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Almost All People Getting the ‘Vaccines’ Are Being Coerced

Dr. Patrick Phillips, an ER doctor from northern Ontario reveals the truth about Covid vs ‘vaccine’ victims in our hospitals, discusses the censorship and coercion of doctors and talks about his belief that we’re on the cusp of a reformation in our health care system.

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83% of First-Trimester Women Miscarry After Getting the Jab

Ontario physician and biochemist Dr. Jeff Matheson talks about the risks of the mRNA gene therapies that are being mislabeled as ‘vaccines’, the health risks of masks, and being suspended by the Ontario College of Physicians for telling his patients the truth about masks.

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How We Broke Politics in Canada: And How We Fix It

An interview with former conservative MP Rob Anders on how our government became ultra-left, what happened to the right, and how we get back to having a government that believes in fiscal responsibility and the rights and freedoms of the individual. This is the long-term solution to the current Covid crisis.

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‘Vaccine’ Dependency: How the Covid ‘Vaccines’ Create New Variants

Learn how the Covid ‘vaccines’ cause the host’s body to create new variants to which those with natural immunity are safe, but leave those who have had the ‘jab’ dependent upon ‘boosters’ for protection.

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It is Illegal to Advertise Vaccines in Canada: How Dr. Malthouse is Going After Offenders

Dr. Malthouse and the Canada Health Alliance are going after pharmacies and clinics which are advertising the so-called Covid ‘vaccines’. It is illegal in Canada to advertise pharmaceuticals. Penalties can include heavy fines and even jail time.

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The Deadly Cost of Lockdowns: Interview with Prof. Douglas Allen, Dept. of Economics, SFU

Professor Allen has been teaching economics for over 30 years. He is the well-respected author of almost 100 academic papers and 5 books. Most recently, Professor Allen released a cost/benefit analysis of lockdowns both globally and here in Canada. His findings are shocking and extremely conclusive: lockdowns cause far, far more harm than good.

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Be the Virus: How We Defeat Tyranny

We all know the tyranny ends when enough of us refuse to comply, but how do we get enough Canadians to stand up for their rights and freedoms?

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National Referendum to End All Lockdown Measures in Canada

Sylvain Henry of Glorious and Free is working to bring about a national referendum to end all lockdowns across Canada, including mandatory vaccinations and vaxxports. Find out more, and how you can help.

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Will’s July Update

We are now cross-Canada! Our petition is available from BC to Newfoundland. Also, 300,000 new brochures coming very soon, plus volunteers are needed for distribution centers and to assist with demonstrations.

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Insight Report Interview with Corrina Fischer

Our Central Alberta Rep, Corrina Fischer, talks with Insight Report about the steps End Canada Lockdown is taking to recover our rights and freedoms.

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Iron Will Single

July 9, 2021 Return to Index Recent Posts A Major Victory | Saskatchewan Refuses Further Violations of our Rights The Iron Will Report | January 14, 2022 The Hijacking of…

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Violations of Our Charter Rights: An interview with Lawyers4Truth

In this panel interview Lawyers4Truth discuss the lockdowns and the violations of our Charter Rights and Freedoms. Special attention is paid to the mask bylaws and mandates.

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