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The University Students Toolkit on this page will empower you to defend your right to continue your education while maintaining your right to choose what gets put into your body.

This letter is a unique approach which came out of consultation with two different teams of lawyers. It is not based upon a constitutional challenge but rather upon contract law. We have been assured by 3 different lawyers that this approach should hold up in court if necessary. It is our hope, however, that if enough students submit this letter the universities will back down and further action will not be required.

On this page:

  • What is Different About This Approach?
  • Print and Edit the Letter
  • Submit the Letter As Soon As Possible
  • Share This Letter With Others
  • Work Together
  • FAQ: Don't I need a lawyer?

Summary: What is Different About This Approach

Previous letters, for example to employers, have focused upon the violations of our constitutional rights. We have heard, as have some of you, that this approach is not being met with much success.

After long consultation with two different teams of lawyers we believe we have found a new, unique approach that will work.

Contract law.

Contract law is one of the easiest areas of law to prosecute in court. Courts like things which are black and white; easily proven. Nothing is easier to prove than a contract. Even in cases where the contract is implied.

This is to say, you either signed some form of attendance agreement with your post-secondary institute, in which case we are certain there is nothing in that agreement which gives them the right to dictate to you a medical procedure, and certainly not an experimental one. Or, there was no written agreement, in which case the acceptance of your enrollment and payment of your fees, constitutes an implied contract.

As the university or college you are attending certainly did not provide you with a document stating they had the right to dictate a medical procedure to you as a condition of your continued attendance, they have unilaterally changed this implied contract.

Since they have breached the contract, they now have what is known under the law as a 'duty to accommodate' those of you who choose to exercise your rights and refuse to be injected with this 'vaccine'.

This is what this letter addresses. It makes it clear to the university that they are in breach of contract and that as such they are financially responsible for any damages you should incur to either continue your education elsewhere, or for loss of income in your planned career should your education be delayed.

1. Print and Edit the Letter

This letter was prepared with the assistance of a litigation lawyer with 25 years of experience. It has been very carefully worded. Please download and replace any placeholders with the appropriate information for your institution and situation.

These placeholders have been positioned between [square brackets]. You should be sure to remove the brackets as well, and, in the case of places where you are prompted to insert the [Name of Post-Secondary Institute] be sure to check if the definite article (the) is required or should be removed.

Download the Letter - Available in Both Word and RTF format

2. Submit the Letter As soon As Possible

We strongly recommend that you send this letter via registered mail. This adds weight to your submission and shows that you are serious. It is easy to email the letter, but taking the time and expense to send it by registered mail shows that you are committed and are taking these charges seriously - in short, that you are prepared to follow through.

If you must send it via email, do be sure to request a read receipt.

Do take the time to find the name of the person to whom it should be submitted. This will likely be either the Provost or the Admissions Officer.

3. Share This Letter With Others

The impact of this letter will be greatly increased if it is submitted by dozens, perhaps hundreds of students rather than just a few. Share this letter with anyone you know at your college or university who you even suspect is also refusing the 'vaccines'.

4. Work Together

We are working on a system which will allow you to connect with other students and parents of students who attend the same university, college or technical institute that you do. This system will be in place before the end of this year.

By connecting with others you will be able file a class action lawsuit should that become necessary.

FAQ: Don't I Need A Lawyer?

You only need a lawyer should it be necessary to sue your college or university for damages. You do not need a lawyer to submit this letter, nor to you need a lawyer's signature on the letter. The letter merely informs your post-secondary institute that they if they persist in mandating vaccines as a requirement of continued attendance, they will be in breach of contract and will likely be held financially accountable.

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