Thank you !

Your name has been added to the Strong And Free Canada petition, and emailed copies have been sent on your behalf to all MPs and MLAs in your area, your premier, and the office of the prime minister.

We are far more than just a petition and as such we have significant expenses.

Other Initiatives We Are Currently Doing

  • rights toolkits to enable you to defend your job, your children and your body
  • new interviews every week with experts to bring you the counter-narrative truth (see our Vlog)
  • professionally designed brochures to reach those who are ready to hear the truth but don't search for it
  • regular demonstrations

New Initiatives We're Working On

  • - a site to hold politicians accountable
  • Our 24/7 support line for those in crisis as a result of Covid restrictions
  • - a site where those who have suffered serious side effects can tell their story
  • A documentary featuring victims of the Covid 'vaccines'
  • (based on which will be revised)

, your donation of as little as $20 can help us to continue our efforts to recover our rights and freedoms and return all Canadians to life and business as usual.

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