The New Iron Will Weekly News Report | Sep 27, 2022

September 27, 2022

Government Can Now Seize Your Property and Remove You From Your Home | Interview with Patricia Monna, Nurse and Owner of Wellness Center
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Finding Hope and Happiness in Dark Times – Special Christmas Edition of Iron Will on Everything
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Iron Will Report – December 17, 2021
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The Skies Are Now in Question | Interview with Matt Sattler, Pilot
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The Fight for Freedom | Interview with John Carpay, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms
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Follow the Money | Interview with Dr. Pamela Popper, author of the best-seller Covid Operation
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Special Edition of Iron Will on Everything | How to Safely Store an Emergency Supply of Gasoline
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Special Release: Alberta Frontline Workers Ejected from Our Hospitals for Not Getting the ‘Vaccine’

The amount of counter narrative information on the internet has become overwhelming. Will and his research team are now bringing you a weekly news report, combing the internet for news articles we know will be of interest to you so you don’t have to. There are two versions of this new report. The free version which appears on and contains articles which may have a direct impact on your health or your rights. Will believes this information should be free. The member’s only version, which is more extensive, will be posted at and is available, along with all of Will’s interviews there for as little as $9.95/month. Both versions will be released every Tuesday.

In this week’s report (free Strong And Free Canada version):

  • Updates on cancelling the ArriveCan app
  • A woman loses her baby after a scuffle with police over the app
  • James Topp sues Global News for libel
  • Elderly patients awaiting long term care could be shipped over 100 kilometers away to other facilities
  • More manufactured food shortages
  • Trudeau and more news on the Baylis ventilators scandal

In the IWR members’ version:

All of the above, plus…

  • Proof that masks not only don’t work, but are in fact harmful, especially to children
  • The Covid vaccines can’t possibly stop the disease, and Fauci and the CDC knew this
  • What is actually in the Covid shots (surprise, it’s not graphene oxide)
  • Covid lockdown tracking bracelets
  • Biden’s transhumanist agenda and attempts to coerce the FBI into manufacturing threats
  • Ron DeSantis vs George Soros
  • And the woke agenda goes completely off the rails


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This is the all new Iron Will Report Weekly Update. The amount of counter narrative information online has become overwhelming. I have an entire research team behind me, so starting this week I’ll be bringing you items from our weekly research report that I think you need to know.
There are two versions of this new Iron Will Report. There is the free version, which will be posted every Tuesday at and on our social media channels. This version will focus on news items which are directly relevant to your health and your rights, as I believe that information should be free. There is also a member’s only version which will be posted at This version will be more extensive and include many other items which I’m sure will be of interest to you. The point of course is that we’ll save you a great deal of time keeping up on the important counter narrative news by having my research team trawl the internet so you don’t have to.
You’ll also notice some things missing from the reports. These are usually items that are so well known it would be redundant for me to cover them. My goal is to bring you the items that are harder to find. Finally, note that we subscribe to some news services, such as Blacklock’s Reporter. As these are paid subscription services I can only share with you the headlines and the information that they provide for free. If I were to share more than that I would be violating copyright and the terms of our subscription, however you will at the very least still know the basics and can of course sign up for your own account where needed if you want the full story. In cases where I am providing you information from a subscription service, I will always give you the source.
1. ArriveCan to be made optional starting September 30th, maybe
In this week’s top story as many of you may already know, the hated ArriveCan app is due to be made optional by September 30th. In practical terms what this means is that travellers, both Canadian and foreign, arriving in Canada by land, sea or air will no longer have their right to medical privacy illegally violated by being asked for proof of vaccination. We’re sure this has nothing whatsoever to do with the private member’s bill tabled by Pierre Polievre in June that would prohibit the government from imposing vaccination mandates on the travelling public. Also on September 30th the government will end random testing, although masking requirements on planes and in airports remain in place. Do keep in mind that the federal cabinet has yet to finalize this decision, so don’t be surprised if there is a delay. There is also no word yet on whether or not the American government plans to end their vaccination requirements for entering the U.S. I myself briefly visited the U.S. recently. I was asked if I was vaccinated but I was not asked for proof. This was at the Coots border crossing into Montana. No word yet on whether or not there will be compensation for Canadian citizens who have been living in Pearson airport for the past several months after being denied entry to their own country.
2. Canadian woman loses baby after ArriveCan conflict
In a very sad related story, a pregnant Canadian woman returning to Toronto’s Pearson airport miscarried after a scuffle ensued with Peel Regional Police officers when she refused to fill in the app. The woman, who identifies herself on Twitter as Just Rachel, says she was six months pregnant and that officers pinned her to the floor during the incident. Rachel furthermore stated that she was threatened by arrest after refusing to disclose her private medical information. During the confrontation, she stumbled over a barrier behind her, falling to the floor. The four Peel police officers then attempted to grab her passport and restrain her. The officers were confronted by a Canada Border Services Agency officer who yelled at them that it quote wasn’t worth it. The officers then released Rachel and she and her husband were allowed to leave the airport without fines or further incident. However, after going into premature labor following the incident, Rachel’s baby was delivered via c section and died several days later of necrotizing enterocolitis, a common condition affecting premature babies. Peel police state that review of the bodycam footage from the officers reveals no wrongdoing. Shockingly, an internet search for the footage that would exonerate the officers returned no results. Move along. Nothing to see here.
3. James Topp Sues Over Libel
James Topp is suing Global News over an article where they imply that he is a white supremacist. The article was posted on August 18 by Global reporter Rachel Gilmore. Originally the URL for the article contained the terms James Topp, white supremacist and far right activist. On August 24th the URL was changed to exclude these terms, however the article itself strongly suggests that James is a white supremacist. Mr. Topp has secured a lawyer and filed suit against Global News for libel. My own interview with James on this topic and his continuing march across Canada to raise awareness for the violations of our rights will air tomorrow on Strong And Free
4. Elderly Patients Awaiting Long Term Care to be Billed 400 dollars per day
In the bastion of freedom and democratic rights that is Doug Ford’s Ontario, it was recently announced that hospitals may move elderly patients awaiting long term care placement to homes they did not choose within a 70 kilometer radius from the home they did choose, or a 150 km radius for Northern Ontario residents. Some patients who no longer require acute care, but do require long term care, sometimes refuse to leave the hospital due to irrational concerns over being sent to long term care facilities which had concentration camp death rates during the so-called pandemic, or homes that have no air conditioning in Southern Ontario summer humidity and heat sometimes in excess of thirty degrees. The measures are being taken under Bill 7, which was fast tracked last month, to amend the Fixing Long Term Care Act of 2021. As of this November 20th, the Bill 7 amendment could see hospitals charging up to 1800 dollars per day for patients who refuse to go quietly to inadequate care leading to almost certain early death, although Doug Ford stated that an 1800 dollar per day fee was ridiculous, implying that he would be in favor of the more reasonable fee of 400 dollars per day. Keeping in mind that many elderly awaiting beds are on very limited fixed incomes, and that the wait for a room in the home of their choice could easily be several months, this works out to a very affordable 12,000 dollars per month. The entire crises is of course due to short staffing resulting from Mr. Ford’s covid mandates, which has in turn led to a shortage of hospital beds for those awaiting long term care. These people need to clear out and go quietly to their deaths under substandard care so hospitals can use the open beds to kill new Covid patients with ventilators and remdesivir.
5. More manufactured food shortages
The globalist attack on our food supply continues with over 1 million chickens, turkeys and geese euthanized in Alberta alone over concerns about Avian flu. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is raising alarms that the number of infected birds in Canada is increasing, surely a growing health risk, despite the agency reassurance that eating these birds after being cooked would represent zero risk of disease transmission. In addition, a quick search of Wikipedia reveals that while H5N1 is more virulent than the annual run of the mill flu, Ontario public health officials suggest the infection fatality rate is less than 1%, while the virus itself is not easily transmitted. So, like Covid, unless a person already have one foot in the grave, no threat to humans. I could not find figures for the infection fatality rate among people who are starving due to the food supply being cut off, but I think we’d be safe in assuming it would be higher. Finally, the article, which was written by Calgary CTV news Senior Digital Producer Michael Franklin states that the approximately 1,075,000 euthanized birds in Alberta are quote more than twice as many as Ontario, where 567,000 birds have been euthanized. So, let’s see, 567,000 times 2 is 1,134,000 so 1,075,000 would definitely be less than twice as many as the Ontario figure, or am I the only person who has an issue with trusting news from mainstream media reporters who can’t do basic math?
6. Turdeau Must Go
And in my final piece for this week’s free version of the Iron Will Report, an older story that some of you may already be aware of, but if you’re not, you might want to pause here and make yourself a nice calming cup of Valium tea. You’re gonna need it. In an April update to a story originally published by the Western Standard in 2020, further facts have been revealed regarding Trudeau giving a quarter of a billion dollars to his friend and former liberal MP Frank Bayliss for ventilators to kill covid patients. You may already know about the ventilator purchase, or that Frank Baylis retired from politics in 2019, which means that under Canadian law it would be illegal for him to lobby the government on behalf of his company until 2024. New facts reported by Journal de Montreal reveal that FTI Professional, the shell company to which the contract was awarded had been created only 7 days before, or that the FTI website at the time stated that the company had only two employees. Or that FTI then hired Baylis Medical, the firm belonging to Frank Baylis to do the actual manufacturing. Or, that the 10,000 ventilators manufactured by Baylis Medical were a ripoff of Medtronic ventilators, which can be purchased for 13,700 Canadian per ventilator but that Trudeau’s contract to FTI paid 23,700 per unit, an overpayment of 10,000 per unit for a total of 100 million Canadian taxpayer dollars gifted by our supreme leader to his good buddy Frank. To be fair, Turd would have to pay me a hell of a lot more than 100 million to be seen in his company.
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In this week’s member’s only Iron Will Report proof that masks not don’t work, but are in fact harmful, especially to children. What’s really in the Covid vaccine vials, and surprise, it’s not graphene oxide, and the fact that Fauci and the CDC knew well in advance of the emergency approval of the so-called vaccines that they couldn’t possibly work to counter the disease and much more. A legionary level subscription at is available for just 9.95 per month with a 15 day free trial.

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