents getting their just desserts for not doing their homework, a Belgian immunologist, Michel Goldman, who was a proponent of the vaccines believes that the 3rd shot greatly accelerated his cancer. Dr. Goldman had lymphoma, cancer of the immune system, originally with tumors along his left armpit and the left side of his neck. Believing that he would need extra protection against what the media lies led him to believe was the highly virulent Covid virus, he took a third shot just over a year ago, in September of 2021. Within days his symptoms worsened and a subsequent CT scan was done just over a week after the 3rd shot. The scan not only showed many more small tumors than before, but there were now tumors on the right side of his body as well. His cancer did not develop until after his first two shots, which were delivered into his left arm. The booster was delivered into his right arm, and now he had cancer on the right side – only one week after the shot. Dr. Goldman’s cancer was successfully treated, but in a final irony, in February of this year, he developed Covid. The symptoms, he said, were mild. No doubt due to the protective properties of the vaccines.

5 Dr Evil wants to put chips in our brains

Schwab predicts society will have no use for the non-chipped

Dr. Evil, aka Klaus Schwab of the WEF, in a recent interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos revealed that he wants to implant microchips in everyone’s brain that will quote ‘read your brainwaves so we can measure your reactions’. Igor, aka Yuval Harari, the number one advisor to Dr Evil, recently stated that he foresees a future in which body parts are replaced with machines, including the immune system. He then went on to say this…(play clip) “If we hack the brain and if we understand how billions of neurons create subjective experiences of anger and love and pain and pleasure then there should…and not brains”.

So according to this guy he wants our future to be the matrix. He obviously doesn’t realize millions of us have already taken the red pill. We’re not doing it. It should be noted though that Klaus made this additional prediction for his ideal globalist dominated future and those who choose not to participate. “If you’re left behind (that is you refuse to have a chip implanted in your head which can change your subjective reality) you’re facing something far worse, which is to be completely irrelevant. They won’t even need you as a serf or as a slave.”

Igor, throw the switch.

6 The Real VAERS Data

And silence on the non-mRNA Novavax vaccine

In my final story for this week’s free Iron Will Report, several sources have now commented on the most recent data from VAERS, the US vaccine adverse events reporting system. Almost all of you are familiar with this system by now and understand that due to the voluntary nature of the reports to the system, the events recorded there may represent as little as 1% of the actual total. Furthermore, in a recent interview I did with Dr. Jessica Rose, an expert in analyzing the VAERS system, she stated that there could potentially be millions of unprocessed reports.

As of last week, there have been a total of 1.4 million adverse events reported, including over 31,000 deaths and over a quarter million serious injuries. Lest you think the new bivalent Covid boosters are any safer, in the past two weeks there have been 563 reports of injuries from those shots, including 5 deaths and 31 serious injuries.

These absolute numbers can be misleading as to which brand of bioweapon is most deadly, due to the disparity between the number of doses of each. So I did a little math. After calculating the percentage of deaths for each brand, it turns out that Johnson & Johnson is by far the most dangerous, with almost 3 times the death rate as Pfizer. Pfizer in turn has almost double the death rate of Moderna. Not that Moderna is in any way safe, with 3.6 deaths for every hundred thousand shots.

The new Novavax vaccine does not contain mRNA, although neither does it contain strands of the virus itself, but rather it contains snippets of the spike protein. This is important, as the mRNA vaccines cause the body to produce spike proteins. Protein based vaccines such as Novavax do not. So far, while the number of doses of Novavax delivered is difficult to ascertain it is over 1 million doses worldwide. I searched for some time to try to find the number that have been administered in the US and could find no solid numbers other than that the US government had ordered 3.2 million doses. To date, no deaths or severe injuries from the Novavax vaccine have been reported to VAERS.

Novavax has been approved in both Canada and the US, however finding a pharmacy with doses in stock may be a challenge as the Novavax vaccine fails to achieve the primary goal of the Covid shots, which is to kill and sterilize as many people as possible.

Novavax is not the only traditional Covid vaccine available, at least not in other parts of the world. I have now done two interviews with Dr. Nikolai Petrovsky of Vaxine, an Australian vaccine company. His protein based vaccine has been administered to over 1 million people in Iran with no recorded deaths or severe adverse reactions. As I reported last week, from the most extensive study done yet on what is actually in the vials, the damage is being done primarily by the mRNA itself.

In this week’s member’s report at, Reiner Fuellmich has been accused of embezzling over 1 million Euros from the European freedom movement, Russia is likely being framed for the gasline explosions in the Baltic sea which will affect European energy supplies, the Chinese lockdowns that you didn’t hear about that are even worse than Shanghai, proof that Bill Gates is calling the Covid shots globally, How Gmail is being censored and monitored, and more. Memberships at are available for less than 10 dollars per month and include access to all my interviews there as well. Funds raised at go toward our fight here at

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