5 Things To Be Strong and Free – Calgary Freedom Central Rally Speaker – March 12, 2022

March 15, 2022

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5 Things To Be Strong and Free – Calgary Freedom Central Rally Speaker – March 12, 2022
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At the Calgary Freedom Central Rally on Saturdays, they always have great engaging speakers. 1 pm at Central Memorial Park (Calgary).

Saturday, March 12, this “Karen” spoke and I think it’s worth everyone watching and listening to her message.

Karen starts off telling everyone that she is herself vaccinated but she is there today to fight for everyone’s right to choose…

  1. Thumb – Stick out like a sore thumb – Show what you stand for!
  2. Pointer finger – Show the way with love – Understand fear and show compassion, show love to each other.
  3. Middle finger – Obey every stupid stinking little law and find a way around it – The power of peaceful protest.
  4. Fourth finger – Show this marriage – Let the world know that the leaders of this country are married to tyranny – Don’t stop telling them no matter how much you take a hit for it – “Ongoing mandates are ridiculous and we all know it” – “It is a step in the destruction of all our freedoms” – “We must not let that go unnoticed” – “I had it shared with me, I did not believe it until I saw things happening that proved it was true” – “Share it carefully and gently because you can’t drink from a fire hose, guys” – “I had good people share information with me carefully and gently and I saw it, and they need to see it for themselves.”
  5. Smallest finger – “It is the smallest but I would not be here without it.” “When you see the tyrants and the power they hold, we are miniscule compared to what we are fighting. This fifth thing is the most important one. It’s God. Whatever higher power you believe in call on it, use it.” Something touched my heart and it said, Karen, you need to be there, you need to stand, I’ve never done a demonstration before in my life, this is the first thing I decided was important enough. We have to be here!”

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