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On September 4th at 8pm London Time, THE GLOBAL WALKOUT begins! STEP ONE ONE STEP AT A TIME, hand in hand, we will walkout from the globalist society they are trying to enslave us into….

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No Scientific Basis for Vax Mandates | Jordan B Peterson

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s covid mandates – specifically on travel bans for those who choose not to get vaccinated – have no basis in science, logic or precedent. Dr. Jordan B Peterson sits down…

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Dan Hartman’s Son Sean Died at 17 – 1 month after “vaccination”

Dan Hartman does not want other parents to suffer the loss of their children. He doesn’t want other young people to die. He wants to thank the truth telling doctors who are standing against the…

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The Fringe Majority on Librti

The Fringe Majority is a new podcast that focuses on exposing lies and corruption. Straight talk with Jody Ledgerwood and Cris Vleck. Bonnie Henry Caught Lying We Move As One video Supporting Dutch Farmers Justice…

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Trudeau Travel Ban A Ploy To Win Election?

Federal Court Makes Vaccine Mandate Trial Documents Public

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“Fight For You” by Five Times August

Special thanks to Oracle Films for the footage. Oracle Films: Cover art illustration by Bob Moran ( “Fight For You” on Bandcamp – Join the mailing list at “Fight For You” Lyrics: Through the…

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Burying the Evidence | Dr. Mark Trozzi

“Vaccinated” Canadians Suffer Most From Covid Please allow me 7 minutes to share some data and news from Ontario and Canada. It is very important that we are aware of certain realities, in order to…

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Justice for the Vaccinated

Stop – Heal – Investigate Our first priority is to stop the vaccination efforts so that no one else needlessly dies or becomes injured. Of equal concern is to ensure that those who have been…

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86-Year-Old Man Harassed at Border – Abolish ArriveCan

Are you 86 years old, quadruple vaccinated, in a wheelchair, and have the temerity to want to enter your own country without owning a cellphone? ArriveCAN is the federal government’s mandatory app that must be…

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Canada hits new COVID tyranny level – Reignite Democracy

Mandatory COVID vaccines every 9 months…for EVERYONE! Will on Reignite Democracy Australia. Important Upcoming!! Join the Global Walkout    

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Pfizer Special Treatment and “Keeping Them Honest”

Old Stories Become New (or never really go away). This report from 2010 CNN story illustrates the changes in our media with a hyper-lens. Another clear illustration of how corrupt the system is. Whistleblower Glenn…

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How to Start a Nonviolent Revolution to Recover from Dictatorship to Democracy | Gene Sharp

Professor Gene Sharp was an American Political Scientist who set out realistic and effective strategies for nonviolent revolution that enables a society to extricate itself from Dictatorship to Democracy. This movie explains Gene Sharp’s important…

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Informed People Protest College of Physicians & Surgeons

Dr. Mark Trozzi posted this Rebel News reporter’s story covering the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario protest of June 24, 2022. Tamara Ugolini attended the recent protest at the CPSO office in Toronto…

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Canada Marches – Courage and Commitment – James Topp

Reading a letter that I sent to Members of Parliament in an effort to encourage more of them to meet with me on the 22nd of June for the purposes of constructive dialogue.

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Old School Freedom | Ed Kallio

This is an excerpt from Will’s interview with Ed Kallio. This excerpt will be used in a new fundraiser for a Billboard campaign in Canada being started by Ed Kallio called Billboards4FreedomCanada. In the excerpt…

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Lockstep: Stealing Freedom One Step At A Time

For decades the individual freedoms of individuals have been robbed from them one step at a time–LOCKSTEP. Most people had no idea that this was occurring. It was the ‘boiling the frog’ in a sauce…

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Roman Baber in Calgary April 2022 – The Dangers of WEF and Digital ID

Roman Baber is a former Member of Ontario’s Provincial Parliament. He is running for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada because he will not “sit back while Canadians are losing faith in Canada’s democracy…

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