Dusseldorf forced to lift face mask rule

Dusseldorf forced to lift face mask rule as citizen successfully sues against the law

The German city of Dusseldorf was forced to scrap the blanket law requiring all residents to wear face masks on Monday, November 9, after a citizen successfully sued the government.

Prior to this, Dusseldorf authorities had advised that everyone had to wear a mask in public, except in parks and cemeteries, “unless the possibility of encountering other people who are fewer than five metres away can be precluded.” City authorities were widely criticised for their confusing instructions and vowed to clarify the language used in their statement.

Germany has seen widespread dissent in recent days, with thousands taking to the streets protesting the lockdown restrictions.


“All authorities involved, including the courts, at this moment have a great responsibility in this exceptional situation and must make decisions in a way that they can be realistically implemented,” warned interior ministry spokesman Steve Alter.