The PCR Test - Manufacturing a Case-demic

“It doesn’t tell you that you are sick. These tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all.”

kary mullis-2

Kary Mullis
Inventor the PCR test and
Nobel Prize Winner

Our government is using the PCR test to manufacture a case-demic. The truth is that 97% of the 'cases' in Alberta are false positives. On this page we'll reveal the truth of this, with links to our sources.

This case-demic is being used to generate fear, and thus to form the foundation for our government to violate our Charter Rights and Freedoms with lockdowns which are clear violations of the Charter and the Bill of Rights.

The entire foundation for the supposed Covid pandemic is false. There is no justification for lockdowns or mask bylaws. Our schools should be open, our businesses should be open and Albertans should be getting on with life and business as usual.

On this page we'll show you the proof, with links to our sources, which in most cases, are from our own government.

Definition of a 'Case'

Until 2020...

a 'case' of any virus, including the various strains of colds and influenza, always referred to someone who was sick. PCR testing was only used to confirm if a viral pathogen was present in serious cases of hospitalized or critical care patients where knowing this information would affect treatment.

If you look at cases of influenza over the past 20 years in Alberta you will notice something odd. Cases among the elderly are very low. In fact this chart from the Alberta government doesn't even bother breaking down the cases in the over 65 age group. The peak rate of cases are in the 20 - 49 year-old age group. Is the flu targeting young to middle-aged people and leaving the elderly alone?

Source: Alberta Government

2019 influenza cases by age group
2018 influenze deaths by age group

Until Covid, Only the Sick Were Tested

As you can see from the chart here the flu absolutely does kill mostly elderly people, just as with Covid. But the cases among the elderly in the previous chart are quite low. This is because the elderly who are sick are seldom tested.

Hospitals only test the following types of patients for influenza:

  • they have flu-like symptoms (fever, pneumonia)
  • the treatment plan may change depending upon whether or not they have the flu, or their symptoms are being caused by some other condition.
  • the patient is young enough to be saved by the right treatment

This last point is the most important. While it might sound harsh, there is no point in testing someone who is 82 years old and dying of pneumonia for the simple reason that no matter what the doctors do this person is going to die. They have reached the end of their life and no treatment is going to change that.

Source: Government of Canada

97% are False Positives

The result of testing healthy people can be seen in this infographic.

With the flu, many people are sick but few are tested, so cases (and the resulting deaths recorded as being caused by the flu) are low compared to Covid.

But with Covid, governments are testing large numbers of healthy people, and reporting any positive result as a 'case'. According to Jason Kenney himself, 90% of the cases in Alberta are false positives, while a Portuguese court recently ruled that the PCR test results in 97% false positives.

So when you hear the media and our government reporting 'record numbers of cases', remember that very few (approx. 3%) of these people are actually infected with Covid.

flu vs covid cases

Our PCR Brochure

This brochure contains everything you need to know about the PCR test and the manufactured 'case'-demic.

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